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You can’t judge a book by its cover

In some occasions we are left to hear expressions such as “you can’t judge a book by its cover” in reference on how the outward appearance can draw deception. Despite everything, we prefer to say “picture is worth a thousand words.”

There is no doubt that the image of a person worth more than everything that is said or written about it, and it is always important for its presentation in society. In this regard, Mark Twain said, “A naked men have little or no influence on society.”

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The world is stimulated by perceptions based on stereotypes, particularly in the social sector, in work and in business. Stereotypes are ideas, true or false, right or wrong, but also very real, created to put the person at a certain social level.

It is a matter of “being and appearing”, of “form and substance”, in which the appearance and content go hand in hand and they must be guided and changed constantly. A bad image can affect your credibility, both in the workplace and in society. And while our personal image has little or nothing to deal with our skills, capabilities or intentions, we must pay particular attention, because the success or failure of our ability may depend on it.

The personal appearance is a set of resources, accessories and “external” behaviors  who serve to those who see us for categorize us in one way or another. Immediately comes to your mind the clothing, in fact, because it is one of the main resources for the projection of our image.

In recent years we discussed about the end of the tie, of the death of classic apparel (both smoking, tight or frac) and the triumph of streetwear. We are witnessing to a major change in the habits, encouraged and driven by public figures, celebrities, athletes, singers, etc.. they show themselves in public with their alternative style, even in “red carpet” events, marking the use of the tie and the suit as a piece of the past characterized by its rigidity and excessive formalism, rather than a sign of elegance and good taste.

wedding suit

The “Enclothed cognition”:

There is no doubt that, do not think about the suit would be very convenient, but, for example, is good for our work? In the workplace, the way of dressing has relevance insofar as it brings some improvements to the wearer, which can be lost if he dresses without getting attention. A new way of thinking ensures that the clothes we wear deeply affect our job performance.

In 2012, professors at Northwestern University (EEUU) Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky have defined, in a study that has taken their name then, the concept of Enclothed cognition to describe the systematic influence that clothing has on psychological processes on those who wear it.

The professors came to a conclusion: the clothes that we associate with a specific occupation mean that its wearers are more concentrated and more skillful in the work, without taking into account if they are professionals or not.

Adam and Galinsky came to say that the concept of enclothed cognition works in two ways: it depends both on the symbolic meaning we attach to clothing, both from physical experience that the clothes they had. “Clothing items invade body and brain, making the wearer feel a different psychological condition” this is what Galinsky provides in a report of the New York Times. The clothing is not only changing the way we behave, but in addition, it also changes the perception that others have of us.

In a study that has already become a best seller (carried out in the mid-90s), a professor of psychology at the University of Eastern Virginia, Tracy Morris, has found that competition, composure and level of knowledge are perceived with attributes that change enormously depending of clothing you are wearing.

It is not difficult to carry the study of Professor Morris also in other working environments: people who dress very casual in the office are always having a worse assessment by the managers or by other peers or, at least, it is more difficult for them to be respected .

wedding suit

The impact of your personal appearance:

Representation: We must always keep in mind that the image of a company is given by the people who work there, those which convert to its ambassadors and representatives who have the responsibility to transmit the credibility of the products or services they offer. For this reason personal image is an important form of respect and good manners in the workplace towards customers, directors and colleagues; but it is also a way to reflect the interest that you have towards your work or towards oneself.

Visual power: some studies have shown that 83% of the decisions we take are based on what we see, because the image, rather than an issue of vanity or superficial, is a fundamental part of the opinion of the people. Many studies of social communication have demonstrated the power of the visual channel in the interactions between humans, given that the visual cues are 3 to 5 times more powerful than auditory signals. Since that covers 90% of our body surface, the clothing has fundamental importance, especially when the people around us perceive our presence.

The first impression is the one that counts: it is established in the first few seconds, and so first impressions are powerful and they should not be underestimated. Looking at a person before speaking with, your mind is already trying to figure out what a possible conversation will bring to.

Using our personal experiences we are used to put people into categories: we find a feature that has value for us and we associate the person to that feature. If what you wear was the only thing to make yourself known, make sure that every item is sending the message that the situation demands.

The importance of colors and patterns:
colors and patterns are powerful; some keep our attention on, others accentuate our natural shades, others affect our emotions. For this reason we must first understand which are the shades that make us reach a positive result and which are not. Later, we have to choose the message we want to send. A man dressed in a blue pinstripe suit, a blue shirt with doublecuff, white collar and a red tie transmits power and authority. A man dressed in a brown suit, brown shirt and a tie light conveys confidence. Both men wear a suit, but they transmit two different messages.

Symbol of influence and authority:
many sports coaches wear the suit during the meetings for one reason only: because the world may identify them easily into “those who rule.” The formal dress, which has origins in military field, is designed to highlight the strength of a man. If it is well packaged and made with appropriate fabrics, it is a sign of authority and it draws attention. For example, the uniform of a police officer, the gallons of a general, the white coat of a doctor, are examples that make us understand the authority of the people in their field.

Positive image:

it is easier to have a good impression of a well-dressed man rather than the reverse. Usually, it is perceived as more intelligent, prepared or worthy of respect and admiration. We are in a world where everything is bought and sold, even if we are not fully conscious. Learn how to love you and to be able to sell your image. You must make sure that your gestures, verbal language, appearance and dress code properly talk about of your professionalism.

The effects of your personal appearance within yourself: clothing does not only change the way do others see us, but it also changes the way we see ourselves. A study done in 1994 directed by Professor Yoon-Hee Kwon, Northern Illinois University, has demonstrated how our clothing affects the assessment of our ability. Study participants who thought they were wearing the right clothing had a better perception of their competence, responsibility, professionalism or intelligence.

Mental transformation:

one of the powers of clothing is that it can transform mental status of a person. Gird you as a businessman and probably you will behave like a businessman. The effect is powerful; the most incredible thing is that few people practice it.

from Roman legions to the U.S. Marines, the greatest armies know that well-dressed soldiers have more discipline than scruffy militants. Inspections and military “magazines” are still relevant today not because military shiny boots are useful to win wars or because a perfectly ironed uniform is good to make the enemy fall in love, but because it instructs the soldier to take care of the details. And the details make the difference in a battle. Similarly, a person who dresses in an appropriate manner, learns the value of their own discipline. Learn how to plan and give proper time to your problems, to get the best results. This person is getting ready all day, anticipating his needs to take precedence over the challenges that might arise during the day. A person who dresses with discipline organizes its clothing in a way that meets his needs since he gets up in the morning until he go back to sleep in in the evening: hours at the office, meals and a few drinks after work.

Admiration and respect: dress properly takes time. The shirts should be perfectly ironedthe shoes should be polished and brushed jackets. For this reason it is necessary to respect the effort that each person employed in dressing. When you see a well-dressed man, you shall surely give more importance and give him more respect rather than criticize him for his impeccability, due only to your own insecurities.
you will do attention to the knot of his tie and appreciate the fact that it will cost 15 minutes and 5 attempts to do it. The mutual respect and admiration between two gentlemen occurs when both recognize the efforts of the other in getting dressed.

Other aspects of the image:

it doesn’t count only the image but also the body language and verbal one are important in workplace. It is not only important to dress properly, but also to treat others in an assertive way. All these aspects contribute to our positive image but also that one of the company we represent. Some basic tips that we must not forget to project a professional image of great outcome include:

Always pay attention to your personal hygiene: never neglect the appearance at the grassroots level; a person neglected in his personal hygiene is not the right person that a company want to hire and shows a gross negligence which may affect also in the workplace and in your career, such as the lack of interest or personal aspirations.

Pay attention to oral and written language: even what you say speaks for you, so avoid misspellings and/or drafting mistakes and always behaved in a courteous manner. A manager must be always able to communicate with fluency and propriety of language.

Pay attention to your outfit: it is important to be able to choose it according to commitments to the profession and the company you work for. You must maintain a formal , sober and elegant way to have more chances to be considered an expert in your field, since there is a direct and positive relationship between personal appearance and perception of quality of service provided. If you are not capable alone, seek help from a professional person who can advise you.

the team of Ottavio Nuccio Gala is able to help you in choosing your wedding suit, providing you a highly qualified staff.

Preparations for Collections of 2015, wedding suits

These days are really demanding for the team of Ottavio Nuccio Gala.

Our stylist Mario Moreno Moyano is preparing, along with his special coworkers, the whole new 2015 collection that will be present soon in the new catalogs which will be supplied all over the world. From next week we will begin to shoot and we will cooperate with a reputed professional photographer who will surely do justice to the beauty and peculiarities of our wedding suits .
The photo shoot will be set in two different locations: the first one is our beautiful company complex, an old factory properly restored , with gardens, a chimney 36 meters high, vaulted ceilings and typical stone of Lecce; The second location is a popular hall in the province of Lecce, Villa Zaira, a riot of nature, elegance and refinement for some really impressive outdoor photos.

Our poly functional hall has been transformed from showroom into a photo studio: we have a 20-meter catwalk on which our models will parade and from which we will obtain the close up photos and the full shots simulating a real fashion show. We have installed a powerful lighting system to ensure that stands out most of the precious details of each of our suit and you can get an idea as realistic as possible of the product that you will find in our stores when come to visit us.

We repropose our 5 famous collections, obviously with fabrics, embroidery, different combinations for always being one step ahead of the competition, and to keep up with fashion, but retaining the elegance that distinguishes us.

The elegance and pure classical style of our Gentleman collection is a must that we can not just give up; how closely our tights are designed allowed us to be known all over the world and this year we are pleased to resubmit them, always with more details in order to your requirements.

wedding suit

Diametrically opposed to Gentleman collection we have the luxury and refinement of our Black Tie collection, suitable for weddings and evening ceremonies, cocktail parties and gala events. The high-quality fabrics are available in strictly classical pairings for the most traditionalists, but also with multi-colored bow ties or cummerbunds for those who want to dare and not to go unnoticed.

The Fashion collection:
cutting-edge in terms of fabrics, always modern in combinations, which can reach a target group of customers every year wider. It is a collection appreciated because it proposes the classic suits for groom in a new version, to satisfy all those who want a traditional wedding without giving up a modern touch.

Within our Fashion collection, we have Fashion Color suits, already well described by the name was given to them by our designer. Color, color, color…2015 will be the time of rebirth, of strong colors, pastel tones, fanciful matching which make the wedding a romantic moment and funny at the same time.

Natural fibers that allow the groom not to feel the weight of a suit for the whole day, and which are also suitable for ceremonies in the garden or at the beach.

wedding suit

For every rock soul, this year you will again see the latest addition to our Emotion Collection; an aggressive, strong, of impact, full of metallic details and dark colors collection. The jackets  are red, blue, purple combined with black trousers that will make you look like grooms who know precisely what they want in their life.

You don’t have to be afraid to hide or disguise your spirit with a classic suit, that maybe doesn’t respresent you and your personality in the right way. Don’t worry, Ottavio Nuccio Gala has a collection created especially for you.

wedding suit

Last, but not least, the uniqueness, the beauty, the preciousness and value of our Baroque collection. Ottavio Nuccio Gala is the only brand that is recognized throughout the world for this collection: fine embroidery, Swarovski crystals and golden frogs are just some of the accessories that accompany the beautiful brocades fabric, or silks.

Also this style is suitable for those who have the opportunity to escape from everyday life that surrounds them, and who want to feel like true princes for a day.

wedding suit

These last 3 collections have been adapted and redesigned according to the last trends in the field of ceremony: the Hipster or Alternative weddings. They are more and more famous all over the world, they betray the traditional ceremony in Church with a celebration in gardens, beaches, public parks and allow the couple to get out of traditional rules to move towards more modern clothes, reused in other occasions but still elegant and unique in details, just as our Ottavio Nuccio Gala suits for groom.

Next week will be all dedicated to the needs of you customers, we will try to create outfits that will not disappoint you in any case, that will always guide you to the best and easy choice. We have more than 300 different models, you will surely find your own dress among them!

The team of Ottavio Nuccio Gala will also have another important event in the second half of May: we will be present with our stand at Si Sposa Italia – Fiera Milano. It is one of the most important national and international exhibitions in the field of the ceremony, which will be attended by buyers from all over the world.

The goal of our company is to be more present in foreign markets, taking advantage of the Made in Italy label that is always a guarantee of quality and safety.

It will be a challenging season, but we will always try to let you share in every news. There will be news in our blog each week, with posts dedicated to the backstage of our photo shoot, the preparation of departure for Milan, the stay in the capital of fashion and the final report of these beautiful experiences.

The suits for grooms are not just a detail of the ceremony, but they are a well established sector of fashion, dynamic and always totally innovative like any other piece of clothing. In the most important day of your life, choose a dress from Ottavio Nuccio Gala collections and you’ll have the assurance of being dressed in the best way possible, to accompany your bride worthily at the altar and always have wonderful memories of your wedding day.


The importance of the wedding suit and the nuptial protocol

Weddings, as it can not be otherwise, are full of symbols, traditions and must comply with a protocol of wedding suit. Traditions are quite varied: some tips on clothing of the bride and groom, how to enter in the church, the colors not to wear etc.. One of the fundamental traditions is the appointment of a best man, a very important role during the ceremony.

The role of the best man is not limited only to the day of wedding, but he should prove to be always available to help the bride and groom throughout the process of organization and development of the wedding. In addition to a practical aid, he should always give its support to the pair of newlyweds.


Obviously, this right belongs to the bride’s father, who accompanies her to the altar and handing her to the groom. It is, of course, a image figurative: the bride’s father agrees to no longer be the one who will always be ready to defend her and agree that it is the groom to have that role from now on. If for any reason the father of the bride can not be present, another member of the family can replace him.

The best man or Main Grossman must take the responsibility of bringing the bride to church on time, take her under his arm to the altar, hand it to the groom, guard the rings that pageboy or bridesmaids take to the spouses and at the end of the religious rite, is the one who asks the bride’s mother to accompany her under his arm across the aisle together.

According to tradition, before the beginning of the banquet, the best man must do the first toast and say a little speech beforehand prepared, to break the ice and establish a cheerful and festive ambient.

The best man must ensure that there will be a nice atmosphere throughout the reception, strike up conversations with the guests so that everyone feels welcome and at ease; This task can be accomplished by making small touches such as, for example, offering cigarettes or cigars, aided by the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

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In many countries, there is the tradition of choosing the knights of honor or groomsmen, a habit that comes from the tradition of helping the groom in the rapture of his girlfriend to marry her.

In ancient times, it was usually the abduction or abduction of women from other tribes that led to frequent fights, and for this the groom was in need of protection.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the habit of signing an act to legalize the marriage was gradually disappearing and then arose the need to have witnesses who could confirm the presence of the union. The knights of honor undertook to witness the marriage and then were converted into Groomsmen (USA), Usher (UK), or testimoni dello sposo (Italy).

The groomsmen have the same responsibilities and functions of the bridesmaids, and they must be of an equal number for each part.

Usually they are the brothers, relatives or close friends of the groom who help him in the organization and participating in the farewell party. This role stretches from the day of their appointment until the ceremony, so for those months is as if they become real bodyguards and protectors of the groom. On the wedding day they have the duty to settle guests in the church and to give them attentions during the reception. As previously mentioned, they also help the best man by handing out small gifts.

the best man should behave like a real organizer of the ceremony and the groom’s personal assistant, as well as will make the maid of honor.

wedding suit

Best man and witnesses suits in harmony with the groom’s wedding suit

The clothing of the best man, of the groom’s father, brothers and witnesses friends must be in line with the style of the wedding suit of the groom, which in turn must be coordinated with the type of dress of the bride (she prescribe the general pattern of the wedding all the time).

So, for example, if the bride’s gown is formal, elegant and refined so must be the wedding suit of the groom, the suits of the couple’s fathers and those of the witnesses who will make the wedding procession.

Starting from the style of the groom, best man and witnesses will have to adapt by following a few rules:

– If the groom is wearing a morning suit (day) or a (evening): all the guests mentioned above will have to get dressed, respectively, with a morning suite or a tail.

– If the groom wears a redingote (day) or a tuxedo (evening): in this case we must follow the dress code and dress the same way as the groom.

– For the remaining options, and / or unless otherwise specified, the witnesses and the best man and the other guests too have freedom of choice of the suit.

The golden rule is that as much the best man and the groomsmen should be as elegant as the groom and have the boutonier (flagship) and the handkerchief in the breast pocket of the jacket to stand out from the rest of the guests and provide some uniformity to the male part of the wedding procession.

They have the privilege of being able to choose different accessories, of course they have to be matched to the color of the tie or handkerchief, but not forgetting to follow the rules laid out by the bride and the groom.

wedding suit


A small nod for the female protagonists of the wedding procession: the bridesmaids. As well as the groomsmen, bridesmaids should also assist the bride both in the preparation of the wedding, and during the day of the ceremony and the reception.

They begin to fulfill their duties accompanying the bride in the various workshops, advising her in the choice of the dress, celebrating with her her bachelorette party and avoiding her to be stressed too much in the organization.

On the day of the ceremony, the bridesmaids should assist the bride from the morning. The bridesmaids have the task of accompanying the bride to the hairdresser, help her to wear the dress, fix the train before she enters in the church and always carry in their handbag everything she could need, from makeup to hair accessories.

During the reception, they play for most of the same functions that have the groomsmen, entertaining guests and keeping a joyful atmosphere.

These are the most important figures who will join the bride and groom on their special day, and as such they must comply with all requests made by the couple. Do not follow the dress code suggested by the couple means not fulfill their desires and, in this way, you are likely to ruin a happy day in which the bride and groom must be the protagonists.