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The apogee of e-commerce and online sales

The only way to resist and surviving the revolution of low cost copies spread all around the world is the direct sale from the producer to the customer who do not want to buy anything but what he saw.

Today we can say that online sales are overtaking traditional ones, and that’s why e-commerce is not the future, but in many parts of the world is already a well established current reality for more than ten or fifteen years.


wedding suits

By visiting the web page www.ottavionuccio.com, you can choose your wedding suit from more than 500 models and thousands of possible combinations; you just have to send your measurements by following simple guided steps and an excellent Made in Italy Bespoke service is guaranteed


business suit

You will also receive all further information about payment and deliery from our team of experts and you will directly receive you customized suit at home.


Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of OTTAVIO NUCCIO GALA, with his collections and through the biggest electronic commercial www.ottavionuccio.com allows you the opportunity to place your order in an easy and safe way directly from your home from the computer, tablet or smartphone.

Buy your suit directly from home and choose your dream! We’re waiting for you!

Benefits of buying your dress for groom online

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, explains 3 reasons for which you should buy your dress for groom from our website www.ottavionuccio.com

1. Buy a customized and tailored suit from your home by choosing among the various collections of the brand, unique in the world, but with a Preta-Porter” price and Bespoke of Excellence service, also offering free shipping to your address.



Black Tie

Fashion Formal

Fashion Color




2. Without loss of time nor travel expenses, directly from your home with trusted people to advise you, you can ask the favorite suit and after taking technical but simple measurements, after 45 days we will be able to tailor your dress for groom and customize it to your measurements, with the guarantee of a brand as OTTAVIO NUCCIO GALA, a worldwide leader in the sale of Ceremony” and luxury events for men.


dress for groom


3. Today almost all the stores are supplied by manufacturers of “emerging” countries with “Low Cost” fabrics and accessories, the sizes all have a unique morphology” and adjustments are often incorrect given the difficulties and costs that require, as eg shorten the sleeves in a proportionate way, or tighten the jacket waist point without warping the elegant style. A recent study on male morphology has shown that over 70% of men have problems when they have to find the right size, and this problem is solved correctly only thanks to a bespoke suit.


Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has these solid basis thanks to his knowledges in tailoring since he was a child and for this reason today we’re ready to provide a Bespoke service (customized and made-to-measure) with free shipping all over the world.



These three reasons justify why in the Anglo-Saxon” world today over 60% of purchases are made through ONLINE platforms. This information should help you to have the right confidence in buying your dress for groom and customized accessories directly from your computer or smartphone from the OTTAVIO NUCCIO GALA e-commerce  Absolute Bespoke Made in Italy”  www.ottavionuccio.com

The dawn of a new era: ONGala e-commerce!

New Ottavio Nuccio Gala e-commerce platform it’s been stabilizing more and more and it’s going to offer a perfect service to its customers.



No matter where are you writing from, no matter how many kilometers far are we or the type of ceremony you’ll choose for your wedding: your dress for groom will be directly shipped to your address, customized with your measurements, your name and the date of your ceremony.



You’ll have a team of professionals at your disposal who daily elaborate dozens of made-to-measure suits requested from the web, without any problem. We’ll be able to give you suggestions depending on your taste or personality for the suit you’ll wear in the most important day of your life.



Dress for groom




Dress for groom


dress for groom


dress for groom


The process is simple, fast and you’ll be helped by the team of the brand:

  • Visit our website www.ottavionuccio.com
  • Choose the suit you like most and write its code by sending an email to info@ottavionuccio.com
  • Fill the order form with your measurements, which will be send to you in attached of an email, by following our Size Guide playst on Youtube and send 3 photos from the neck to the hip (one frontal, one lateral and one of the back)
  • Immediately after making payment your suit will be realized with your measurements and shipped as soon as possible to your address.

Little steps for a big result: Ottavio Nuccio Gala e-commerce will satisfy your requests.