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Ottavio Nuccio Gala: Oscar men’s suits

Here comes the night of the Oscars, the most beloved and aspired ceremony by those who are part the world of cinema. What better time, if not this, to wear men’s suits or Tuxedos of the Black Tie collection?




For those who didn’t know it, Oscars are the most ancient awards among awards of this range, and in fact they were bestowed on first time in 1929; they are named by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, obviously composed by members of cinema world such as actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters ecc.

The real name of the so famous small statue is Academy Award of Merit, but the most famous Oscar nickname has a real unique origin. In it believed, in fact, that it derives from an exclamation of Margaret Herrick, a member of the mentioned Academy, who said at first sight: “He looks just like my uncle Oscar!”.




As every year the ceremony will be held between february and march, and exactly the Night of the Oscar 2015, edition number 87, will be held the 22nd of February at the Dolby Theatre of Los Angeles. This ceremony, in addition to be the most important in film setting, is also the most important as regard fashion, because it’s the most aspired from famous designers who compete to dress up Hollywood celebrities.


We talk about Oscar night not only on the day of the celebration, but also in the following days, because whole gossip television programs (and not only) analyze every single outfit of the most famous actresses and give their opinions, sometimes even ruthless. But which role has the man in all that?

Actors, directors, producers who participate in this ceremony almost always wear men’s suits, more precisely a tuxedo, and in almost 90% of cases is a black tuxedo. Why women have a very wide range of choice and men always tend to homologate?

Men involved in a so important gala ceremony should not overdo and risk to seem out of place, but it is definitely possible to be impeccably elegant even allowing himself a touch of color or a particular fabric, always of high quality.



There are few men who tried to escape from the classic black tuxedo scheme (single or double breasted), black bow tie or black tie and polished black Oxford shoes. Sometimes those who have tried to leave the shell have done it in the wrong way: one example was Pharrell Williams at the Oscars in 2014 who wore a tuxedo with Bermuda shorts, a mess for the canons of worldwide elegance.

Examples of well conceived diversity” may be Jared Leto and Kevin Spacey at the Oscars of 2014: the first wore a white jacket over black pants with red bow tie and the second wore a blue tuxedo with black lapels in contrast. There are many men, famous and not, who during gala events do not want to homologate and like to give space to creativity.


Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, created the Black Tie collection for this kind of people: elegant, original and tasteful. Suits of this collection can not be described as outrageous outfits, but as suits which respect all the canons of the well-dressing” and of elegance but giving a touch of individuality and originality.




It will be enough visiting the collection at this link to see with your eyes what we are talking about: from the classic black tuxedo with shawl or peak lapels in contrast combined not only to the classic accessories in black satin, but also accessories with micro patterns that will make the difference.









Going forward you will see dinner jackets of different colors (gray, burgundy, dark blue until you get to a beautiful royal blue) combined with satin shirts with small ruffles on placket and cuffs and jacquard silk accessories for men who have good taste and know how to get noticed.


men's suits








Then is the turn of the classic and timeless double breasted tuxedos: these suits will surprise you. Shawl or peak lapels, matching accessories and suits made in unique colors: green, brown, burgundy, purple, gold, metallic gray a delight for those who love being in the spotlight.



men's suits









The last, but not least, part of the collection is dedicated to little touches of originality, unique in their kind: suits with tartan jackets or trousers, velvet suits of various colors, tuxedo with red jacket and white trousers, pieddepoule suits. Those who choose to buy these suits have a very strong taste and they are not afraid to dare.









The intention pursued by Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, is to create a uniform situation on the red carpet: the man must be worthy star of the event as much as the woman. Women like to be noticed, and are even more gratified if the man they have beside chose a dress that matches the one they‘re wearing.


The press loves coordinated couples, that exude passion and elegance. As you can see, there are no reasons why not choose something different from the usual, something that makes you stand out on the rest of the guests, drawing attention of the public and the press.


Men’s suits of our Black Tie collection are pearls of sartorial elegance, unique and perfectly wearable in big red carpet ceremonies: choose to be protagonists, choose Ottavio Nuccio Gala – Black Tie collection.

Barocco or gothic wedding: prince for one day

Imagine your Barocco or Gothic wedding: a fairy castle on top of a mountain, breathtaking views, huge halls with red velvet curtains, ancient dark wood furniture, a wonderful orchestra accompanying the entrance of the bride, and finally, the princely clothes worn by the married couple.


Women since little girls have fancied a wedding in this style animated by the beautiful stories created by Walt Disney; find a woman who when was a child did not wish to be Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty … is virtually impossible.
All these tales have one thing in common: the love between a princess and a prince. only a few are lucky enough to be born into royal families that celebrate weddings in this style, but why can’t we give the opportunity to every husband and every wife to live the day of the Yes as if they were in a Disney fairy tale?
Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has created for the more whimsical grooms the Barocco and Gothic collection: Prince for a day. Brides who choose a sumptuous gown for their wedding can only adore this collection, because it will complete the idea of eternal love and fairy tale that have always dreamed of; men who have an extravagant soul and passion for refinement and precious details will be excited in the same way.




To see the video on Youtube click here: Barocco wedding suits

Obviously the Baroque or Gothic style is not the only designed to feel like a prince; each Ottavio Nuccio Gala suit is so unique that seems to be made for a dream come true, but the collection which we will discuss in this post is definitely the closest to the common idea of Prince and luxury.

Getting married with a suit of Barocco or Gothic collection means creating an atmosphere that goes beyond the idea of classic wedding. You can not marry in a suit like this if the bride loves simple lines: Barocco or Gothic weddings have a specific target regarding the attires of both bride and groom, the decorations, the church and the hall.



As mentioned at the beginning of this article, a castle or an ancient estate are certainly the more appropriate places to celebrate a wedding in this style; churches by the linear architecture and without many decorations seem too bare: a gothic church as Milan Cathedral or baroque as the Church of Jesus in Rome are the best choice.

As regards colors, you can give space to your imagination and meet your preferences; Baroque and Gothic Ottavio Nuccio Gala suits are made in different colors just to satisfy every taste.

For the groom from the gothic and mysterious soul, black and dark gray suits with embroidery are the best: the bride can choose any color (including black for the most fanciful) and a successful atmosphere is assured.


For a couple from a real Disney fairy tale, the groom can wear white or blue Barocco suits, colors for excellence of the royal families. If the groom decides to wear a white suit, he must make sure it is the same shade of the bride; the bride may also decide to wear a gown of another color and thus reverse the classical canons of marriage; a groom who wears blue, instead, is perfectly matched to the classic princess dressed in white.


barocco wedding


If the man has a very strong personality and decides to dare even more, red, purple, gold and brown Barocco and Gothic suits will be perfect. The bride will also have a very extravagant gown matched with that of the future husband and the atmosphere will definitely be unique and original.


barocco wedding




Do not be afraid to overdo when you opt for a Barocco or Gothic wedding: luxury, opulence, magnificence and preciousness of the details are already inherent in the conception of this word. If nothing is left to chance, then the day of your wedding will be memorable not only for you, but also for every single guest invited at the ceremony.
We are aware that this collection can be considered unique in the world and for this is now active the e-commerce on our official website, so that the bride and groom of the world may be able to appreciate and be able to wear a Barocco or Gothic suit for their wedding.
The purchasing procedure is simple and you will quickly have the suit Barocco or Gothic bespoke that you love most. It would be appropriate, for information, take your own suit about 3 months before the ceremony, to be sure it arrives on time especially if it has to pass by a custom.
Suits of this collection are made purposely on customer demand, customized to his liking and marked with the name of each customer printed on the label inside the jacket. Although the procedure is completely online, our sales department will certainly treat you like any customer who came to visit us in store, giving you the right attention and dispelling any doubt.
We know that lovers of this style are located throughout the world, and therefore this service of network selling will be appreciated by those who can not get to our store or authorized reseller.
We also know that this collection is so particular that it was often victim of plagiarism and bad copies by many competitors, but fortunately customers who come to us have always appreciated the quality of the true “Made in Italy” expressing it with praise and compliments of which we are very proud.


Barocco or Gothic wedding is a dream that anyone should be able to afford and suits of Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, have helped many of you to realize this dream.