Wedding suits: elegance even in summer

Summer season is in full swing and many marriages are celebrated in the months of July and August. The men’s wedding suits items of clothing are often badly seen during very hot periods, but if a couple decides to get married in summer the man can not disregard from wearing a formal dress, with attached accessories.

A man must not only be elegant in winter or cool periods of the year, because elegance is an attitude that persists for a lifetime. Many men take advantage of the excuse of the heat to have some undesirable behaviors for a true gentleman, removing more and more uncomfortable or too hot clothes off.

Basic rules of proper dressing  exist for a reason and they must be complied, and in this post Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, give you tips to follow to avoid falling into behaviors little appreciated by those who are experts of elegance.


Wedding suits


  • Today it is too often used the excuse of individual freedom to do what one wants. Attitude steady is to walk through the center of the city in swimming trunks and flip flops: a very inelegant behavior, bordering on the ridiculous. What would you think of a man walking on the beach with a suit and leather shoes? There are clothes suitable for each situation and you should always respect some basis rules of “proper dressing”.
  • Wearing a short-sleeved shirt, as mentioned in other posts above, is not very appropriate. The trend of the moment proposes them to highlight muscles and tattoos, but a long shirt with cuffs at the sleeves is always more elegant and appropriate, to wear long until after the elbow. The short sleeves are a feature of polo shirts and t-shirts as well as tank tops have been created for basketball players and should be avoided during a walk in the city.
  • if you are wearing formal clothes, even more if they are men’s wedding suits, the tie is an accessory that can not be excluded. It would be equally wrong to wear shirt and a tie without wearing the jacket. If you really want to avoid a tie, the ideal would be wearing dinner jacket and trousers of different fabrics and colors to avoid giving a too formal image.
  • Unfortunately, men who do not want to give up dressing elegantly, often wear a tie with the knot undone or even loose in summer, so that does not wrap too much the neck. If you have to wear a tie in this way, you might as well avoid wearing it. There are light ties or more informal ones for summer season, and especially the grooms should never take it undone or done, but in a wrong way.
  • Celebrities of today are very extravagant, they know that image of impact sells best and therefore they often find themselves wearing absurd clothes just to be mentioned by the press. Is the case of Pharrell Williams that launched the trend of the tuxedo jacket matched with shorts, a murder throughout the label of proper dressing world. The exaggeration and fleeting fashions are not part of elegance: bear it in mind.

The concepts of “trend of the moment” and “elegance and proper dressing” are very far from each other, although often people tend to mix them, getting bad results.

Men’s wedding suits for summer

Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, thought also to grooms who have decided to celebrate their wedding in the summer, offering fresh and colorful suits that make each person feel at ease. Suits are made ​​of lightweight fabrics such as linen, cotton, cool wool and silk. These 4 natural fibers come from renewable sources and give a nice cool feeling in contact with skin.

Cotton suits from the Fashion Color collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala are colorful and give joy; most importantly, their weight is adecuate to the type and the period in which you will celebrate your wedding, letting the groom not to feel the oppression of a suit in a day full of emotions. These are suit suitable in external weddings and in summer or spring.


Wedding suits


The wool used by Ottavio Nuccio Gala is of high quality: wool silk, cool wool and other light variations but of excellent quality. The suits made ​​of these fabrics are the morning suits, all the morning suit code and the suit of the Gentleman collection, and they are perfect for weddings in the morning, in a church, civil weddings or in a garden.


Wedding suits


Silk is used in shantung version, a fabric with many plays of light. This fabric is considered among the finest in the world. Shantung suits are included in Fashion Color collection: trendy suits for young couples who do not give up to a stylish touch even on the day of their marriage, but always respecting the canons of elegance.

Another  extremely lightweight summer fiber and easy to wear during the summer weddings is linen. Linen suits are also in Fashion Color collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala and are cool men’s wedding suits, in light colors and very appropriate to weddings at the beach, external weddings or in gardens.


All these suits are suitable for summer ceremonies, celebrated on the beach, in the countryside or in the garden, very famous in this period: the so called “alternative weddings”. Do not be afraid to wear a formal dress in the hot months because Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has the right solution for each type of ceremony and personality, no matter in which period or where you will celebrate you wedding. The most important thing is to feel always at ease, never forgetting the canons of elegance.



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