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Repair service for suits in “Low Cost” shops

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, explains the advantages of buying your groom suit online on www.ottavionuccio.com

Everybody has size 50

What can we do for letting them to be elegant?

There’s only one solution!

groom suits

Example of a man with a height of 1.80 and Athletic” complexion size 50 


wedding suit for groom


Please note his heart of waistline, elbow and knees. Is it possible to cut these sleeves for more than 2cm, the jacket for more than 4 cm and the pants for more than 7 cm without losing proportion and balance of elegance? No, it wouldn’t be possible. Buttonholes of sleeves will fall outside of proportion, the cuff will be too large and lose the tasteful narrowness of the elbow. This mending is very common in “low cost” shops, as we can see in wedding photos, including of VIPs, with cutted sleeves with no sartorial taste at all.


(This size 50, is the easiest to find in shops, as is the basis on which everyone works in tailoring)


Example of a man from a height of 1’70 and Athletic (short)” complexion size 50


italian wedding suit


Note that this man has a proportioned chest of a size 50, but he has no proportion with lenghts of size 50 above-mentioned. If this customer will wear a normal 50, you’ll see that there are 5 cm more of sleeve: in this case you don’t have to cut sleeve for cuff but you must cut it from the center in order to don’t lose proportions and this is impossible. How do they solve this in a “low cost” shop? in a very easy way, cutting 5 cm from the cuff and leaving sleeve totally out of proportion (as we can see in many picture of tabloids with rented morning suits)

It’s also logical that this man 1’70 tall needs a jacket shorter than 5 or 7 cm. How do they solve this in a “low cost” shop? Directly cutting the bottom and the groom will appear even shorter than he is, with too low pockets and a ridiculous back like a flying tail.



Example of a man from a height of 1’90-1’95 with a “Super Size” complexion size 50


groom suit


This man has a proportioned chest of a size 50, but you need to give him proportion to his height, and it will be necessary lengthen sleeve of 4 or 5 cm, jacket of 5 or 7 cm and pants of 7 or 10 cm. How do they solve this in a “low cost” shop?

By taking everything from sleeves, from buttom of the jacket and of the pants putting an insert of fabric inside. The correct and essential way would be a Bespoke (custom tailored suit) service, because this man has his proportion of waistline, elbow and knees; you can’t cut bottom for more than you should, lengthen it for more than 2 cm without losing point of excellence and elegance.


Example of a man from a height of 1’70 and “Regular short” complexion size 50


groom suit


Note that this man has a proportioned chest of a size 50, but waist and hip of 2 sizes more than the standard one. How do they solve this in a “low cost” shop? They will give him a size 54 cutting the sleeves, the bottom of the jacket and the hem of pants, spotting the same problem of fitting than the one above-mentioned, but this time is more evident because each part of the suit is 2 sizes bigger: shoulders, cuff of sleeves, bottom of jacket and hem of pants. Definitely: too large shoulders, elbow point, knees, thigh etc. losing the taste of elegance and excellence. The only solution for this man is a Bespoke (custom tailored).

As we already said before reffering to the Bespoke service, we can create a virtual 3D dummy following 5 simple measurements and tailor a suit according to the morphology of each customer, not only using a unique size for different morphologies.



Bespoke repair service

We can observe the ham form, called so by classical tailors, which can’t be repaired in any way. The only possible solution when you have to adjust sleeves for more or less than 2 cm, is tailoring a made-to-measure Bespoke suit on  www.ottavionuccio.com


The front of a jacket, as we can observe in the paper pattern, has proportioned measures with waist; if we inappropriately cut the lenght, we’ll lose the balancing position of pockets and buttons.



Trouser is proportioned with height from waist to ankle, and also its width is proportioned from waist to hem. If we don’t respect central point of the knee we will lose the balance of sartorial taste and the man will appear shorter. As above-mentioned, we won’t cut for more than 4 or 5 cm.




This is the generic presentation of different repairs that each morphology has, for example: low shoulders, high shoulders, humpback shoulders or desproportioned hip; all of them has to be taken in count in a Bespoke suit. You won’t find all of these little details in a “low cost” due to high price of the work of an expert.



In our shops spread of all Europe, experts in the field will know how to do for tailoring a Bespoke suit; with your computer or smartphone from our online platform www.ottavionuccio.com sending 5 simple measurements, you will receive your Bespoke suit (custom made) directly to your address.

wedding suits for groom

Wedding suits in Hipster marriages

Hipster culture has been widely described in this blog, and by now I think that everyone has understood general rules of this new lifestyle. Hipster weddings, and wedding suits related to this kind of ceremony, also already described, are the best way to better understand the essence of this new and unusual lifestyle.



A simple post on a blog is not enough to describe an entire cultural movement, especially when it invaded reality so deeply and affected in a major manner the way of living and thinking of so many people, from teenagers to most adults. The refusal for all that is “mainstream” is perhaps the basic rule to start understanding how a Hipster really thinks.

A kind of new anarchy, which does not lead to any kind of violence or rebellion, but which pulls the indignation toward a highly consumerist and homologated society through a different way of dressing, a particular beard cut or vintage sunglasses. They are the healthiest way exists to say “No, we do not think like you.”

Attending to a hipster wedding is like watching a theatrical performance: wedding suits for grooms who escape from classical strictness linked to the ceremony, gowns for brides ranging from vintage to pin up and bridesmaids and groomsmen who follow the style chosen by the couple. Color is the essence of this style: no black, is too heavy and could sadden the hearts.

Watch the video on Youtube: Hipster wedding suits

Hipster weddings seem apparently be left at random, but nothing is more well-finished than a detail designed to look natural. Generally this kind of weddings tend to be eco-friendly, zero impact, and celebrated in open spaces or small country ruins. The eco-friendly invests each field: from invitations in recycled paper to the newlyweds that go away by bicycle after wedding ceremony.

Tale of a true Hipster story…

The atmosphere that is built is extremely romantic, there is peace and tranquility in the air, it reigns the joy and all the guests are there waiting for the couple to pronounce their promises. Wood is an essential element and a strong presence in Hipster weddings: light wooden benches surrounded by nature… nothing more relaxing and pleasing to the eye.



Very simple floral decorations with wildflowers, some of them put into small jar of glass with simple silk ribbons; blades of grass which tie bunches of flowers, no bouquets too much flashy or colors who clash with the environment: only nature and its beautiful shades. Invitations for guests are handmade, of recycled paper, with initials of couple’s name embroidered by bride’s mother.

No Church choir, no wedding march: actually, sometimes you can find a minstrel who plays country music or a happy song sung by guests. The bicycle for the couple is set in the corner, with sunflowers on the handlebars and a nice placard of good wishes; sometimes you can also find a rickety motor scooter which is always very cool even in these occasions.

And here we are, the moment has arrived … here is the bride with her garland of flowers in her hair, a long dress, smooth, with lace, sleeveless; a green bouquet with flowers in pastel shades, natural makeup, flat shoes and a huge smile.


There, in the middle of nature, the groom is waiting on this little motor scooter: suit in avory cotton piquet which is well matched with white vintage of the bride, red vertical striped shirt, bow tie in green silk, silk handkerchief of a darker green, two-tone shoes, colorful suspenders in pure silk and sunglasses from the 70s.


wedding suits

A beautiful couple, certainly different from a married couple dressed in a sumptuous gown and a classic morning suit, but still beautiful in their so original hipster style. There are no too long and boring ceremonials, just smiles and words of love written by themselves because the classic ritual phrases “in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health …” are too “mainstream” for a hipster couple.

The ceremony ends up, the couple is happy, the guests feel the love that reigns in the couple and now it’s time to celebrate. No luxurious entertainment halls, no table spread as in princely castles, no menu from minimal portions with refined dishes. Our hipster couple celebrates in a wooden barn with a very high ceiling and a sloping roof, a band that plays live music, drinks are directly poured from large common jugs and there is music late into the night.


Reception is over, dances are gone and it’s time to greet guests honoring them a little present to thank: no silver spoon, no party favors of porcelain or something like that… our newlyweds give jars of fresh honey and homemade jam : really original.

Hipster philosophy and its so special wedding suits for bride and groom make us live a different fairy tale from the classic Disney stories … but it’s still a story of eternal love!

If you belong to this lifestyle, or this post convinced you to celebrate your wedding in Hipster style, then choose among the proposals of Fashion Color Collection.



Suits created by Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, pastel tones in light fabrics such as linen and cotton, coordinated with bow ties, suspenders and colorful socks that will give a fun touch to a romantic wedding and who perfectly agree with the above scenario described without escape from the canons of elegance needed required for a event so important.