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Wedding suits and inner beauty: a deep connection

This blog has been treated several times for “elegance”, not just when wearing men’s wedding suits, but also in the attitudes and behaviors of a person.


Wedding suits


This post is dedicated to the second kind of elegance mentioned: the elegance of the soul, inner beauty, the simplicity of a gaze that can convey happiness. The theme of inner beauty has been treated several times in the literature, and all the novels or poems that speak of this subject are geared to give precedence to the inner beauty on the exterior one.

Just think of the famous story of Dorian Gray, a handsome man from eternal youth that come to terms with the devil in order to preserve his image; greed and selfishness consume him, and even though he was so pleasant to look at he was removed by all for his bad temper and loneliness led him to suicide.
Another example is the myth of Narcissus, who leaves the nymph Echo die without so much attention because he was too engrossed in the worship of himself. He, like Dorian Gray, became an unbearable man and, during the nth moment of contemplation of himself in the river, he fell and died victim of his own image.

And more, the Indian mystic Ashtavakra, compared to a camel because crippled in 8 parts of the body. Despite its ugliness on the outside, he managed to silence an entire room full of philosophers and experts who laughed at him with a simple joke, earning the respect of Emperor of India and winning the prize for the competition held.

These are just some examples of men in the world literature, ancient and modern, that should make us realize how little counts outer beauty, if we do not take care of our own soul. You should not think only you refine the appearance, because it is likely to be the victims of aesthetics ignoring ethics, and they can never travel on two separate tracks.

Men, when wearing their wedding suits are not only grooms, but they are representing the ideals of loyalty, undying love and generosity. There is no use to be flawless on the outside if you are not devoted to your beloved in your heart, and you can not hide a bad soul: they are feelings that transpire from the eyes.


Wedding suits


The world of today lives with the obsession of perfect image, it’s full of stereotypes which complex young people and make them feel inadequate because different from the models proposed on TV or on the internet. The youth of today think that if you are not beautiful on the outside by now you can not get anywhere, and spend all their time to the search for external perfection, not realizing that they are dying inside.

The world of aesthetic brings down the world of values​​, and can exist how a strong marriage and that can last a lifetime if values in the world are put after a plastic surgeon? People have to think back that you should not look like the models seen on TV to be worthy of consideration; and that, even if you owned a beauty like this, if we do not take care of our spirit, it will still die before being appreciated.

Man, with his studies and his inventions, can radically change the physical appearance of a person only by undergoing surgery. As far a man can study and innovate, there is one thing that man can never create: human dignity. We are so identified with the periphery of our being that we have forgotten that the periphery can not exist by itself. There has to be a center.



A man with dignity is a man who has the grace in his eyes, of inner light he shines and stands out much more than a beautiful man, but empty. We must not yield to the compromises imposed by society or, in any case, you should not live your life based only on those. The care of your image is synonymous with self-love, which becomes harmful when flows into selfishness or conceit.


Wedding suits


Men’s wedding suits are not the symbol of inner beauty

A man who is searching for his perfect wedding suit will surely look at catalogs with pictures that represent models perfectly dressed, made ​​up and combed: the incarnation of Prince Charming. The man who, at that moment, is looking at those pictures should not be discouraged, you should not be a fashion model to be at the height of the bride.

Your woman is marrying you because you are exactly like this: beautiful and unique in your own particularity, which should not be considered as defects. Woman also often suffer because of these impossible benchmarks with models size 38 always perfect in every photo.

A man dressed in a formal dress is always very elegant, whatever physical shape he has. Consider, for example, Luciano Pavarotti: man evidently overweight but with a so light and good voice that came from the soul; he has embodied the the model of elegant and refined man for years, even if he has never had washboard abs.


Ottavio Nuccio Gala offers a bespoke service to all its customers: you will not find the ready-made garments for the masses because they would lose the uniqueness of each of you. Elegance is simple to find even also in a short man, or overweight, or too thin: just know how to express. Our company, with its wedding suits, trying to meet your needs to ensure that the light you have in your eyes may be also reflected by the image of a perfect groom.


Wedding suits as real works of art

Fashion, but not only that relating to men’s wedding suits, is used by designers to express their thoughts and feelings. The same principle is used by any other artist (sculptor, painter, singer …) at the moment is getting ready to start a new work of art. Therefore, by analogy, we may well say that fashion is a branch of art, and each designer can definitely be considered as an artist, such as Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of the brand Ottavio Nuccio Gala.


Wedding suits


Since the times of the great myths such as Michelangelo or Raffaello, the artists worked on commission, it means that they were paid to create their works, as they were recognized as exceptional artists. Even today, the purpose remains the same: being able to sell your own art; this purpose, however, is impossible if the works are not creative and original. it is therefore possible to say that art and fashion have a constant influence, and it is not insignificant, one to another. In fact today it is common to use the expression “the art of dressing.”

Fashion is now part of our daily actions, that we do even several times a day; anyone needs to dress up before going out for a walk, to go shopping, or just to go to sleep at night, even those who refuse or say they do not appreciate those who follow the trends of the moment.

Every time we open our closet deciding what to wear during the day we make a choice that goes beyond the simple combination of a couple of colors. When we do it we decide what to wear according to our mood of the moment, according to our personal taste, to draw attention or to pass unnoticed, to feel comfortable and to feel better. At a time when we choose what to wearwe are giving form and expression to our sense of aesthetics and we are giving a very clear picture of ourselves to those who will meet.

Whatever the reason that leads us to choose a particular item of clothing over another, the purpose is always the same: the pursuit of beauty. Even the artist, in this case the designer, when creates his work, thinks about how it will feel its user. The artist looks for the beauty of his work, the user looks for its own beauty through the work.

An interesting aspect of fashion, even that relating to men’s wedding suits, is the fact that it is a nearly universal language, like mathematics. In almost all the world a man in a suit and necktie is apparently a man of class that takes care of its image and has great aspirations in workplace; a man dressed in black with metallic accessories is a man who deeply loves rock music so as to create a way of life, and so on.



Wedding suits

This form of art, fashion, is expressed with the body. The tools are not the same as sculpture and painting, but the body is still the best way to express a mood, a feeling, a thought … human body is seduction, and for that reason never goes unnoticed.

The link between fashion and art is increasingly inseparable even thinking about the fact that many designers transform the catwalks in galleries or museums, and many museums and galleries transform their spaces into catwalks to best show the works contained. Even now singers express their talent and strengthen their image not only through the voice, but also according to a specific style or changing it depending on the stages reached during the career.

Another thing in common between art and fashion is the compulsion. Often, and still more to the present day, who madly loves art or a branch of it is unable to end the desire to possess. There are those who, unfortunately, does so to keep up with the times or out of pure obsession, and who, fortunately, does it for passion and unconditional love towards art.

Whether it’s a collection of books or a collection of shoes, those who appreciate and love art as a form of expression of one’s being is a person who also loves himself and that will never stop looking at the world with eyes full of curiosity.

Through art we can study the different historical periods of humanity, and we can interpret them better without studying history books. The way people dressed during the Belle Epoque, for example, makes us realize that this was a period of rebirth and redemption.



The gaudy costumes used in the court of King Louis XIV in France suggest that it was an era of glitz and opulence.


Wedding suits


The simple and poor dresses of medieval age express the transaction period that they were facing, of deep insecurity and hard work.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala wedding suits: works of a real artist

If a person has a sensitive soul, he will be able to understand many things from simple gaze turned at a work of art, of whatever kind. Regarding our company Ottavio Nuccio Gala we can say that suits created by Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of the brand, are true artistic expression of his soul.

Taking a look at just one of our suits, you will be able to better understand what Mario Moreno Moyano wanted to include in it, which certainly goes beyond the simple fabric and pattern. Each Ottavio Nuccio Gala suit is a symbol of his passion, emotion, culture, excellence, personality, good taste, quality and charisma.



A man who decides to wear a suit by Ottavio Nuccio Gala on the day of his wedding knows what he wants and how he wants it. As mentioned above, man seeks beauty wearing a work of art, and that’s what happens every time a customer decides to buy the suit that he’s wearing at the shop: beauty and perfection of the moment are reached.




Fakes even in wedding suits’ market

Unfair competition is also growing in the market of wedding suits for man. The unjust behaviors implemented by those who practice them are the falsification and imitation. Although they may seem very similar, there are substantial differences, as well as different is the penal treatment assigned to them by the law.

With the falsification they reproduce essential or substantial parts of a product and they put it on the market claiming to be the real one. This is violation of industrial property, because they actually are copies of the original product sold to the public without a license, with the intent to harm the copied brand.



The imitation consists of copying some partial details of a product in order to confuse the consumer during the purchase. This is not a real violation of industrial property, because it not mimic all the essential characteristics of the product, but it is still one wrong way of acting.

Nowadays, online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and selling fake products online is much easier than selling through direct contact; this happens both because on the internet you can always keep a large percentage of anonymity, either because the product is sold through photos and the consumer must rely only on that.

France is the only country where if you make purchases and sales of counterfeit products, the consumer is the one who is fined, and so one will think several times before re-purchasing a fake product. The motivation that drives many people to buy fake products is that they want to show others that they are wearing an item of branded clothing, although in reality it is not. Convey a different image of themselves is wrong, it’s like a I would, but I can not”.

This is true for both the casual daily clothes either for wedding suits, because we have unfortunately found that this phenomenon is also taking place in this area. It is obvious that wear original brand clothes will not make us better people, but buy fake garments produced in conditions of semi-slavery will surely make us dishonest people and with little morality.

Often when you buy a fake or a counterfeiting” product, you don’t think about all the damage that it may ensue. Buy a fake does not onyl mean to show the people something not original, but it is also equivalent to damage the entire circuit of companies and persons who work in the field of original branded products, killing the competition and not letting the companies grow in their own country.


Wedding suits


The victims of the fake market are numerous: first of all, the original brand, which can see itself deprived of its creations in spite of a lot of money invested against forgery and imitations; In the second place there is the consumer because, sometimes, one person buy a fake product without knowing it and then will have at home a product from almost no quality and without any warranties; the State is another victim of this traffic as each product sold is not covered by taxes and is sold clandestinely; the workers of the fake companies, who are often forced to work in very  denigrating conditions and illegally; the workers of the companies of original brands, because the sales decrease, workplaces will decrease as well, and they risk to be fired.

The way manufacturers of wedding suits, and more, work

For those who do not work in this industry, not only in the ceremony one, it is not possible to fully understand the damage that this traffic of products sold illegally can result. The companies that sell their creations honestly invest a lot of money in order to guarantee a complete service to its customers and to promote themselves.

Money of the companies is not only used in the production of clothing, but also in advertising, distribution chain, marketing that allows them to get known to the public, the staff secured by law, in environmental policies that do not damage the ecosystem, etc. .

The illegal market, meanwhile, waits in silence the end of this process: when the original branded product reaches the pinnacle of success, the industry of fake entering forcefully and seriously damages the sales campaign of branded products, and the world market in general.

This situation is unacceptable, unfair and harmful. Unfortunately people do not realize that if the demand of original products disappears, in the long run it will disappear also the supply of them and, consequently, the supply of counterfeit products.

Victims of these bad policies of imitation are also the creations of Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of the brand Ottavio Nuccio Gala. Very often, the industries that manufacture imported suits at bargain prices have tried to copy our collections; This both leads to a sense of pride, as you may notice that your product is so appreciated and of high quality that is imitated, and both a huge sense of anger for all the work and effort that is behind each creation.

As much as they may try, wedding suits designed by Mario Moreno Moyano for Ottavio Nuccio Gala will never be perfectly copied, because they are really unique and inimitable. You can mimic the patterns, combinations, some details but then you can feel at first hand the quality of an original Ottavio Nuccio Gala suit. Our fabrics are of excellence,  handcrafted models, embroidery and jacquard of exclusive property all over the world and customized service that make each suit, full of creativity and passion, something unique and inimitable in the world. The choice is yours…


Wedding suits


Wedding suits


Suits by Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala suits, are works of art, the result of an innate inspiration in our stylist that can’t be imitate.


Wedding suits: elegance even in summer

Summer season is in full swing and many marriages are celebrated in the months of July and August. The men’s wedding suits items of clothing are often badly seen during very hot periods, but if a couple decides to get married in summer the man can not disregard from wearing a formal dress, with attached accessories.

A man must not only be elegant in winter or cool periods of the year, because elegance is an attitude that persists for a lifetime. Many men take advantage of the excuse of the heat to have some undesirable behaviors for a true gentleman, removing more and more uncomfortable or too hot clothes off.

Basic rules of proper dressing  exist for a reason and they must be complied, and in this post Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, give you tips to follow to avoid falling into behaviors little appreciated by those who are experts of elegance.


Wedding suits


  • Today it is too often used the excuse of individual freedom to do what one wants. Attitude steady is to walk through the center of the city in swimming trunks and flip flops: a very inelegant behavior, bordering on the ridiculous. What would you think of a man walking on the beach with a suit and leather shoes? There are clothes suitable for each situation and you should always respect some basis rules of “proper dressing”.
  • Wearing a short-sleeved shirt, as mentioned in other posts above, is not very appropriate. The trend of the moment proposes them to highlight muscles and tattoos, but a long shirt with cuffs at the sleeves is always more elegant and appropriate, to wear long until after the elbow. The short sleeves are a feature of polo shirts and t-shirts as well as tank tops have been created for basketball players and should be avoided during a walk in the city.
  • if you are wearing formal clothes, even more if they are men’s wedding suits, the tie is an accessory that can not be excluded. It would be equally wrong to wear shirt and a tie without wearing the jacket. If you really want to avoid a tie, the ideal would be wearing dinner jacket and trousers of different fabrics and colors to avoid giving a too formal image.
  • Unfortunately, men who do not want to give up dressing elegantly, often wear a tie with the knot undone or even loose in summer, so that does not wrap too much the neck. If you have to wear a tie in this way, you might as well avoid wearing it. There are light ties or more informal ones for summer season, and especially the grooms should never take it undone or done, but in a wrong way.
  • Celebrities of today are very extravagant, they know that image of impact sells best and therefore they often find themselves wearing absurd clothes just to be mentioned by the press. Is the case of Pharrell Williams that launched the trend of the tuxedo jacket matched with shorts, a murder throughout the label of proper dressing world. The exaggeration and fleeting fashions are not part of elegance: bear it in mind.

The concepts of “trend of the moment” and “elegance and proper dressing” are very far from each other, although often people tend to mix them, getting bad results.

Men’s wedding suits for summer

Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, thought also to grooms who have decided to celebrate their wedding in the summer, offering fresh and colorful suits that make each person feel at ease. Suits are made ​​of lightweight fabrics such as linen, cotton, cool wool and silk. These 4 natural fibers come from renewable sources and give a nice cool feeling in contact with skin.

Cotton suits from the Fashion Color collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala are colorful and give joy; most importantly, their weight is adecuate to the type and the period in which you will celebrate your wedding, letting the groom not to feel the oppression of a suit in a day full of emotions. These are suit suitable in external weddings and in summer or spring.


Wedding suits


The wool used by Ottavio Nuccio Gala is of high quality: wool silk, cool wool and other light variations but of excellent quality. The suits made ​​of these fabrics are the morning suits, all the morning suit code and the suit of the Gentleman collection, and they are perfect for weddings in the morning, in a church, civil weddings or in a garden.


Wedding suits


Silk is used in shantung version, a fabric with many plays of light. This fabric is considered among the finest in the world. Shantung suits are included in Fashion Color collection: trendy suits for young couples who do not give up to a stylish touch even on the day of their marriage, but always respecting the canons of elegance.

Another  extremely lightweight summer fiber and easy to wear during the summer weddings is linen. Linen suits are also in Fashion Color collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala and are cool men’s wedding suits, in light colors and very appropriate to weddings at the beach, external weddings or in gardens.


All these suits are suitable for summer ceremonies, celebrated on the beach, in the countryside or in the garden, very famous in this period: the so called “alternative weddings”. Do not be afraid to wear a formal dress in the hot months because Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has the right solution for each type of ceremony and personality, no matter in which period or where you will celebrate you wedding. The most important thing is to feel always at ease, never forgetting the canons of elegance.