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The Dandy: “Living and sleeping in front of a mirror”

The Dandy and the Wedding Suits

Dandyism is a behavior spread during the English Regency and French Restoration. Right the dandies, they flaunt elegance of manners and elegance in way of dressing, characterized by forms of exaggerated individualism, ironic detachment from reality and rejection towards bourgeois mediocrity. This behavior greatly affected the cultural movements of the nineteenth century, and in particular on the Decadent. Charles Baudelaire, poet of the nineteenth century, said: “The dandy must aspire to be sublime without interruption; he must live and sleep before a mirror”.

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The dandy was born in cultural and aesthetic restlessness, in the dawn of Romanticism, making of his own identity the greatest work of art. “Beau” Brummel (the beautiful), English dandy and the first true gentleman, he argued that male dress had to become the second skin of every gentleman who aspired to differentiate itself from vulgar. The details and style, his religion.

In Italian, the dandy is who, in clothing and in behavior, flaunt sophistication and elegance. Urban, sophisticated and well educated, is a professional liberal with academic training. A dandy is a person who dresses in a dissident way, that is, with good quality clothes, but never like everybody else.

He introduces particular elements in his way of dressing, that can attract attention, always with the elegant mood, but at the same time that stand out from the others. He has a great knowledge of fashion, comes from the middle class and has a strong personality, it also answers snooty, keeping haughty attitudes or being directly polemicist, with arrogance and even with acts of rudeness.

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Clothing has always been an important element for humans, not only to protect themselves from bad weather, but because it is a sign of a certain social status. Being a dandy is not just dressing in a flashy way and having too flashy attitudes, but you might  have the ability to arouse admiration and instill the desire of imitation in the rest of the people, including the upper classes.

Knowing how to dress well, goes from being a condition imposed on the social class of each, to be an example of knowledge and individual taste. Most of them, covetously guards the source of their clothes, shoes, sticks or handkerchiefs as a barrier for those who want to imitate them.

A dandy, not only knows how to match and choose the best for his image, he is also aware of all these trends and changes, and not only for clothing, but also in behavior.

This worry for apparel also tries to place them in a particular top-level group, the one of the connoisseurs, and for this reason, they are precursors of trends of the street that, later, they will be imitated and followed by large companies and famous brands. A dandy deals with the masses with his unconventionality: surreal mustaches, hats that become containers of endless imaginary worlds, silk bow tie for the nights of literary debates, alcohol and cigarettes.

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