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From the real shop to the smartphone

The way we shop is changing: fashion is on the podium of honor preceded only by the tourism industry and direct marketing. Now it is a common ground that the new method of online selling, the so-called e-commerce, has grown for more than 70%.
In the shops is more and more difficult to be followed by a tailor or professionals of the sector that know perfectly well measurement system and that can interpret well the morphology of the human body, so there are increasing difficulties in reaching to choose the right size on which make modifications; in addition, you also have to add a total lack of competence on fabrics and the respect of protocols imposed by cultural tradition.
 With all these limitations the customer begins to trust a new purchasing system where he can select the suit directly from his computer, tablet or smartphone, he can see the whole collection and choose from a huge amount of proposals, which would be impossible to find in any physical store.



With this method of sale, the customer receives advices directly from the the manufacturer and gets a Bespoke of excellence guaranteed service 100% Made in Italy. The new models and new industrial measurement systems allow, with a near-perfect reliability, the success of the desired purchase.

The exclusive stores of our brand OTTAVIO NUCCIO GALA Made in Italy” are already adapting to these methods of sale in order to offer an excellent service directly to the consumer.



wedding suits


Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of OTTAVIO NUCCIO GALA, through his collections and the largest and most spectacular e-commerce of the world www.ottavionuccio.com, gives you the chance to make the purchase easily and securely directly from home through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Buy directly from home and select your dream! We look forward to your call!

The dawn of a new era: ONGala e-commerce!

New Ottavio Nuccio Gala e-commerce platform it’s been stabilizing more and more and it’s going to offer a perfect service to its customers.



No matter where are you writing from, no matter how many kilometers far are we or the type of ceremony you’ll choose for your wedding: your dress for groom will be directly shipped to your address, customized with your measurements, your name and the date of your ceremony.



You’ll have a team of professionals at your disposal who daily elaborate dozens of made-to-measure suits requested from the web, without any problem. We’ll be able to give you suggestions depending on your taste or personality for the suit you’ll wear in the most important day of your life.



Dress for groom




Dress for groom


dress for groom


dress for groom


The process is simple, fast and you’ll be helped by the team of the brand:

  • Visit our website www.ottavionuccio.com
  • Choose the suit you like most and write its code by sending an email to info@ottavionuccio.com
  • Fill the order form with your measurements, which will be send to you in attached of an email, by following our Size Guide playst on Youtube and send 3 photos from the neck to the hip (one frontal, one lateral and one of the back)
  • Immediately after making payment your suit will be realized with your measurements and shipped as soon as possible to your address.

Little steps for a big result: Ottavio Nuccio Gala e-commerce will satisfy your requests.