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Fashion Formal contemporary suits

Fashion Formal collection is a contemporary style suitable for classic and elegant weddings without traditional formalisms, which transgresses rules of conventional etiquette without losing the most pure elegance.

Short tailed jackets combined with striped pants, houndstooth, Prince of Wales, elegant fil a fil or bird’s eye pattern. Most befitting fabrics for this kind of suits are pure wool, mohair wool, alpaca, cool wool or saten wool.

This way of dressing is suitable either for weddings in the mornings or in the evening.

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By Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala





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The real meaning of elegance

What does elegance really mean and why are there only a few men that bear it in mind day by day?

The truth is that when looking for the real significance of the word elegance, especially nowadays, is not that simple. The adjective elegant is the equivalent of charisma and class, noblesse and modesty, good taste and distinction, but it seems that men of nowadays do not have any knowledge how to dress for a formal event and only have the knowledge of the informal. This makes us think that in past times what was representative for our fathers and our grand-fathers to wear a good custom made suit, a shirt with a starched collar and a great tie, nowadays is getting lost and the great majority of men of nowadays do it only to cover themselves up and not to dress themselves.

In other occasions we have said how important it is to thoroughly pay attention to the proper image, this is why today we insist to pick up and recuperate the values of the good taste and the impeccable clothing. To have the knowledge how to dress in every moment and for every event has much more importance from what is thought. We often see on red carpets of the worldwide most important festivals from the show business like movies or the music, men that dress in an inappropriate style and completely out of place. Nobody pays attention to elegance, for such a glamorous night, it is indispensable to wear a great tuxedo with a bow tie and a cummerbund or if you want to give a touch of extravagance it should come out of your personality and not out of lack of knowledge. It is clear that to achieve to wear a tuxedo or a classical suit in an impeccable way, it is necessary to exercise the elegance, by following some indispensable rules and that not everything is valid.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala, with the collections Gentleman and Black Tie, aims at an elegant style with luxurious suits and tuxedos that are manufactured of high quality fabrics, offering to the customers a service of excellence and individuality with professionals that will give advice on the values and the rules of impeccable dressing that are appropriate for the moment and the place.

Classical suit from Ottavio Nuccio Gala Gentleman Collection

Suit in pure satin wool
Suit, dark grey, in pure extra satin wool

The Tailcoat

The tailcoat is a suit for men for formal events that should be preferably worn in the evening, like the tuxedo. One of the most famous events where a tailcoat is worn, is at the ceremony for Nobel prices, other possible events are at Embassies, States dinners, coronations and theatre premières.


At the beginning, the tailcoat was not a formal suit for ceremonies, in fact it was created at the end of the 18th Century in England as a comfortable suit for the countryside, and was much different from how you see it today. The tailcoat was perfected at the beginning of the 1.800’s by Lord Brumell, who declared it the most elegant suit of all centuries. It kept being a common suit until the end of the Century.

Lord Brummel

In 1.900, the tailcoat was ever since transformed into an evening suit, together with the tuxedo. After the World War II it became more and more a typical symbol of the members of the Court and of the participants at receptions or evening shows of great class and today it plays the role of an evening suit for men at the highest level.

Vien Vals

Characteristics and accessories of the model:

  1. The jacket is black with revers in satin or silk and has the typical “swallow-tails”. It is short at the waist and it has the particularity that it doesn’t need to be buttoned up. On each side it has one row of three buttons.
  2.  The trousers are black with double-wide satin stripes at each side (satin stripes that run along the external side of the trousers leg).
  3.  The waistcoat, that is absolutely mandatory, can be with one row of three buttons or double breasted with six buttons, normally it is in white piqué.
  4.  The shirt is always in “double twisted” cotton with piqué or pleated bosom, in pure cotton gala with Dress-Studs, to iron the shirt well; double cuffs for cufflinks and the collar can be spread or wing collar.
  5. The bow tie, in white piqué like the waistcoat, is one of the main characteristics of the tailcoat. The bow tie needs to be rigorously tied by hand and never pre-tied.
  6.  The handkerchief has to be preferably in white linen.
  7.  The suspenders in black and the socks, up to the knees, in black, in silk or Scottish yarn.
  8.  The shoes are always in black patent leather, model Oxford.

Tailcoat from the Ottavio Nuccio Gala Black Tie Collection

Classical Tailcoat
Classic Tailcoat, black, in pure wool (WV)

What to wear for a Christmas Party?

As previously mentioned, we have emphasized how important it is to be accurate with your proper image, this is why it is essential to know how to dress appropriately in every moment and for every event.

Glamorous nights are coming up and it is important to equip your wardrobe in time and not to wait until the last moment to choose the perfect look for this Christmas. For those glamorous nights it is indispensable to wear a great tuxedo. For this Christmas, the trends offer a great variety of colors and fabrics, like the enveloping velvet or the traditional tartan, and one of the proposals by Ottavio Nuccio Gala is to create a perfect harmony with the elegance of the classical tuxedo with a touch of vintage, for example, to match tartan trousers in the different varieties like “Royal Stewart” or “Black Watch”, shirt in pure double twisted cotton with piqué or pleated bosom and dress studs, cummerbund in black satin or velvet waistcoat, bow tie, suspenders in pure silk jacquard and the exclusive embroidered slippers in patent leather or the classical Oxford in black patent leather.

Trousers in Royal Stewart Tartan

Trousers in Black Watch Tartan

Tartan Trousers

Do not wait until the last moment, come and visit one of our exclusive Ottavio Nuccio Gala stores or our shop online and discover all our proposals of the “Christmas Collection” to find the perfect look for the upcoming glamorous Christmas Holidays.