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Mario Moreno Moyano
Mario Moreno Moyano

Dear friends and future grooms: with the intention to advise you on well-dressing in every moment according to the location, to the time of the day, to the event and the personality of each of you, I anticipate some of the themes that we will speak about from time to time:

Advices on the price that you should pay not to feel disappointed, information not be swayed by false prophets of fashion and marketing with pictures too “rigged” by Photoshop.

Protocol rules and way of dressing depending on the event, the place and time.

Knowledge of the most appropriate fabrics depending on the type of suit: tuxedo, tight , classic or contemporary, minimalist, fashion, super rock star, spectacular Baroque or Gothic. All of these are obviously adjusted to the place, time and personality.

You must know the essential rules for being a true Gentleman.

How to dress up in the late evening, with our collection Black Tie, depending on the personality and place.
How to dress up a contemporary modern style with the attention and the coordination of a classic Fashion taste.
How to dress up if your world is music and you’re a rock-star inside. nothing can better satisfy your ego, more than the original design and revolutionary of our Emotion collection.
How to dress up if your soul is of a warrior prince, Baroque, with redingote that evoke glorious times, when men were measured for the honor, nobility and gallantry in dealing with great feats and victories were conquered through close combat fights.

By way of introduction I want to start explaining the collections offered by Ottavio Nuccio Gala in the specialized market of tailoring in men’s formal wear. To ensure that the future groom will be well informed, you should know the products that we have and you have to freely evaluate what interests you the most according to your needs, personality, and social and economic position.

Gentleman: it aims on excellence with excellence fabrics such as wool and silk, satin, wool Super 140’s, Super 120’S extra fine wool and viscose-wool New Performance twisted. Post Dandy Collection, developed in various patterns and colors, tailored suits and tight of a single piece without cuts, to stylize the silhouette.

Black Tie: collection represented in all of its versions, is uniformed in design with perfect craftsmanship, sober colors and elegant, perfect for the evening. Due to its eccentric sobriety, is suitable for gala ceremonies, classical weddings and red carpet events. Fabrics of excellence Wool-Silk, Satin pure wool Super 140’s, Super 120’s cool-wool, “New Performance” in Viscose-Wool Double Twisted and the best velvets “Made in Italy”.

Fashion: The word “Fashion” is British, but comes from the French “façon”, which in the Middle Ages meant good job. Ottavio Nuccio Gala Fashion, purple label is synonymous of good workmanship and tasteful way of dressing, with the goal of pursuing perfection. Suits and redingotes for weddings of contemporary elegance with “New Performance” fabrics with new compositions used for a suit by the semi tailored great results.

Emotion: Ottavio Nuccio Gala adopts the Emotion label because wearing one of these dresses, you will truly feel a unique emotion. If it’s in harmony with your personality, wear a rock-chic model and be yourself. Choose well where and when to wear it, you will be the center of attention. Suits inspired by Rock Star, New Preppy and Gothic, in “New Performance” fabrics, luxurious jacquards in pure silk and brocades.

Barocco: Suits unique in the world of romantic inspiration dating back to the eighteenth century in jacquard, brocade and historical embroidered , exclusive Ottavio Nuccio Gala with precious details. As every “good job”, this way of dressing must be shared by the couple. These suits are so noble and romantic, that should not obfuscate the main protagonist: the bride. With the right harmony, you will give a truly princely and romantic image.

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