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Wedding suits’ market: Exhibition in Milan

Last week, as already mentioned in previous posts, we attended Sì Sposa Italia Collezioni 2015 in Milan. The market for men’s wedding suits has dramatically changed and in this post we will make some reflections on how this field has evolved and the developments of recent years.

With no doubts, the participation in a global exhibition is always a good opportunity to meet worldwide manufacturers and retailers, to understand the new proposals and to highlight any gaps in your own production. You have to treasure every experience, even if the results have not been reflected the hopes that we had at the beginning.

Our booth had a small representation of all 5 collections, with red curtains, wooden panels and columns, an ancient table in the center, classical paintings and an imposing armor of the fifth century in the showcase to give that touch of luxury and elegance that our men’s wedding suits deserve. We wanted to stand out because we believe that our products don’t belong to the most widespread global supply of whom we shall discuss below.

Wedding suits

We will not analyze women’s market because it isn’t our expertise, but we have such a history and knowledge that we can make some considerations on the male market, how it was, how it is and how it is evolving into a period of extreme economic crisis . Let’s start by saying that there were 18 booths in the hallway dedicated to menswear, almost all with Italian names … not Italian, however, were the goods!

The textile sector is becoming more and more industrial, it has lost the originality and quality that distinguished it in the past and its production is becoming more and more massive in underdeveloped countries, emerging markets with an economy that always travels faster .

Men’s wedding suits all over the wordl

A few decades ago this situation arose in agriculture in the times of tobacco and olive oil, where the production has become more and more massive and less careful about the quality of the offered product; meanwhile it was developing the textile industry, with new ideas and innovations. Today, the textile industry has become what once was the farming sector, and the innovation is found almost exclusively in the field of technology.

We’re talking about products packaged and made with materials from underdeveloped countries, where labor is cheap and the quality of the fabrics is poor. Therefore, selling price is very low. The countries we are talking about are mainly Turkey, China, Tunisia and India, and an important consideration that we must make is about the number of people in these countries.

Population in these areas is growing at impressive levels, they are billions of people who work at low prices for more than 12 hours a day, sometimes in very bad conditions and with no human rights. What does it leads to? to a large number of suits produced per day, all identical.

Presence of market competition is always good for all competitors, because it encourages them to do better and to meet the costumer to gain a bigger share of the market; but in this area and with these prices you just created a too deep imbalance that has damaged many companies who work and produce in Italy. This is the situation: either you buy an imported good for about 250 Euros or you will choose a good paying its quality or advertising for 1200 Euros.

We must go back to evaluate a Made in Italy product for what it really is: a product of extreme excellence, which can’t be put in comparison with the mass-produced suits. In fact, unfortunately, walking through the hallway of the exhibition dedicated to menswear, the most evident thing was an extreme standardization of the product.

This situation is unsustainable in the most important trade show in the world in the field of ceremony, as it would be if that happened in Florence during the Pitti, excellence in menswear.

The real issue is that Italian producers have lost much of their creativity and originality, and in order to sell a greater number of garments have succumbed to compromises adapting their business to productions that were the most popular or who cost less.

The final result is an overly simplistic presentation of a 4-piece suit all the same, mimicking the proposals of the king of the ceremony. Fabrics and packaging in ceremony have become improper and mass production took power in the market, removing visibility and importance to excellence, that it doesn’t purport to achieve stratospheric numbers of selled garments, but who wants to be recognized as such.

Wedding suits

Putting together all these aspects (poor quality, mass production and little creative input), the situation has become extremely chaotic in the market of men’s wedding suits, both for companies and for consumers who are no longer able to understand and distinguish the Made in Italy goods from the improper ones.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala wants to show his faith in the ongoing to propose a pure Made ​​in Italy product, in which you don’t only look at the price, but to the quality / price ratio for further promote excellence of textile in the world.

We will always continue to produce 100% Made in Italy suits because we believe that there are people who wouldn’t be willing to buy a low quality product just to save money, or who wants to stand out from the mass without wearing the usual 4 pieces suit of the same fabric.

Wedding suits

Ceremony is not only based on that: there are morning suits, the tailcoats, tuxedos, beautiful Baroque style and much more. If a person has a strong taste and a strong personality, nothing can stop him from buying a product that fully reflects its needs.

Experience in Sì Sposa Italia Milano has opened our sights on a new reality, has made us more aware of what we are and the product that we introduce to market; The goal now is to move towards customers who know how to give value to our creations, because the greatest satisfaction comes from that.

Being real gentlemen with or without wedding suits

Nowadays, many men think that wearing a morning suit, a tuxedo or one of the many wedding suits in their wedding day is the best way to fulfill their duty of “knights” of their ladies; behave like a gentleman in your wedding day is definitely a beautiful custom, but many men have lost the habit of gallantry, they no longer have those daily attentions that should be reserved for a woman to make her feel more important, like a princess.

wedding suits

A man must be a gentleman every day, not only on their wedding day; and it is not about gender disparity, prevalence of men over women or sexism, but we must just accept the fact that men and women are different and complementary, and that taking care of the person that you have by your side, respecting and loving her forever, gives value to the relationship and to the people who belong to it.

Certainly the lack of gentlemen today is also due to the many women who have lost their femininity, both because of a society too careful to frivolous values​​, both because now many women want to reclaim their independence and superiority over men, never letting them to treat women as real ladies.

A man who knows how to take care of a woman, who defends her and protects her, is a man who exalts the femininity, not who despises it, and a woman who doens’t want to be courted or pampered by a man is a woman who has lost her femininity.

The world of today, as previously mentioned, seeks to portray men and women as humans without any difference; but wanting to appear as independent people has led us to be a society of selfish, self-centered and individualistic people. The game of seduction has been destroyed, giving way to cold and constructed feelings.

In previous posts we talked about how a gentleman must dress, focusing on wedding suits that are the highest expression of elegance; Today will talk about how a gentleman should behave, because the saying “All that glitters ain’t gold” can never be used in reference of you. You must be a gentleman inside and out, as regards clothes and manners.

A knight must always has a perfect image, he must has self-respect and self-love  but not get to be selfish and arrogant. Cavalry is also demonstrated with a great self-esteem, a good education and a nice way to interacting with people, never thinking of being superior to others, especially to a woman.

A perfect knight doesn’t do immoral acts and carries inside him some values that will never give up, because those make up its nature: honor, loyalty, trust and solidarity are just some of the traits of his personality.

He is very polite, always says “Thank you” and “Please” as many times as is necessary, always trying to be diplomatic with people and have the patience to be able to solve any kind of dispute.

A gentleman is a tolerant person, who always respects the ideas of others, and that if doesn’t agree with, he’s capable to strike up a fair and respectful discussion, but only pursuant to a deeper knowledge of the subject, never to assert his opinion in a despotic way.

He’s fascinated by the wisdom of older people, is careful to details and he doesn’t ever joke of the people who are suffering or those less fortunate, because he knows that we must always have respect for all.

Besides these characteristics that affect the attitude of a man towards others and towards society, there are also purely aesthetic aspects that should be respected, to have an image up to every situation: speak well, be clean, wear clothes and shoes not stained, trimmed beard, tidy hair, fresh breath and a fragrance not too far fetched.

Last but perhaps the most important aspect is the attitude that a gentleman should have against a woman, all the small details that will make you a very desired man, respected and imitated by everyone.

wedding suits

Behaviour to keep even without wearing wedding suits

A man must always be attentive to the needs of a woman:
he must takes her arm if she’s wearing heels;
he should never looks at other women because it’s stands for little respect for the lady who has at his side;
he must listens to her whenever she has the desire to share something;
he must walks on the outer side of the street during a walk;
he must provide her an umbrella in case of rain, even at the cost of getting wet to protect her.

And more:
always provide her a seat when you’re in a public place;
open the car door when you pick her up from home and when you bring her back home;
never talk for too long about themselves, diverting attention from what she would say;
submit it to friends and family not only as your girlfriend or wife, but also by pronouncing her name, to give value to her person;
open the door of a public club but let her go in and out before, because a man never gives his back to his woman;
always be on time because the habit of being late is of a person who wants to be waited and who wants more self-importance;
help the woman with her shopping, offering to carry parcels and envelopes that they could weigh.

Controversial is the opinion about letting the man paying dinners, movies, theater etc.. Some feminist currents think it’s disrespectful, because it puts the woman in distress, and she’s considered at a lower level; but we must consider the fact that for a man is just a gesture of pure courtesy, not an obligation, and therefore you should let them do it.

wedding suits

These are just some of the small details that a real man should have, but that are often not practiced for fear of being mistaken as submissive men or shyness. Wear wedding suits and look like a gentleman is easy, but be so every day, towards himself, your woman and the other is a task that requires a lot of attention, concentration and willpower.

Cavalry will never go out of fashion.

Wedding suits: how to choose your perfect one

If you are thinking of the date of your wedding or you’ve already decided when it will be, you can find here some helpful tips to help you in choosing your wedding suit.

When it’s time to choose among the various wedding suits don’t immediately think of wearing a classic morning suit and a waistcoat with a color matched to the bride’s gown, perhaps because, once worn, you may look ridiculous. Feel free to choose something that makes you feel at ease and that reflects your personality.

To see the video on Youtube click here: Wedding suits

First of all keep in mind when you will celebrate your wedding: if during the day or at night.

Remember that this is, in fact, the day of your wedding, non a graduation party or New Year’s eve, and you have to choose something appropriate for the event. Whether it’s a morning suit, a classic suit or a tuxedo, it must be a garment that fits to your personality, but that also fall within in your budget. The bride is always the focus of attention without forgetting that the protagonist are you too.

The web pages of Ottavio Nuccio Gala offering several choices in different collections, and the possibility of finding the appropriate wedding suit for you.

Buy it, don’t rent it …
Before doing anything, please stop, raise your left hand, put your right hand on your heart and repeat with me: “I won’t rent a morning suit for my wedding!”

The morning suit for rent are designed and sewed with the intention of adapting to satisfy every size and person, but fruitlessly. Even if the sellers are good and offer an impeccable service aimed to give you a perfect garment, I assure you that you will notice by so many details that the garment is rented, especially in the photos.

You will notice that the jacket is big, the sleeves too long, trousers with cuts that will surely be too long or even of a larger size. The models of jackets can never be updated and with details dating back to early last century.

There are no wedding suits that are “customized” or which are specially made ​​”for you” when you decide to rent a suit. When you wear a suit rented it is normal that itdoesn’t fit you as you would like.

There is nothing more grotesque and ridiculous than wearing wedding suits that someone else has already worn, especially if it is the day of your wedding. Honestly, and with all due respect, NO, because it is just a “I want to, but I can’t.”

Think it this way: your wedding is the perfect opportunity to buy a tuxedo, also tailored according to your needs, your taste and your personality, it will be a suit that you hold, then, for a lifetime.

Every man should have a suitable suit for important events, such as a job interview, an important business meeting, a gala event, or a special dinner. So, why , don’t invest your own money well and buy a suit perfectly suited to you and your marriage?

wedding suits

Wedding suits for men, the right size for you

Make sure that your morning suit, tuxedo or any kind of suit you can choose is of your size and that is the suit perfect for your body.

Several people want to lose weight before the wedding, trying to catch up one, sometimes even two sizes. Two months before the ceremony you must have reached the hypothetical ideal weight.

The suits too tight, that both the jacket or the trousers, cause an opposite effect to the one you want and make you look fatter especially in the photos. If the suit is too short it’ll look like it was “recycled”, perhaps from your older brother.

The emerging fashion designers are trying to convince us that the jacket should be worn tight with short trousers. The rules of morality tell us that the dress must dress the man. Whether you are a gentleman or a fashionable man, it is one thing to wear a suit very screwed, another story is to be bound and appear as if you were a “sausage”.


Once you’ve chosen your wedding suits , it’s important to personalize it with the accessories more appropriate for your wedding.

They could be a tie and a waistcoat other accessories such as the cylinder, stick, gloves, wristwatch, etc.. all aimed to the fact that your choice must reflects your personality. Apply a policy with respect for the “dress code” and abandon the hypothesis of the excuse “that is cool” or “this is very fashionable.” It’s your wedding, non that one of the people who give you advices.


Also think about them in the choice of your wedding suit and not force them to to dress with bad taste or very extravagant. Do not even get them to spend money for a mere whim or a fad.

Equally important is that everyone must respect the chosen styleIt should not be that the witness has a long dress and the mother of the bride instead a short one; that a witness wear the morning suit and the other a tuxedo; or, depending on the hour of the ceremony, that one is wearing a light-colored suit and the others are wearing dark colors.

It would be a wise choice and also very rewarding for the guests to be informed on the choice of the “dress code”. A perfect and appropriate look of bestmen and witnesses will greatly impact the overall appearance of the wedding, and it’ll demonstrate style, good taste and elegance with respect to the bride and groom.

Regardless of what you decide to wear, from the “dress code” of the ceremony, you just have to make sure that what you wear is reflecting your personality. Do not rent a morning suit, tuxedo and / or other suits just because it is imposed by the particular situation or because it must be so. It’s your wedding, so, you have to prove that you’re the most important person and the personal style of your wedding perfectly reflects your soul.

wedding suits

Visit our website, or contact our call center at the following number 0833 706 320. We will be able to help you to choose among the wedding suits the one perfect to your style and personality. In the most important day of your life together with your bride you will be in the spotlight.


Wedding suits’ market: Competitiveness and Strategy

The retailing of fashion in Italy and Spain is focused primarily on multi-brand retailing, which since the 80’s have lost much of their market share. In this market niche are also included companies and / or individual companies that sell wedding suits directly to the public in stores between 40 and 200 square meters.

The multi-brand market in Italy has entered a process of deep crisis and its influence in the fashion industry has halved in the last decade. If 20 years ago, the independent stores covered 70% of total sales in the industry, today their share is around 32%.

The Current Economic Crisis:

  • In Spain, between 2008 and 2012 were lost 46,300 jobs and 4,158 companies in textiles and clothing. Over the past six years have closed 12,600 multi-brand stores. In all, over the last four years, sales have decreased by 21%, and the latest National Institute of Statistics data provide 33 months of consecutive decline further.
  • In Italy, in 2012 there was a fall in consumer spending in the sector of textile and clothing trade by 8% to even 13% in traditional distribution. In fact, in 2012, 12,461 shops of clothing, footwear, accessories and textiles have closed down. Although the forecast for the next 2 years are not encouraging, this year took place an overtaking historical


What does the consumer think?

The consumer is fully aware of the economic situation we are going through: 53% of them believe that economy will not improve in the next 12 months. This means that 45% have changed their buying habits because of the crisis, so the 63% of people argues that we must contain the purchases. This is a fact constantly increasing given that in 2009 this value corresponded to 53% of people.

Currently, an average consumer allocates 16.9% of its income in clothing, while in 2008 this Value was 18.4%.

In this context, the flagship stores, a category in which there is Ottavio Nuccio Gala, manage to attract more and more customers and for the first time, in 2013, exceeded the market share that was previously allocated to the multi-brand channel.

Wedding suits for men: “online” Revolution or Evolution?

In 2012, in textile and clothing industry, “online” purchases only accounted for 1.2% of Italian sales and 1.4% of the Spanish one, but these numbers have doubled in just two years. About 2 million Italian users and 2.4 million Spanish users bought fashion via the Internet, 12.5% more than the previous year.

The online buyer of clothing buy an average of 6 garments a year through the network, spending a total of € 124.00, a 3.7% more than the previous year. The offline average expenditure of each Italian has dropped by almost 10% and 8% in Spain.

wedding suits

Women go shopping on the Internet more regularly than men, consult fashion websites several times and they spend more time on, while men end up buying more clothes on this channel: 40% of the garments bought on the Internet come from men, while women achieve only a 27% of purchases in the off-line channel.

Basically, there are two criteria to decide on the purchase of an item of fashion (including wedding suits):

  • As a definition of style, personality and identity of a person.
  • As necessity in a very precise moment of consumption like a wedding, an event or a special occasion.

To compete and being in step with consumers’ request, Ottavio Nuccio Gala establishes the following strategies:

  • A clear differentiation of patterns and styles in its five collections, the composition of the product and accessories, dealers and related services.
  • Respect for ethical values ​​of the brand: ways to produce, personalized dedication, professional service and flawless organization.
  • Anticipation of fashion trends, offering it to them ahead of the competition
  • Own identity of the shops, corporate image and customized marketing
  • Defined style, fair price, “staging” that changes frequently and tools for customer loyalty.
  • Punctual service and immediate delivery (VIP 48 hours)
  • Required differentiation in the quality of the product, its origin, consulting, modernization of the store and availability of time.
  • Exaltation of the authentic values ​​of excellence and dressing well
  • Positioning and selling over the internet

The multi-brand store is closing because, in broad terms, is not offering the experience that the consumer is looking for, something that the flagship is able to offer. Ottavio Nuccio Gala provides a different buying guide, more appreciated by the consumer, with the option to choose one of many personalized proposals. You can choose to receive your suit comfortably at home, perfectly packed, ironed and ready to be worn.

What does Ottavio Nuccio Gala offer:

  • Website: a platform as an element of communication with the customer and sales support, including e-commerce.
  • Social network: positioning to all the most important.
  • Internationalization: reaching customers on five continents
  • Dedicated attention and advice on the “dress code” by appointment and exclusive service
  • Specialization: huge choice of outfits for men, wedding suits and accessories for any type of wedding, event and special occasions.
  • Concept: noble quality product with recognized brand, professional “just in time” service
  • Location: Currently, in addition to the main office in Lucugnano, Tricase (Lecce) and 2 more boutiques in the city of Lecce and Bari, the brand has been present in Spain with three boutiques in Madrid, one in Valencia and soon there will be the inauguration of the new store in Seville.

wedding suits

Our aim is the total customer satisfaction in an unforgettable day in which he will wear with its own style and personality, not to be swayed by passing and inspired trends.

The service is originated by the customized paper-pattern and taking care of each customer’s taste, together with the high quality of the workmanship.

wedding suits

The passion for wedding suits combined with the professionalism of the sales staff, they make the perfect combination to provide an excellent service such as that one required in one of the most important days in the life of a man: that of his wedding.


Wedding suits: The tuxedo

The origin of the tuxedo goes back to the nineteenth century, when the British Knights wore this jacket “smoking jacket” for smoking, it wasn’t one the wedding suits. From here derives its name, though in English the same garment is also called “tuxedo”, “dinner jacket” or “black tie” (given by the color of the bow tie). The first tuxedo was tailored by Henry Poole & Co., in 1860 for the Prince of Wales of that period (the future King Henry VII) as clothing for informal ceremonies. A few years later, the American James Potter popularized this way of dressing in the United States among the members of the “Tuxedo Park Club” (since then his name is “tuxedo”).



The tuxedo is one of the wedding suits but it’s also a garment only suitable for evening ceremonies. Models can be of 3 different styles: with shawl lapels, peak lapels and double-breasted.

wedding suits
We can also see the classic night-gowns, widely used in the aristocracy in velvet fabrics with satin or grosgrain lapels, but today we’ll focus only on classical.

Double breasted tuxedo with velvet shawl lapel in grosgrain

In all 3 models, the jacket will be with lapels and covered buttons in satin or silk satin without holes. The pants will always have the wristband and the braid in silk satin, combined with the jacket and, most importantly, the wristband should be without belt loop, because you don’t ever wear it with a belt.

The fabrics par excellence for the pure Gentleman style, Collection Black Tie: wool-silk, satin wool “super 140 Filo”, light wool “super 120 Filo”, “New Performance” with “double twisted” wool-viscose, velvet and tartan in pure wool.

Colors: the black  is preferred and, if you want something special, white, dark blue or tartan in shades of green, blue and Scottish red (of course in case of tartan or white jacket, the trousers will always be black, with wristband and braid in black satin or silk satin).

wedding suitsYou have to know that elegance in clothing is also recognized by the choice of accessories, so it is very important to pay attention to all the details, because this makes you distinguish in elegance, education and lifestyle. Always keep in mind that “you are not a gentleman only if you wear a tuxedo, but a gentleman is used to wear a tuxedo.”

wedding suits

The shirt must always be in “double twisted” cotton with pique or pleated bib and pull-out cufflinks, “Shirt-Studs”, in order to better iron the shirt; Double cuff for cufflinks and the neck may be the classic French or diplomat one.


The cummerbund must have three or four lines, always pointing upwards: we can choose the classic black satin or a micro jacquard pattern in pure silk.

Cummerbunds in pure silk jacquard

The bowtie, if possible, should be tied, because you can see who wears it knotted artificially and this is a small detail that makes the difference for a true Gentleman.

The handkerchief, should preferably be in white linen.

The shoes will be in black patent leather and the most suitable models are: brogues, pumps and slippers.

Black suspenders, and long, black socks in silk or lisle thread.

And finally, as I said before, if you choose this type of wedding suits for your wedding day, you have to keep in mind that the ceremony should be celebrated in a cocktail style setting, in the evening, starting from 7 pm.

Proposal of tuxedo of our Black Tie collection.

wedding suits