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“Buy now – wear now”: new frontier of shopping

The first World Fashion Week dates back to 1943 and was held in New York, followed then by the entry of Milan in 1958, London in 1961 and Paris in 1973. From that year onwards arose the so-calledFashion Capitals and the system of Fashion Week has always remained the same: two issues per year, one in February and the other one in September, which enable fashion houses to show on the catwalk future collections to their buyers and the most modern influencers of fashion.

Fashion, yet so dynamic and avant-garde, has radically changed its outward appearance without changing the basis on which is founded: as well as trends change almost monthly, even how to present them should be updated.

This happens because fashion shows, advertising and marketing campaigns, social networks and other communications media buyers come directly both to and to end consumers throughout the whole 6months of waiting before the arrival of the products in the store , so that the customer will perceive the product as “already seen” or almost out of fashiondecreasing the permanence of it on the market and the consequent volume of business.

The days when fashion houses had to present their collections are over. The talented designers can not create excellence in order to serve it to customers six months after the presentation, leaving room for the “fast fashion” and “low cost” franchisings to present same collections in next 48 hours served in their Just in time”  shops. For this reason, Ottavio Nuccio Gala will no longer present its collections in June to ensure that the customer will have the element of surprise at a time when he will buy the suit.

Our brand, Ottavio Nuccio Gala, formerly in recent years has revolutionized the field of ceremonies for men by selling online its products all over the world with a system of “DIY bespoke”, already well established. The customer can choose among all our collections: Gentleman, Black Tie, Fashion Formal, Fashion Color, Emotion, Gothic and Baroque, and with the help of a form and video tutorials, he directly communicates with the company and together develop the suit that must be created that the customer will receive in 45 working days, wherever he is.

In line with the changing of the market, we will present our collections at a time when they become available at retailers and online for customers: a true live worldwide presentation that will satisfy the needs of the entire market.

To be reckoned with, above all, the influence that social networks have on the purchase of buyers or on customers’ requests : more likes or views a photo has, the more likely that product will be purchased or requested; Ottavio Nuccio Gala is expanding its horizons and from small company set in Salento a few years ago, today it is an international brand that sells wedding suits (and other suits for man) to end users around the world with a new customized online shopping system and that, step by step, it has reached thousands of likes on the official Facebook and Instagram pages, and many other views at the official website www.ottavionuccio.com

The world of fashion is changing: to Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, you can steal ideas, but never creativity and talent.




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Customized handcrafted fashion workshop

Trying on a bespoke suit of excellence realized for an important event in a unique sensation. You will feel like a real main character of the drama and, at the end of final fitting, satisfaction will be very big. Also the way of collaboration to coordination of various items will be different in such a special day.

“Gentleman” collection is realized with the best finishing and most excellent fabrics such as silk wool, mohair wool, alpaca, satin wool, Tasmania wool, extra fine wool, 100% cotton, linen or “New Performance” fabrics. Our accessories are of excellence, realized in pure silk jacquard from Como, the cradle of worldwide “Made in Italy”.


By Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala.




groom suits

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wedding suit


Trends of 2016: groom suits are in fashion!

First question that often comes to us before the release of a new collection is: what will be trends of next year? Which one is the new fashion?

Population is divided into into lots of social tribes, each one with its peculiarities and credences; a man with classic taste in a group of punk rock people will feel highly uncomfortable, as well as a Hipster in a crew of b-boys and so on. From this situation it begs the question: how can it exists only one fashion valid for all of these social tribes so different from each other? Each one has its fashion, each one is fashion.


wedding suits


wedding suits




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groom suits

When our designer Mario Moreno Moyano creates new collections he can’t surely think that princes or royal families or the big entrepreneurs in a double breasted suit will be the only ones to get married. Love is universal, and the groom must be himself and follow his fashion without giving up to the personality that distinguish him.

So, new fashion is not unique and it can’t be summaried in few words; However, there are trends that pervade a bit all the tribes mentioned above and that we find in many styles, even so different among themselves. 2016 has mainly two new trends: a strong return of royal blue and short and slim fit.

The tailors of the past would be horrified at the idea of sewing a jacket of 70 cm for a man, but this is the new trend, as if to take off a bit of dust from classic to assert this new generation of young men who want to look young even with an elegant suit.

Groom suits are always linked to street wear; the modern man can’t go from a denim cuffed at the ankle to a pinstripe suit drop 9: he wouldn’t be at ease. A rocker who wears tight leather pants and chains hanging on his belt won’t ever wear pants with bottom of 22 cm lenght and a jacket under the bottom.


Mario Moreno MoyanoMario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, revises proportions of jacket and pants proposing for next year some suits that follow this trend without losing the class that distinguishes our brand.



In this 2016, then, Ottavio Nuccio Gala man will wear a Prince of Wales or an Houndstooth suit without having to feel restricted in a suit that doesn’t make you feel at ease; You can choose a suit of the collection inspired by the Baroque eighteenth century while remaining a man who perfectly represents his twenty-first century.


Futuristic elegance is the key to success: Ottavio Nuccio Gala collections of 2016, designed by Mario Moreno Moyano, will be the perfect combination between trend and excellence.

Repair service for suits in “Low Cost” shops

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, explains the advantages of buying your groom suit online on www.ottavionuccio.com

Everybody has size 50

What can we do for letting them to be elegant?

There’s only one solution!

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Example of a man with a height of 1.80 and Athletic” complexion size 50 


wedding suit for groom


Please note his heart of waistline, elbow and knees. Is it possible to cut these sleeves for more than 2cm, the jacket for more than 4 cm and the pants for more than 7 cm without losing proportion and balance of elegance? No, it wouldn’t be possible. Buttonholes of sleeves will fall outside of proportion, the cuff will be too large and lose the tasteful narrowness of the elbow. This mending is very common in “low cost” shops, as we can see in wedding photos, including of VIPs, with cutted sleeves with no sartorial taste at all.


(This size 50, is the easiest to find in shops, as is the basis on which everyone works in tailoring)


Example of a man from a height of 1’70 and Athletic (short)” complexion size 50


italian wedding suit


Note that this man has a proportioned chest of a size 50, but he has no proportion with lenghts of size 50 above-mentioned. If this customer will wear a normal 50, you’ll see that there are 5 cm more of sleeve: in this case you don’t have to cut sleeve for cuff but you must cut it from the center in order to don’t lose proportions and this is impossible. How do they solve this in a “low cost” shop? in a very easy way, cutting 5 cm from the cuff and leaving sleeve totally out of proportion (as we can see in many picture of tabloids with rented morning suits)

It’s also logical that this man 1’70 tall needs a jacket shorter than 5 or 7 cm. How do they solve this in a “low cost” shop? Directly cutting the bottom and the groom will appear even shorter than he is, with too low pockets and a ridiculous back like a flying tail.



Example of a man from a height of 1’90-1’95 with a “Super Size” complexion size 50


groom suit


This man has a proportioned chest of a size 50, but you need to give him proportion to his height, and it will be necessary lengthen sleeve of 4 or 5 cm, jacket of 5 or 7 cm and pants of 7 or 10 cm. How do they solve this in a “low cost” shop?

By taking everything from sleeves, from buttom of the jacket and of the pants putting an insert of fabric inside. The correct and essential way would be a Bespoke (custom tailored suit) service, because this man has his proportion of waistline, elbow and knees; you can’t cut bottom for more than you should, lengthen it for more than 2 cm without losing point of excellence and elegance.


Example of a man from a height of 1’70 and “Regular short” complexion size 50


groom suit


Note that this man has a proportioned chest of a size 50, but waist and hip of 2 sizes more than the standard one. How do they solve this in a “low cost” shop? They will give him a size 54 cutting the sleeves, the bottom of the jacket and the hem of pants, spotting the same problem of fitting than the one above-mentioned, but this time is more evident because each part of the suit is 2 sizes bigger: shoulders, cuff of sleeves, bottom of jacket and hem of pants. Definitely: too large shoulders, elbow point, knees, thigh etc. losing the taste of elegance and excellence. The only solution for this man is a Bespoke (custom tailored).

As we already said before reffering to the Bespoke service, we can create a virtual 3D dummy following 5 simple measurements and tailor a suit according to the morphology of each customer, not only using a unique size for different morphologies.



Bespoke repair service

We can observe the ham form, called so by classical tailors, which can’t be repaired in any way. The only possible solution when you have to adjust sleeves for more or less than 2 cm, is tailoring a made-to-measure Bespoke suit on  www.ottavionuccio.com


The front of a jacket, as we can observe in the paper pattern, has proportioned measures with waist; if we inappropriately cut the lenght, we’ll lose the balancing position of pockets and buttons.



Trouser is proportioned with height from waist to ankle, and also its width is proportioned from waist to hem. If we don’t respect central point of the knee we will lose the balance of sartorial taste and the man will appear shorter. As above-mentioned, we won’t cut for more than 4 or 5 cm.




This is the generic presentation of different repairs that each morphology has, for example: low shoulders, high shoulders, humpback shoulders or desproportioned hip; all of them has to be taken in count in a Bespoke suit. You won’t find all of these little details in a “low cost” due to high price of the work of an expert.



In our shops spread of all Europe, experts in the field will know how to do for tailoring a Bespoke suit; with your computer or smartphone from our online platform www.ottavionuccio.com sending 5 simple measurements, you will receive your Bespoke suit (custom made) directly to your address.

wedding suits for groom

Why is useful to buy your groom suit online?

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, explains some reasons why is useful to buy your groom suits through the e-commerce of ottavionuccio.com



dresses for groom

  • Conventional sizes you find by “low cost” manufacturers are based on a regular body os a man 180 cm tall.
  • Over half of Italian population is overweight and over 70% have problems finding the right size to his body shape
  • These are some reasons why people don’t buy their own suit on the internet: a 25% admit that they don’t know how will the suit fit; another 25% say its because they want to touch with their hands what they are buying
  • Among those who have bought online, a 27% had problems with the fitting of the size

(Three simple measurements used by modern system)

Mario explains that:

One of the main reasons that lead to have problems with fitting is that current system sizes of many shops refers to measures of paper patterns instead of following body measurements, as proposed by our brand Ongala. Ottavio Nuccio Gala considers measurements of each groom and not a dummy” size which isn’t service to the majority of people.

With our system of measures based on three dimensions, we create 3D virtual dummies that help the model maker to carry out her work in a virtual way for tailoring your customized groom suit with real measurements of the body.

dresses for groom

In the next post will continue talking about the fixing up of suits made in a “Low Cost” way