Wedding suits as real works of art

Fashion, but not only that relating to men’s wedding suits, is used by designers to express their thoughts and feelings. The same principle is used by any other artist (sculptor, painter, singer …) at the moment is getting ready to start a new work of art. Therefore, by analogy, we may well say that fashion is a branch of art, and each designer can definitely be considered as an artist, such as Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of the brand Ottavio Nuccio Gala.


Wedding suits


Since the times of the great myths such as Michelangelo or Raffaello, the artists worked on commission, it means that they were paid to create their works, as they were recognized as exceptional artists. Even today, the purpose remains the same: being able to sell your own art; this purpose, however, is impossible if the works are not creative and original. it is therefore possible to say that art and fashion have a constant influence, and it is not insignificant, one to another. In fact today it is common to use the expression “the art of dressing.”

Fashion is now part of our daily actions, that we do even several times a day; anyone needs to dress up before going out for a walk, to go shopping, or just to go to sleep at night, even those who refuse or say they do not appreciate those who follow the trends of the moment.

Every time we open our closet deciding what to wear during the day we make a choice that goes beyond the simple combination of a couple of colors. When we do it we decide what to wear according to our mood of the moment, according to our personal taste, to draw attention or to pass unnoticed, to feel comfortable and to feel better. At a time when we choose what to wearwe are giving form and expression to our sense of aesthetics and we are giving a very clear picture of ourselves to those who will meet.

Whatever the reason that leads us to choose a particular item of clothing over another, the purpose is always the same: the pursuit of beauty. Even the artist, in this case the designer, when creates his work, thinks about how it will feel its user. The artist looks for the beauty of his work, the user looks for its own beauty through the work.

An interesting aspect of fashion, even that relating to men’s wedding suits, is the fact that it is a nearly universal language, like mathematics. In almost all the world a man in a suit and necktie is apparently a man of class that takes care of its image and has great aspirations in workplace; a man dressed in black with metallic accessories is a man who deeply loves rock music so as to create a way of life, and so on.



Wedding suits

This form of art, fashion, is expressed with the body. The tools are not the same as sculpture and painting, but the body is still the best way to express a mood, a feeling, a thought … human body is seduction, and for that reason never goes unnoticed.

The link between fashion and art is increasingly inseparable even thinking about the fact that many designers transform the catwalks in galleries or museums, and many museums and galleries transform their spaces into catwalks to best show the works contained. Even now singers express their talent and strengthen their image not only through the voice, but also according to a specific style or changing it depending on the stages reached during the career.

Another thing in common between art and fashion is the compulsion. Often, and still more to the present day, who madly loves art or a branch of it is unable to end the desire to possess. There are those who, unfortunately, does so to keep up with the times or out of pure obsession, and who, fortunately, does it for passion and unconditional love towards art.

Whether it’s a collection of books or a collection of shoes, those who appreciate and love art as a form of expression of one’s being is a person who also loves himself and that will never stop looking at the world with eyes full of curiosity.

Through art we can study the different historical periods of humanity, and we can interpret them better without studying history books. The way people dressed during the Belle Epoque, for example, makes us realize that this was a period of rebirth and redemption.



The gaudy costumes used in the court of King Louis XIV in France suggest that it was an era of glitz and opulence.


Wedding suits


The simple and poor dresses of medieval age express the transaction period that they were facing, of deep insecurity and hard work.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala wedding suits: works of a real artist

If a person has a sensitive soul, he will be able to understand many things from simple gaze turned at a work of art, of whatever kind. Regarding our company Ottavio Nuccio Gala we can say that suits created by Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of the brand, are true artistic expression of his soul.

Taking a look at just one of our suits, you will be able to better understand what Mario Moreno Moyano wanted to include in it, which certainly goes beyond the simple fabric and pattern. Each Ottavio Nuccio Gala suit is a symbol of his passion, emotion, culture, excellence, personality, good taste, quality and charisma.



A man who decides to wear a suit by Ottavio Nuccio Gala on the day of his wedding knows what he wants and how he wants it. As mentioned above, man seeks beauty wearing a work of art, and that’s what happens every time a customer decides to buy the suit that he’s wearing at the shop: beauty and perfection of the moment are reached.




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