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Velvet revolution: usefulness of velvet in groom suits

When you think at velvet the first word that comes to mind is softness, a fabric pleasant to touch that you does not ever would stop petting. Groom suits made of this fabric are masterpieces in sophistication, elegance and sweetness.


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The origins of velvet are uncertain: some say that his homeland is India, those who opt for Persia and who for China. Whatever his homeland is, the velvet is a fabric that since the thirteenth century is raging in the most important families of each nation, a symbol of luxury and preciousness.

Just think of Italy of the sixteenth century and the courts of Gonzaga and Medici where constantly arrived tons of velvet that were used to make clothes and for furniture; Another velvet-addicted in history was Napoleon, who on the day of the coronation wore a cloak of green velvet of the most rich and sumptuous that the world have ever seen.

If we think of modern times, however, the snapshot of Tom Kelleys portraying Marilyn Monroe naked on a red velvet cloth is really famous or Madonna on a tour of the 90’s who was fully dressed in velvet designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. So many the examples can be, and all confirm that velvet is always one of the most requested fabrics by those who want to be noticed and by those who understand its real value.

Velvet is the fabric that lines the armchairs of the most important and richest men in the world. A sentence may well enclose the collective imagination: “Where there is power there is Velvetand, in fact, it has been loved and flaunted by popes, emperors and queens throughout history until the present day.

Groom suits which we will discuss in this article are suitable for people who identify a bit in this royal” category, who know they have a much more refined taste of the popular one: we will call them “people of velvet.”



People of velvetis soft, light, iridescent, strong, sensitive, which is inspired from the glorious past and reinterprets at best it in his present; Velvet is a fabric that brings an aura of mystery with it, which already in itself seems precious, but this preciousness can be appreciated through-and-through only  once caressed.



Despite the group of people described appears to be very small, actually the fabric involved is highly polyhedral; velvet can represent different styles: from Napoleonic to the eastern one, from haute couture to the rock side.

In purely industrial and technical level, there are three types of velvet: that of wool, silk and cotton; the most common is the third type, from which are realized different embroidered velvets ranging from the micro velvet to the jacquard, from chenille to Devoré, and each different manufacturing will never lose its elegance and preciousness.

On the front side velvet has a thick fur (if the velvet is cut or joined) or a series of tiny wire rings (if the velvet is curly) and its name comes from the Latin vellus, which refers to the fleece of sheep; this name is representative of the thermal quality of this fabric, capable of heating even in the coldest winter days.

In industrial looms is produced with very thin yarns and using two warps and one plot: a big warp for the base and a warp of fur.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala and its “Velvet revolution”

The versatility of velvet and its many interpretive keys were perfectly represented by Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, in 2015 collections. Velvet suits of the brands are in Black Tie and Emotion collections, antithetical par excellence and yet so close thanks to the use of the same fabric.

In Black Tie collection we find suits, even three pieces, in velvet with black satin lapels in contrast; colors vary: black, purple, dark green all suitable for gala ceremonies, civil wedding or luxury events and for the red carpet. Accessories are eccentric but without losing the elegance that distinguishes the collection. Colors never exceed, but give that touch of style needed for those who choose to wear a so special fabric.


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In Emotion collection, however, we do not find the complete suit but only dinner jackets of two types: simple velvet or wrinkled velvet. The jackets in simple velvet are combined with black pants and shirts with wing collar and ruffles on placket that, at first glance, seem very classic but the touch of genius is given by metallic accessories.


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Belts with customized ON buckles, pins, chains and liners with skulls that make the style extremely strong and of distinct taste. The dinner jackets in wrinkled velvet, instead, are combined with composè of shirt, cummerbund and tie in lurex with embroidery to give an idea of luxury and opulence for a man who is not afraid to dare.


Last jewel of the creations of Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, are the shoes: the velvet slipper with embroidery are the icing on the cake to top it all. Already in itself the slipper model is seen as the most used by men of high society; if realized in velvet, then, it adds preciousness to the accessory.


The Velvet Revolution“, the radical and innovative revolution but without violence, it is not only the historical one of 1989, but it can also be that one which took place in recent years in the field of groom suits. The velvet is back in vogue gentlemen, now more than ever.