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Trends of 2016: groom suits are in fashion!

First question that often comes to us before the release of a new collection is: what will be trends of next year? Which one is the new fashion?

Population is divided into into lots of social tribes, each one with its peculiarities and credences; a man with classic taste in a group of punk rock people will feel highly uncomfortable, as well as a Hipster in a crew of b-boys and so on. From this situation it begs the question: how can it exists only one fashion valid for all of these social tribes so different from each other? Each one has its fashion, each one is fashion.


wedding suits


wedding suits




preppy suits


hipster wedding


groom suits


groom suits

When our designer Mario Moreno Moyano creates new collections he can’t surely think that princes or royal families or the big entrepreneurs in a double breasted suit will be the only ones to get married. Love is universal, and the groom must be himself and follow his fashion without giving up to the personality that distinguish him.

So, new fashion is not unique and it can’t be summaried in few words; However, there are trends that pervade a bit all the tribes mentioned above and that we find in many styles, even so different among themselves. 2016 has mainly two new trends: a strong return of royal blue and short and slim fit.

The tailors of the past would be horrified at the idea of sewing a jacket of 70 cm for a man, but this is the new trend, as if to take off a bit of dust from classic to assert this new generation of young men who want to look young even with an elegant suit.

Groom suits are always linked to street wear; the modern man can’t go from a denim cuffed at the ankle to a pinstripe suit drop 9: he wouldn’t be at ease. A rocker who wears tight leather pants and chains hanging on his belt won’t ever wear pants with bottom of 22 cm lenght and a jacket under the bottom.


Mario Moreno MoyanoMario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, revises proportions of jacket and pants proposing for next year some suits that follow this trend without losing the class that distinguishes our brand.



In this 2016, then, Ottavio Nuccio Gala man will wear a Prince of Wales or an Houndstooth suit without having to feel restricted in a suit that doesn’t make you feel at ease; You can choose a suit of the collection inspired by the Baroque eighteenth century while remaining a man who perfectly represents his twenty-first century.


Futuristic elegance is the key to success: Ottavio Nuccio Gala collections of 2016, designed by Mario Moreno Moyano, will be the perfect combination between trend and excellence.