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The bull market of online wedding suits for groom

As already discussed in a previous post, the sale of online wedding suits for groom is now available, also thanks to our brand that has recently set up an efficient online shopping service that allows users to be able to buy the creations of Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala.



This post will be dedicated to the analysis of this specific sector, supported by certificates statistical data that will take off any doubt about the safety of this new practice. We will try to face the problems that still hamper majority of visitors of online shopping websites in order to promote a new business that enables users to have at home any product coming from all over the world.

The overall picture is positive, and the United States stands ranked first in absolute with a turnover of 262 billion dollars in 2013, 13.4% higher than in 2012 (which had recorded a total of online sales amounted to 231 billion dollars). Professionals have been made some studies that estimate a steady growth until 2017, when the online trade turnover in the United States is expected to reach even the 370 billion dollars.

This is definitely the most successful country regarding the willingness of users to purchase products in the network, of any kind and cost. If the present of trade on the digital platform is represented by the US, the future definitely sees China as the protagonist, even just for a matter of numbers (1.3 billion people).

Economic growth that is taking place in China will see this nation as undisputed leader in many areas of the world economy, and it is expected that in 2015 the Chinese e-shoppers will be about 520 million, almost nine times the entire Italian population.

As regards Italy, the numbers are definitely smaller, also due to the much lower number of people, but the trend is upward as in the rest of the world. In 2013, Italy had a turnover of EUR 11.2 billion in e-commerce, a good 17% higher than in 2012. An element which is increasing in this beautiful country is the number of consumers who more and more often are turning to the digital divide: in two years this number has doubled, reaching 13.6 million people.

The number of Italian e-shoppers increases and reaches 14 million people during the Christmas period (source Human HighwayNetcomm), and right now Christmas is coming, and it carries on all gifts, celebrations and parties to which Italian consumers are so fond.

Purchase some online wedding suits for groom, or any other article in this e-shops, allows you to avoid the hustle and bustle that is created in the city due to the race to gifts“, enables users to have more free time to spend not searching the last gift to do and to be able to stay quietly sitting on the couch at home with your family.

Modern technologies allow you to be able to purchase any item from a mobile device even as small as your smartphone or tablet, and it is from these devices that has been registered the highest number of online sales, perhaps because it is accessible to everyone and easier by simple buying procedures.


What Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, offers are suits suitable for this Christmas season, suitable for any type of formal event and not to which you will be invited to participate; suits for every type of ceremony, both in winter and summer, to satisfy all tastes and different types of personalities.




online wedding suits for groom

Thanks to the e-commerce created on the website, you can also buy all kinds of accessories in the photos, and nothing is more Christmassy than a tuxedo, a dinner jacket in velvet, a bow tie in jacquard silk or a pair of oxfords in patent leather combined with tartan trousers.


online wedding suits for groom


online wedding suits for groom




The sectors that dominate the worldwide online trade are clothing, travel and telephony. As regards clothing you should not underestimate that the most appreciated feature in the world is definitely the one of Made in Italy.

Italy is a symbol of elegance, refinement and quality in the field of fashion, and so is recognized around the world. The creations of Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, are 100% Made in Italy, and they are original, elegant, classical and stylish.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala is a brand that aims to make known the quality of its products around the world, to promote the perfection of Italian manufacturing abroad and contribute to assert its nation as the first in the whole world in terms of excellence in the field of clothing.

According to a study by GoogleDoxa, Italian SMEs who rely on e-commerce say that 24% of their turnover derives from this kind of sales, and this number is expected to increase.

The sale of online wedding suits for groom is definitely more complicated than the sale of a T-shirt or a bag, but the team of experts in the company has created a straightforward procedure aimed at satisfying any kind of request, including that one of made-to-measure suits.



To ask for further information you just have to write to and our sales department will put in contact with you, dedicating you the necessary time to be able to satisfy every request, as you were in an real store.

Our company points to a frequent and effective communication with the customer to accommodate online customer requests as if they were customers who habitually we receive in the store.

In addition, methods of payment (credit card, Paypal and bank transfer) are safe and allow the customer to receive the protection he deserves. Shipping is done with couriers of international prestige that ensure the success of the transaction and last, but not least, the product is faithful to the images showed on the website.



The demand for Made in Italy quality products is internationally growing: Ottavio Nuccio Gala offers what consumers in the whole world are looking for.


Men’s Suits for special occasions: festive dress!

We are in mid-November and in just over a month it will be Christmas time. Everyone should already be in search of their men’s suits for special occasions, allowing themselves some whim more because you know…around Christmas time everyone is good!

The period covering last two weeks of December and first week of January is always the most fascinating in the world: is full of traditions and customs that vary depending on the continent, religion, personal taste and so on.

No matter where you are, and at what party you’ll have to take part because Christmas season is always a symbol of elegance and fantasy, a period in which every man can express the his essence of gentleman and feel important.

Christmas atmosphere has always been a symbol of joy, happiness, sharing, satisfaction and any other noun synonym of peace and prosperity. Too often, however, we focus our attention only on some details of the ceremonial, and more and more often man does not care too much his image, with the risk of being the only one left a bit in the background.

Christmas holidays are not just a synonym for great banquets full of every kind of food or dance parties in large luxury halls, but they represent an opportunity so that we can wear men’s suits for special occasions worth mentioning.

The choice is wide so that everyone can better express his personality, but in most cases Christmas time is marked by the use of dinner jackets and tuxedos, elegance par excellence in the world.



The expression “Festive Dress” is spreading in America, although many people still is wondering on what is the correct meaning to be given to these two words. At the moment when you receive an invitation to a party that requires a “Festive Dress”, what should you wear?

This post wants to propose the aim of bringing the attention back to men’s dress code for Christmas, because too often we think about creating a perfect scenary and we take no notice of right the most important thing: ourselves.

“Festive Dress” is a way as any to ensure that the guests do at least a minimal effort to take care of their look and leave everyone a good impression of the party. Unlike the classic Black Tie”, which has very precise rules and leaves little room for imagination, the “Festive Dress” enables man to express his personality.

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, suggest you to live Christmas holidays as an opportunity to spend some time to themselves, to satisfy the whims of style and participate in major parties without ever feeling inadequate.

There are a thousand ways to be properly dressed, whimsical and elegant at the same time: just enjoy the time and rediscover the fun of dressing well. Many times being on vacation is exchanged with the option not to look after your image; you think you have the right to appear sloppy or with random matched clothes just using the excuse of being on vacation.

Christmas time is not Halloween, but it is the most magical time of the year when every man should feel comfortable in suits that evade from the classic two pieces or jeans paired with a sweater. You have to look for something that make you unique, even just an accessory or a particular jacket.


men's suits for special occasions








Of the classic Black Tie we have already extensively discuss in previous posts, examining the possibility of dress up a classical tuxedo, a more modern tuxedo with colorful accessories, a whimsical tuxedo in bright colors or the classic tailcoat for luxury events.


What is meant by Festive Dress?

This post is dedicated to the Festive Dress”, a fun and stylish way to participate in Christmas holidays. For “Festive Dress” we mean, for example, a dinner jacket of high quality fabrics in bright colors combined with classic trousers; it can also be a velvet jacket with black satin lapels; a particular outfit that makes you stand out on the rest of the guests.


men's suits for special occasions

men's suits for special occasions

For those unwilling to give up wearing jeans, even in these moments of celebration, Festive Dress” could also mean wearing a tuxedo without a tuxedo: that is a nice jeans with patent leather shoes, shirt with wing collar and bow tie but without wearing the classic suit.



For a couple of years is increasingly widespreading the use of tartan, which we have already discuss in another previous post: so here is, the tartan can be the right choice for those men who want to be properly dressed in a Christmas party, but who do not give up to a touch of style and originality.




Other popular fabric for this period of the year is the velvet: colors, quality, heaviness suited to winter and softness. velvet jackets can be combined with classic trousers or jeans, and in any case they will be appropriate to the Christmas atmosphere.




Obviously you should not exaggerate: you have to be an integral part of the guests, not excel on all or become a Christmas ornament.

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, recommend to look after your own look for not clash with the magic of the holidays, for feeling comfortable in any occasion.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala men’s suits for special occasions are the key to be perfect in every type of ceremony, event, party or cocktail party.Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, studied each look to be adapted to different types of style and personality.

Food, lights, decorations and music are not everything; the magic of Christmas can be felt even when you choose the right suit to wear to a party: the magic of the moment, you can feel it on your skin too!



Online wedding suits for groom: you can!

The market of wedding suits for groom in 2014 is no longer limited to small tailor shops of the village, to workshops with specialized staff that makes you try on the suit and marks the repairs to do with the pins, to the boutiques that have a corner reserved for the ceremony with solid wood furniture and large mirrors Rococo style.

The new frontier is entirely dedicated to the online of shopping and even for the most skeptical now it’s time to change their mind: numbers speak for themselves. What many people still do not know, and that many still can not believe, is that you can also buy your wedding suit online, with the same ease with which you buy a t-shirt.

There are online shopping websites that bill millions of Euros without there actually being even a little window in any city in the world, or modest-size stores that sell products of big brands in their inside and are able to tenfold their turnover thanks to online shopping.

Reasons for this success are easy to imagine:

• You can buy comfortably from home

The purchase is easy and fast

The consumer is protected by product warranties

The chances of running into scams or unsafe purchases are still a few, but online shoppers today are quite aware on the protection that they deserve and therefore fewer people fall for these tricks by now old school.
Just have to open any website that you will be immediately inundated with advertising of pages for online shopping, of new or used goods, of low or high quality, from food to clothing going for furniture, stationery, real estate, travels and so on and so on forth.
Online purchases are also more comfortable than those made in person, as in 90% of casis you can insert your planned budget, you preferences about article, model, color and size; in addition, in many online shopping websites, by selecting the first article they will suggest you also other items that you can combine to always reach the perfect outfit.
To go back to the incipit of our article, this new practice of buying has influenced the world of wedding suits for groom and Ottavio Nuccio Gala replied to these requests by creating a simple service of online trading that has so far been very successful, pointing to expand more and more over the years.
wedding suits for groom
Questions to certain appear: how can you buy a wedding suit online? How do I know if it will wear perfectly? Can you spend a considerable amount of money just relying on the trust given to a website?
As regards Ottavio Nuccio Gala, the answers to these questions are simple and all lead to a happy ending. On the website you can choose comfortably from home or in any spare moment of your day the suit that best suits the style of your wedding and your personal taste.
In the website you will find high resolution photos that accurately reflect the products in the company, with suits of various combinations of accessories that the customer can change at his pleasure according to his personality, split by collection.
Each photo is labeled with a code to make your search more immediately in the event of later visits and to request with facility more information about the suit to our specialized staff who promptly respond to emails sent to
wedding suits for groom
For each photo, you can view the quote in real time for each selected suit in size with all accessories, simply by selecting the items that interest you. The total is instantly updated to know if it is within your budget.


For customers living abroad in countries outside the EU, prices appear without VAT after selecting the country of origin and, again sending an email to request information, further details on freight charges and customs duties will be provided to you depending on the country from which the request is arriving.

Once you have selected the suit suitable for your type of ceremony, filling out a form of request information, the expert team of Ottavio Nuccio Gala will respond immediately to all your needs. The order form contains several items marked with explanatory images that will help you to easily take your measurements on your own and send them to the sales office of the company.



By studying the measurements sent, the staff will be able to tell you if your suit is in the warehouse of the company or is to be realized: in both cases, the suit will be modified or produced according to your body shape in order to ensure a perfect fit. Shipping services are safe and fast, made ​​by international couriers of high prestige.

Our online shopping system is supported by an active phone line from Monday to Friday which will help you in every step of the buying process if you have any doubts or concerns. For more guaranteed success of the order, you can also send photos from the neck to the waist to help the modeler to create the paper pattern for your personal bespoke suit.

More and more people from all over the world are enjoying the creations of Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, and it would be a shame not to be able to satisfy the whims and fancies that every man has the right to have in the most important day of his life .



Modern manufacturing systems allow us to offer a service all over the world, and the wedding suits for groom of Ottavio Nuccio Gala are a service that everyone deserves to enjoy. Five unique and exclusive collections strictly “Made in Italy”, all dedicated to the ceremony and gala events at your fingertips.


wedding suits for groom