Wedding Suit: The Guide For The Choice Of The Groom Suit

One of the most important things to make the dream of a couple become true for the day of their wedding, is the choice of the groom suit. The celebration of the wedding lasts less than a day, but the photos will be an unforgettable remembrance for the entire life.

Often, you can find many catalogues for brides with different styles, formats and prices from where the bride can choose the ideal model; magazines that offer the adequate accessories, the perfect hair style or the special make up. However, only few times one pays due attention to the groom suit, the other side that plays a role, that is apparently invisible during the ceremony.

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The question arises why such scarce interest is paid to the choice of the groom suit and the accessories. It seems that any clothing is suitable. There is the habit to say that “for men (groom) it is much simpler”. On the other side there is an absolute lack of knowledge of what the invited guests should wear, according to the type and the moment of the ceremony. Definitely, little is known about the dress code for a wedding by both the groom and the invited guests.

The groom suit will have to be impeccable like the dress of the bride, this is why the choice of the groom suit, together with the attention for the entire image at the day of the wedding, are fundamental to feel special and to remember the emotion of that day every time that one is looking at the photo album.

This choice might seem to be easy, but it is not; on a market that is full of different brands that are well known or less known, the confusion can mislead the appearance. For this reason, I suggest not to strictly look at the price, even if it is a simple suit. The groom that is believed to have the duty to let the bride be the main character, doesn’t have to appear as a extra participant at the wedding scene, but he has to be the Knight of the princess who he is getting married with.

To find the perfect groom suit, first of all one has to know what style is the best suitable for his personality and also the time and the place when and where the ceremony will be celebrated have to be considered.

For a ceremony in the morning that is celebrated in a church, the family has a classical, conservative and traditional taste, the most appropriate model is the morning dress. What is very important to take into consideration that in case we choose the classical morning dress, is that the family members and the closest friends should accompany the groom also wearing a morning dress.

wedding suit

But on the contrary if you are looking for the style of the morning dress but without being bound to the strict protocol, the perfect model would be the “monochrome morning dress”, always within the canons of the “morning dress code”. In this case, the family members and friends could participate at the wedding wearing a classical suit.

wedding suit

Wedding Suit: Gentleman Collection

For a civil wedding in the morning with a classical and traditional taste, the most appropriate would be a classical suit. In this case we could opt a suit with 3 pieces with a great tie in pure silk jacquard or even for a touch of noblesse, play with a waistcoat in pure silk jacquard with micro-pattern and a tie in the same tone.

wedding suit for mengroom suit

For a wedding in the evening that will be celebrated in a cocktail ambiance, the suitable model would be the tuxedo. The most appropriate would be that the family members and closest friends, accompany the groom also wearing a tuxedo. We can choose amongst the models with shawl-collar or peak lapel, or the double breasted model. In this case, it is important to know that if you choose this model, the jacket has to be worm always buttoned up, even when you are seated. Black Tie Collection

wedding suit for menwedding suitgroom suit

For a wedding in a traditional style, where the groom would like to give a contemporary touch, being in the morning or in the evening, in a church or in civil, a model of the Fashion Collection would be the most appropriate. We could choose amongst a suit with one or two buttons or a frockcoat model that is inspired by the classical redingote, an exclusive wedding suit model by Ottavio Nuccio Gala. Matching with 3 pieces with double breasted waistcoat and an ascot or a tie in pure silk jacquard, or to give a British touch, a waistcoat in pure silk jacquard coordinated with the accessory in satin in the same tone.

wedding suit 3 pieceswedding suit for men*We suggest to avoid the banality of a suit of 4 pieces all the same made out of the same fabric.

For an amusing wedding in a “hippy” style, also known as “Hipster Weddings” and very fashionable at the moment, celebrated in a garden, on the countryside or even on the beach, with the closest family members and the everlasting friends, the perfect wedding suit would be from the Fashion Color Collection.

wedding suitwedding suit for mengroom suit

Suits in pastel tones and in very light qualities like cotton or linen, coordinated with bow ties, suspenders and colored socks that will give a very funny touch to a wedding in a romantic style that in inspired by the 60’s and 70’s.

For a wedding that will be celebrated in the evening, in an ambiance with music and a lot of fashion, where the groom is a man that likes to dress according to the latest trends and that for this day is looking for a suit that gives him emotions, the most appropriate would be Emotion Collection. Super fashion suits with details like embroideries, studs and accessories that make an amazing personal look without being extravagant.

wedding suitwedding suit for men

If the bride and the groom want to feel like princess and prince for one day and enjoy a wedding full of fantasy and romance, the Barocco Collection would be the most appropriate. The wedding can be in the morning or in the evening, in a church or in civil in a castle or in a palace in baroque style. Unique and exclusive models worldwide, inspired by the ages of enchantment. Redingotes made out of exclusive fabrics, brocades and pure silk jacquard, embroideries, precious handmade details and perfectly matching accessories with the taste and the fantasy that such a romantic and legendary collection requires.

wedding suit for men

For a wedding in gothic style that is celebrated in the evening in a palace or in a church in gothic style, the Gothic Collection is the most appropriate for a groom that is looking for a suit that corresponds to his personality. Redingotes and jackets in dark tones with precious details and handmade embroideries, always inspired by the ages of legendary warriors and designed in harmony to make the dream of a couple become true and make them catch the eyes of everyone.

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Ottavio Nuccio Gala, offers you all the wedding suit models of the Collections: Gentleman, Black Tie, Fashion, Emotion, Barocco or Gothic custom made, and guarantees the experience of the service and the quality of the real Made in Italy.

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