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ONGala: wedding suits for all occasions

To be innovators that are always original in the field of fashion you must thoroughly study current trends of the present, and this is also true for men’s wedding suits.

In 2013 shabby-chic  weddings raged, vintage-inspired ceremonies based on the reuse of old pieces and retro romance. Now is the time of Hipster weddings, already mentioned in one of our popular previous post; Hipster weddings have expanded the coverage of shabby-chic weddings, by including ceremonies with rock, jazz, blues, funk characteristics… because, in fact, the term Hipster was used to indicate young people who belonged to rock and bebop currents.

The analysis that must be carried out won’t stop at a purely aesthetic level, but we must ask why we moved from weddings with 200 guests of luxury and pomp, to Hipster weddings celebrated at the beach or in a garden with less binding clothes and a few invited guests.

The first answer that surely comes to mind to most of you is that we are now experiencing a period of deep economic crisis, and those who want to profess their undying love must adapt to the circumstances and their economic opportunities, and thus the success of these alternative weddings.

This is definitely one of the reasons, but we must also consider the fact that we’re experiencing a generational shift, the so-called “extended youth” is born in which men who are 30 years old today can be compared to the men who were 20 years old in the 70s. Hence the tendency to get married at a later age than in the past, also because they prefer to have financial security before taking the plunge.

Surely, the thirty year old man of today doesn’t make all the projects that made the thirty year old man of a few decades ago; he prefers not to delude himself and not to create expectations which will then be disregarded; men today prefer to live their lives day by day, so the project of a too planned and setted wedding automatically fades.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala is always attentive to the trends of the moment, and men’s wedding suits are not only a trend of fashion, but real social evolutions; everything that characterizes urban environment, from clothes to buildings, from work to lifestyle, it becomes fashion.

The task of our creative soul Mario Moreno is to understand that every moment and situation has its own perfect suit and for this reason the company Ottavio Nuccio Gala offers 5 different collections. Each of these collections can be adapted to a specific social and economic context, the newlyweds will certainly find the suit related to their kind of taste.

The 5 collections of wedding suits

 The proposed collections are now famous all over the world:
  •  Barocco, so princely and vintage, for a groom who wants to look like a romantic man of the XIX century; the details are looked after until almost its last legs, exclusive fabrics, a total look that escapes from the usual rules of classic suits
  • Gentleman, pure classical style for traditionalist and conservative groom. They are suits that will last a lifetime, extremely elegant and that fully embody the idea of ​​the classical and romantic wedding most widespread from time immemorial.
  • Black Tie, evening version of the collection described above. Pure classicism that can be reviewed with a touch of color or fancy accessories. Also suitable for evening events, cockail party, red carpet everything concerns events of suits
  •  Emotion, a collection that this year acquired its full force as inspired by the blues and rock music of the ’60s and ’70s, from whom the Hipster weddings. They are original suits, With theme accessories that can transform the groom in a real rock star.
  • Fashion, that in its interior is divided into two:
    -Fashion Color, the leading collection of 2015, the most suitable for Hipster weddings and that more reflects the trend of this year at Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence. It‘s a collection full of color (as can be easily understood from the name), but differs from many brands who wanted to follow this trend. Some proposals in the field of fashion, not only in ceremony but also in streetwear, turn out to be too excessive, too colorful, until reaching an almost carnivalesque style and with little taste. The collection presented by Ottavio Nuccio Gala is at the limit of fantasy and allows you to be trendy, but without becoming flashy.
    wedding suits Contemporary Fashion, the one that more coincides with the proposals of low-cost brands. Exactly due this reason, our designer Mario Moreno decided to put this collection a little aside as it can be easily copied and doesn’t offer anything new and original. We’re talking about the usual 4 pieces of one color suits of which the world is full, and so they stopped to be a source of inspiration or a collection to bet on.

That be shabby-chic, Hipster, Princely, classic, vintage, rock Whatever your needs and requirements, whatever the footprint you want to give to your wedding, Ottavio Nuccio Gala offers you men’s wedding suits that will certainly satisfy your requests.


Wedding suits for every morphology of the human body

If you‘ve recently decided, together with your girlfriend, that you will continue your life together then you’ll surely start thinking about your wedding suits.

As well as for women, men also need to be aware of their physical body and choose the suit that best fits their shapes and, at the same time, knowing how to choose the right color for your complexion, hair color and eyes .

A permanent feature that we find with all of our grooms is the exaggerated boasting of every mother. We understand that for every mother her own child is always the most beautiful and best of all, but if you don’t have the complexion of a fashion model, then it’s not right to treat you as such and then complain to the company any defects about the output of the suit .

wedding suits

The groom must not be afraid to acknowledge his body, and from there go on a good selection of suits for him, without feeling superior or inferior to anyone. If you can figure out what kind of suit you need, then you will avoid unpleasant incidents during the sale and in the photos you will be perfect.

The most important thing on that day is to be happy as you has ever been, feel good physically and feel a strong feeling for your bride; regarding the choice of your wedding suits, we of Ottavio Nuccio Gala advise you not to focus too much attention to any “flaws”, but to emphasize other parts of your body to distract the others attention on what you think might be your Achilles’ heel.

We are part of that small branch of companies also dedicated to the service of made to measure, and then we feel responsible to educate and advise our customers and their families on what could be the best choice; the desire to share this knowledge with you starts from the various criticisms directed to the producers on any errors in packaging or manufacturing.

We all know that mistakes can happen to anyone, but statistically speaking the vast majority of errors when wearing a suit like ours is due to the physical body of the customer, evidently not suitable to the suit that he’s wearing.

Our goal is to make beautiful and happy every groom, trying to make appear on him less defects as possible, but we can’t do miracles. We want everyone to understand that there are other points on which you might linger and reflect: quality of fabric, color, accessories, prototype possible wrinkles that you see once worn may be due to the logic tolerance to leave in some parts of the body (otherwise you won’t even be able to move during the wedding day).

Wedding suits for every morphology of the human body

There are 5 main types of morphologies of the human body:


Trapezoid: broad shoulders, narrow waist of the shoulders and hips back to being slightly wider. is the more symmetrical and balanced physical conformation, with legs that start more muscular on the thighs and are gradually narrowed down to the ankles.

Usually, of this class of people aren’t part neither the athletes too muscled nor men overweight.



Inverted Triangle: the typical body shape of athletes (although it can happen that someone is genetically predisposed to this type of body); we are talking about men with very broad shoulders, narrow waist and hips narrower than waist. it’s a type of physique very similar to the previous one, but the imbalance between the shoulders and waist is more marked.

wedding suitsIn this case it’s appropriate to emphasize the lower part of the body (hips and legs) for groped to level this imbalance. The pants should be straight, not closer to the bottom, and the contrast with the shoes is a great ploy to draw attention to the legs.





Rectangular: category of very lean and thin men, in which shoulders, waist and hips have more or less the same measures. Although he may seem the least beautiful (aesthetically speaking), paradoxically, is the one on who everything fits good and can choose any color and shape.



The only risk is that there is always something that fits too big and you must call in a tailor. The straight lines are those that enhance strength and virility, and therefore it’s appropriate to emphasize the shape of the chest and shoulders. You will need to wear pants tighter at the bottom to have a more slender figure.







Oval: the category of overweight men, with a massive physique. The shoulders are broad, but waist is wider than the shoulders, and so are the hips.


wedding suits


The suits more suitable to this type of physical shape, which help to stylize the figure as much as possible, are the monochromatic one or the ones with vertical stripes, form-fitting but not too much, and strapless.






Triangular: category of men with stocky buildnot well defined rounded shoulders and very wide hips. Sometimes they have a few extra pounds even if they aren’t fat by nature, but the only part of their body that spreads is the lower.

For this reason, a man of this category should draw the attention towards the upper part of the body (face, neck and chest): jackets with straps, a very colorful handkerchief in the breast pocket, lapel that catch the eye. The pant is suitable if straight, dark and not very wide.

Next steps and conclusion for choosing your wedding suits

Once you understand which of these categories you belong to, the choice of your wedding suits will be easier and will satisfy you more. Ottavio Nuccio Gala proposes more than 500 models, thousands of different combinations, and all of them can be made for each body shapes so far described.

Defects of yield of the suit may also due to a wrong position of the customer, to small increases or loss of weight (which, we would like to clarify, it would be better to avoid once bought the suit), to smallness in comparison to a tailor-made suit sewed for you.

Customers, mothers of customers, brides etc. must be guided by experts in the sector, and be more flexible, accommodating and understand the hard work that lies behind every single garment presented in our showroom we seek perfection for our grooms as much as you.

Barocco collection: unique wedding suits in the world

The wedding suits of our Barocco collection are our most precious jewel, they are the pearl of our production and, above all, matchless and unique garments.

The jackets of this collection are the now well-known Redingote. For those who still don’t know the origin, the Redingote was a very popular jacket in the mid-nineteenth century, from which also originate the model of the morning suit.

The difference between a Redingote jacket and a Morning suit jacket lies in the fact that the former is considerably shorter and less demanding; its so particular model (without tail) makes it suitable for any type of build and stature, because brings elegance and slims the figure of anyone is wearing it (as opposed to what many people think).

We propose these jackets in different styles, but today we will focus only on the Barocco collection, the most elaborate, fanciful and precious of all.

wedding suits

Our Barocco collection is inspired by the movies and games seen by our creative soul Mario Moreno when he was just an innocent child. Children are often fascinated by the figure of the heroes, princes or knights who fight with extreme dexterity and skill to save their princess and take her hand in marriage. Every child dreams of becoming a hero, and so it was for him too.

The heroes of Romantic age were vigorous and eccentric, always particular and impeccable in their dressing style. A mind so imaginative as that of Mario hasn’t done anything but carry the figure of those heroes in the present days, made ​​their style contemporary while maintaining the preciousness of their role and created some real modern heroes who still have the desire to crown their dream of love.

The fantasy of that child is then grown over the years and has become a real passion, not just a job, by gifting it to anyone who wants to make use of his talent in the most important day of her life.

Those who choose a suit of the Barocco collection doesn’t choose to wear a fashionable garment, but he chooses a feeling. You can’t create suits of this value unless you have a deep feeling in the soul, unless you are extremely creative and original.

Men who get married in this style not only want to say Yes to the woman of their life, but they want to do it in a way so that every detail of the princely wedding exudes passion. Marriages in Barocco style with these wedding suits are a reinterpretation of a fairy tale, they are a dream come true, lavish ceremonies full of magic.

Couples who choose this style are grooms who are never satisfied, they want the best for themselves and for their ladies, they have a strong taste. They don’t despise the pure elegance of a morning suit or a tuxedo, but still feel they want to dare more, they want to break out of the established patterns of a classic ceremony and turn into true principles in the most important day of their lives.

wedding suits

Not to forget, of course, that the choice of one of these suits is spot on only when the bride also wears a princely gown. If your bride has a more classic taste with smooth lines and a few precious details we of Ottavio Nuccio Gala will guide you towards Gentleman or Black Tien collections, for example.

You must always remember that a successful marriage is also due to the perfect combination between your suit and the bride’s one, to give an unique and balanced image. By experience we can say that the grooms who buy Barocco are the ones who have specifically requested it as soon as walked into the shop, because it’s such an original style that everyone who comes into the shop looking for a suit of this kind doesn’t look even by mistake other styles.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala want to satisfy these people from the soul so strong and sensitive and has created the Barocco collection for them. The clothes we’re talking about are embellished with details such as embroidery, trimmings, braid with crystals and much more; these details are in turn applied on special, exclusive fabrics of brocades effects that come from the oldest and most famous Italian and French textures.

ONGala Barocco wedding suits in the world

We are sure that these suits are worldwide appreciated because we had specific requests for this collection from all over the world; there have been customers who have asked via email a reseller of this collection in their country, and if sometimes, unfortunately, we couldn’t meet their needs, they decided to take a plane and come here, at our headquarters in Lucugnano di Tricase, in order to purchase one of our suits.

wedding suits

We have had clients who have come from far away countries from Italy, and we can assure you they went back home fully satisfied of their choices. These customers, as well as all the others who purchase the Barocco collection in our flagship store or through authorized resellers, are our strong point to be able to reach all countries of the world aware of the uniqueness of these suits.

We hope we can reach the most remote corners of the world with our collections, to give greater visibility to our creations, because we think they worth it, and because we know that nobody will remain unsatisfied after having a look at all the proposals.

We don’t mind the fact that many brands of our competitors attempt in vain to imitate us because we know that you will be able to distinguish an original creation by a draft at first glance. We take copies of the competition as a further source of honor and pride for this collection, such as when a younger brother tries to imitate the gestures of an older one because he admires him.

Soon we will publish all of our Barocco wedding suits 2015 collection… we will make you dream once again!


Wedding suits for men: the world of Bespoke

In men’s wedding suits world, as well as in that of classical non-formal suits, there are two different fields or markets: the product off the shelf and the customized or tailored one.

Every man has ever dreamed to be the protagonist of a classic scene from a movie in which you’re standing in front of a mirror with your new suit sewed just for you and the tailor is there admiring his opera and who puts the pins to sew the seam of the trousers.

The first impression that this man in front of a mirror gives the audience is not only that of a rich man, but also of an important man, confident, with a strong taste and a strong personality .. every man wants to be like him.

wedding suits

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to wear a bespoke suit? What does it change from wearing an off the shelf product?

We can give an answer to this question, trying to let you imagine the feelings that you could try, because Ottavio Nuccio Gala is specialized in Bespoke suits. But, first of all, what does Bespoke means?

In fashion, the expression ”Bespoke” is reserved for men’s dress ups that are designed and manufactured, individually and with a personal touch. In women’s fashion it is called “Haute Couture”, in contrast with the mass production “Prêt-à-porter”.


For an experienced specialist, it’s very easy to recognize a tailored suit from a suit produced off the shelf, but we know that nowaday’s marketing has confused most of the public, by publicizing companies as producers of men’s tailored wedding suits, while in reality it isn’t so.

Bespoke in ONGala’s wedding suits

With our Gentleman collection we aim to be part of that elite club of big brands (not known for their advertisement but for their quality) that differ from the rest, which are the excellence in dressing and in good taste. There are very few brands that are part of this club, but we have all it takes to be part of it.

We propose suits made by refined fabrics, dark colors but that they aren’t heavy, extra-fine wool which has been mixed with a touch of satin to give natural light; the 80% of the suits on the market are inspired to this kind of fabric but they are made of artificial fabrics, and if you look closely you will right away notice that the light they give is not the same…

wedding suits

We produce classic accessories like shirts, cufflinks, shoes, ties and others of flawless quality, which are perfectly coordinated with our suits and that may give you a hint of extreme elegance.

The marketing does nothing but suggest suits that are too simplistic and minimalist, because its aim is to please the majority of consumers … have you ever wondered if you just need to be pleased the day of your wedding? Why don’t you want the best for yourself? You can have much more than a simple 4-piece suit made all by the same artificial fabric… you just need to know how to choose!

If the Gentleman collection isn’t suitable for you, you can also choose a suit of our other 4 collections, because we managed to give a sartorial touch to each of them that will make you distinguish from all the guests and the witnesses of your marriage.

It’s the most important day of your life and you have to be the center of attention as much as your wife. With a bespoke suit you’ll feel perfectly at ease, you won’t be too awkward or hindered. When our customers get the fitting of their tailored suits make us compliments because it’s as if they had on them a second skin, and you can perfectly see the emotions they’re feeling in their eyes.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala has created a real industrial workshop, in which we are able to satisfy everyone who comes to us with a specific request; we produce all our suits and each one has its own special features for each customer.

wedding suits

It’s not also to leave out the fact that we have more than 500 different proposals, divided into various collections, and above all we would like to point out that these are all in stock in various combinations. Maybe for you readers may seem obvious that a producer has in the company everything  you have seen in the catalogs on on the website, but we can assure you that not all companies implement this policy, and they then end up to sell you the usual combinations now depopulated worldwide.

If you don’t have the knowledge or can’t dare to ask for a dress sewed especially for you, let yourself be guided by a counselor who thoroughly familiar with the argument; all of our sales managers have been accustomed to take care of each customer, to understand from the outset what he asked for, recommending him in the choice of his suit and ensure him to remain always satisfied.

Each of our sales manager is able to take your measurements accurately, because you can feel that the suit you have chosen fits you perfectly, makes you feel strong emotions and makes you feel like a real prince.

We try to never miss the essence of the moment, we won’t ever consider you as a “off the shelf” costumer, each of you will be welcomed in our company as if he had just been welcomed into a new family. All these small details are great lessons of life of our stylist Mario Moreno, who since childhood has been working in old Spanish dressmakers, and therefore he has learned all the tricks of the trade through the years.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, we are aware of our capabilities and we will guide you in choosing your wedding suits, we will introduce you to this beautiful and elegant world of Bespoke and you will be able too to appreciate a pure Made in Italy production, no longer deceived by an overly aggressive marketing.

By visiting our website you can better appreciate each creation, close your eyes and imagine it on you, with your specific measurements, designed especially for you to make you feel protagonists in such an important day. We can make you feel like that actor in the movie in front of the mirror … it’s a promise!

Wedding suit and celebration of wedding in the history

Marriage is one of the most ancient practices that have ever existed, always been rich in traditions and rituals that affect not only the wedding suit for the groom, the bride and the flowers; marriage is all along the right balance between magic, love, duties and traditions the sacrament which binds two souls forever.

Obviously, marriages have changed throughout history, both because the requirements of the couple are different, and because the society has evolved and therefore the matrimonial practices have been transformed. In this post I will explain the evolution of marriage throughout history, passing by the most important periods.

The first testimonies comes from Ancient Greece, where the marriage was celebrated only after the approval of her father of the bride, essential to its validity. Once you have obtained the approval of her father, the couple started to live together and organized a big party because, since there aren’t public offices, everyone had come to know of the wedding only by word of mouth.

Among the customs of that period: a purifying bath for the couple before the wedding, the propitiatory sacrifices to the gods by the father of the bride and a wedding procession after the two banquets at the houses of the couple that brought them to their new home.

With the advent of the Roman Empire change not only the social rules but also those concerning the celebration of marriage. At first, as in Greece, it was enough live together to ascertain that the marriage took place, but then with the spread of Roman law it was established the necessity of a rite of public importance.

The matrimonial formula “Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia” laid the woman under subjection toward her husband, and children born from the union were considered legitimate. The bride was dressed in white with an orange veil, while there is no news yet about the wedding suit for the groom.

Since the Romans were very superstitious, choose the date of the wedding was very important and it shouldn’t be prone to omens; very important is the law providing for the validity of marriage only in the case both were Roman citizens.

wedding suit

After the Romans, there were reports of wedding traditions in the Middle Ages, under the great influence of St. Augustine. The Christianization of the world had established the monogamy as foundation of marriage and the Justinian Code became the basis of jurisprudence.

The wedding was celebrated in a private way to the home of the bride and had value of contract signed by both spouses in the presence of a priest. With the decline of the Roman Empire the habit of signing a script disappeared, and from there they spread disproportionately the “rats” (abduction) of the brides, the divorces and the secret nuptials.

The low Middle Ages was marked by the Fourth Lateran Council, which officially laid down rules for the celebration of Christian marriage; From that moment on, the wedding between Christians became a sacrament, made ​​unbreakable even under civil effects, only workling after the public consent of the couple (to prevent the “rats” or forced marriages).

A very important innovation has been the imposition of a minimum age which prevented the wedding of little girls, and the imposition of invalidity of marriage in the case of violence, abduction or non-consummation.

wedding suit

Next step was the Protestant Reformation, which entrusted to the state registration and regulation of marriage with regard to countries that have supported the Protestant faith.

Meanwhile, in countries with Christian faith had spread the declarations of the Council of Trent, the celebration was only valid in the presence of a priest and witnesses, the marriage had to be registered in a log of the parish and cohabitation was not allowed outside of the wedding, to avoid illegitimate children.

The contemporary era was marked by the institution of civil marriage in 1875 by the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck; This event marked the final separation between Church and State, with the prevalence of civil unions, relegating Christian marriages in Germany to simple private ceremonies.

After the First World War, the world has changed, and so did the weddings. is the age in which they have spread divorces, children born outside of marriage, cohabitations and adulterers. The marriage has become a contract that can be interrupted by either party upon requestand no longer an unbreakable bond.

wedding suit

Among the innovations of the last century we have the equal treatment of men and women in marriage, the rights assigned to illegitimate children born out of wedlock, the punishment of the husband in the case of violence against his wife and the fact that property acquired after marriage become marital property, and not just of the husband.

Features common to the modern Western world are monogamy, the spread of divorce and the removal of forced marriages. In the East, however, polygamy is still permitted in some countries and the status of women remains that of a person subjected to the will of man, albeit with substantial progress compared to the past.

Evolutions of recent years: wedding suit and celebration.

The differences in liturgy and the importance that is given to marriage have changed not only in history, but also from generation to generation; meaningful changes can be found even among the wedding of our grandparents and those that are celebrated these days.

We will discuss shortly the evolution of the suits, as it’s the area in which our company Ottavio Nuccio Gala have more interest. The bride’s gown popular half a century ago it was white and very conspicuous, as if it has to establish a certain social status based on its magnitude, but now brides prefer simple dresses of any color, although white color continues to prevail.

The wedding suit for groom of the past was almost always a morning suit, also rented, which was worn even when the ceremonies were celebrated in the afternoon (and as mentioned often in our blog, the morning suit is only suitable for ceremonies in the morning); Now the grooms choose different types of wedding suit (morning suit, tuxedo, tailcoats, frock coat …), following only their personalities and their personal taste.

wedding suit

Modern weddings try to reinvent the rules, to make things easier, cheerful, full of color and fun; they try to get out of too setted up canons current in the past toward a union based only on love and its simplicity … a great evolution and revolution compared to ancient Greece, isn’t it?