Wedding Suits: The rise of Hipster weddings

Nowadays, we can see a multitude of couples styles and wedding styles and without doubt, one of the most fashionable styles is the one of the wedding suits and “Hipster” or “Alternative” wedding.

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Within this Hipster style, we can differentiate three groups:

1. Inspiration Hippy and Vintage

wedding suit for men

2. Inspiration Rock’n’Roll and Pin up

groom suit

3. Inspiration Victorian and Gothic

wedding suit for men

To understand a bit this new style and to know its origin, we will have to go back to the 40’s. The word “hipster”, comes from the word “hip” that was used by the jazz-musicians during that time to describe to everyone that was a connoisseur of the emerging Afro-American subculture, which included to know about jazz. The members of this subculture were called “hepcats”, a term that later transformed into the word “hipster”.

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The hipsterism adopts the elements from all the alternative movements from after War times (beatnik, hippie, punk, post-punk and grunge) and assimilate them like fetiches, even though in reality, they don’t bring anything authentic or innovative.

The hipster or hypster culture, is a subculture that is associated to the music and the independent cinema, which is characterized by a wide sensitivity, far away from the cultural and predominant streams (mainstream) and aim at an “underground” lifestyle.

They openly display a tendency toward “anti-fashion” and of being “bohemian”, between the ones rooted in the middle and upper classes, composed of young people between 18 and 34, primarily white, that proceed and escape from districts or suburbs of wealthy classes, to live in lower level classes, but more urban, in the center of the city, being insecure about their future social status.

They practice skateboarding and other urban sports, their clothing is second hand and is taken from sales of stock or street markets. One of the most distinctive features of male is to have a beard more or less trimmed and very characteristic haircuts.

They have tattoos on their body and wear tight pants, big heavy glasses that they don’t need. We can also say that metro sexuality is the hipster of appropriation of gay culture, as a feature that was left from the “emo” phase.

They mainly eat organic food, they drink local beer and they listen to the public radio. They go to culture cafés, small bars or cozy restaurants and they work in creative, human and technological sectors.

They speak their own language or the “hipster jargon”, like a slang or humming that is designed to be separate from others, people that don’t have a strict daily routine, but with a special spirituality and a general taste for intellectual search, with ironic appreciation of the lower classes and the subculture.

They avoid labels and being labeled, however, they all dress and act in the same way, though its members think they are not hipster and the conform in their non-conformity towards “vintage look”, corny, meticulously maintained and iconic.

They do not seem to subscribe to any particular philosophy or politics. They are seeking the aesthetic discrimination, a symbolic demarcation and proclaim their individual sovereignty, notions that are “appropriate” for the “indie” movement.

Picking up the beginning of our topic, wedding suits, the ones known as “Hipster Weddings”, are couples that are looking for a funny wedding, lighthearted and completely out of wedding protocols and tags, full of color and illusion, and celebrated surrounded by close family members and everlasting friends.

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Within the hipster taste, we can see three styles much alike for the fact that they all are out of the protocols of a conventional wedding, but much more different in style and personality:

Characteristics of a “Hipster Wedding with the taste of Hippy and Vintage”:

1. The wedding will be celebrated in a ambiance generally in the open air on the countryside, in a garden or on the beach.

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2. The bride will wear a dress in retro or bohemian style, made out of fabrics with laces and embroideries. An antique veil with small hair accessories, a crown of fresh flowers or a hair accessory in “birdcage” style but very discreet.

wedding suit

3. In this occasion, the perfect wedding suit, would be one of the Fashion Color Collection. Wedding Suits in pastel tones and in very light qualities like cotton or linen, coordinated with bow ties, suspenders and colored socks that will give a very funny touch to a wedding in a romantic style that in inspired by the 60’s and 70’s.

wedding suits

A good example of this wedding style is the one celebrated by the top model Kate Moss and her husband, the musician Jamie Hince.

wedding suit

Characteristics of a “Hipster Wedding with the taste Rock and Pin up”:

1. The wedding will be celebrated in a location where everything is inspired by the Rock’n’roll world.

groom suit

2. The bride, mosf of the time, will wear a dress and accessories in a “Pin up” style.

wedding suit

3. In this occasion, the perfect wedding suit would be from the Emotion Collection. Suits inspired by the Rock’n’roll world with an urban touch, coordinated with metallic accessories like studs and chains that customize a very bold look and that remind us of the Rockabilly style of Elvis Presley or James Dean.

wedding suits

We show you a good example of a wedding couple with this Rock and Pin up style.

groom suit

Characteristics of a “Hipster Wedding with the taste Victorian or Gothic”:

1. The wedding will be celebrated in a hall or in a palace inspired by and decorated in Gothic or Victorian style.

wedding suit

2. The bride, in most cases, will choose an airy dress, with corset, in dark tones like bordeaux, purple and also black, however, we can also see brides in white with details inspired by the Victorian or Gothic taste.

wedding suit

3. In this case, the perfect wedding suit would be from the Gothic Collection. Suits and redingotes inspired by the Gothic and Victorian ages, with exclusive fabrics, brocades and pure silk jacquard with embroideries and metallic details like skulls and dragons, inspired by the ages of legendary heroes. Shirts and ties with exclusive embroideries that make this collection be something really emotional and completely different for a couple that has an alternative style.

A good example of this wedding style would be the wedding between the singer Avril Lavigne and the front man of the Nickelback group, Chad Kroeger.

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No matter what style you have, Ottavio Nuccio Gala with their Collections, covers all the possibilities, depending on the style of ceremony and the personality of the couple.

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