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Wedding Suits: The rise of Hipster weddings

Nowadays, we can see a multitude of couples styles and wedding styles and without doubt, one of the most fashionable styles is the one of the wedding suits and “Hipster” or “Alternative” wedding.

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Within this Hipster style, we can differentiate three groups:

1. Inspiration Hippy and Vintage

wedding suit for men

2. Inspiration Rock’n’Roll and Pin up

groom suit

3. Inspiration Victorian and Gothic

wedding suit for men

To understand a bit this new style and to know its origin, we will have to go back to the 40’s. The word “hipster”, comes from the word “hip” that was used by the jazz-musicians during that time to describe to everyone that was a connoisseur of the emerging Afro-American subculture, which included to know about jazz. The members of this subculture were called “hepcats”, a term that later transformed into the word “hipster”.

wedding suit

The hipsterism adopts the elements from all the alternative movements from after War times (beatnik, hippie, punk, post-punk and grunge) and assimilate them like fetiches, even though in reality, they don’t bring anything authentic or innovative.

The hipster or hypster culture, is a subculture that is associated to the music and the independent cinema, which is characterized by a wide sensitivity, far away from the cultural and predominant streams (mainstream) and aim at an “underground” lifestyle.

They openly display a tendency toward “anti-fashion” and of being “bohemian”, between the ones rooted in the middle and upper classes, composed of young people between 18 and 34, primarily white, that proceed and escape from districts or suburbs of wealthy classes, to live in lower level classes, but more urban, in the center of the city, being insecure about their future social status.

They practice skateboarding and other urban sports, their clothing is second hand and is taken from sales of stock or street markets. One of the most distinctive features of male is to have a beard more or less trimmed and very characteristic haircuts.

They have tattoos on their body and wear tight pants, big heavy glasses that they don’t need. We can also say that metro sexuality is the hipster of appropriation of gay culture, as a feature that was left from the “emo” phase.

They mainly eat organic food, they drink local beer and they listen to the public radio. They go to culture cafés, small bars or cozy restaurants and they work in creative, human and technological sectors.

They speak their own language or the “hipster jargon”, like a slang or humming that is designed to be separate from others, people that don’t have a strict daily routine, but with a special spirituality and a general taste for intellectual search, with ironic appreciation of the lower classes and the subculture.

They avoid labels and being labeled, however, they all dress and act in the same way, though its members think they are not hipster and the conform in their non-conformity towards “vintage look”, corny, meticulously maintained and iconic.

They do not seem to subscribe to any particular philosophy or politics. They are seeking the aesthetic discrimination, a symbolic demarcation and proclaim their individual sovereignty, notions that are “appropriate” for the “indie” movement.

Picking up the beginning of our topic, wedding suits, the ones known as “Hipster Weddings”, are couples that are looking for a funny wedding, lighthearted and completely out of wedding protocols and tags, full of color and illusion, and celebrated surrounded by close family members and everlasting friends.

wedding suit

Within the hipster taste, we can see three styles much alike for the fact that they all are out of the protocols of a conventional wedding, but much more different in style and personality:

Characteristics of a “Hipster Wedding with the taste of Hippy and Vintage”:

1. The wedding will be celebrated in a ambiance generally in the open air on the countryside, in a garden or on the beach.

groom suit

2. The bride will wear a dress in retro or bohemian style, made out of fabrics with laces and embroideries. An antique veil with small hair accessories, a crown of fresh flowers or a hair accessory in “birdcage” style but very discreet.

wedding suit

3. In this occasion, the perfect wedding suit, would be one of the Fashion Color Collection. Wedding Suits in pastel tones and in very light qualities like cotton or linen, coordinated with bow ties, suspenders and colored socks that will give a very funny touch to a wedding in a romantic style that in inspired by the 60’s and 70’s.

wedding suits

A good example of this wedding style is the one celebrated by the top model Kate Moss and her husband, the musician Jamie Hince.

wedding suit

Characteristics of a “Hipster Wedding with the taste Rock and Pin up”:

1. The wedding will be celebrated in a location where everything is inspired by the Rock’n’roll world.

groom suit

2. The bride, mosf of the time, will wear a dress and accessories in a “Pin up” style.

wedding suit

3. In this occasion, the perfect wedding suit would be from the Emotion Collection. Suits inspired by the Rock’n’roll world with an urban touch, coordinated with metallic accessories like studs and chains that customize a very bold look and that remind us of the Rockabilly style of Elvis Presley or James Dean.

wedding suits

We show you a good example of a wedding couple with this Rock and Pin up style.

groom suit

Characteristics of a “Hipster Wedding with the taste Victorian or Gothic”:

1. The wedding will be celebrated in a hall or in a palace inspired by and decorated in Gothic or Victorian style.

wedding suit

2. The bride, in most cases, will choose an airy dress, with corset, in dark tones like bordeaux, purple and also black, however, we can also see brides in white with details inspired by the Victorian or Gothic taste.

wedding suit

3. In this case, the perfect wedding suit would be from the Gothic Collection. Suits and redingotes inspired by the Gothic and Victorian ages, with exclusive fabrics, brocades and pure silk jacquard with embroideries and metallic details like skulls and dragons, inspired by the ages of legendary heroes. Shirts and ties with exclusive embroideries that make this collection be something really emotional and completely different for a couple that has an alternative style.

A good example of this wedding style would be the wedding between the singer Avril Lavigne and the front man of the Nickelback group, Chad Kroeger.

wedding suits

No matter what style you have, Ottavio Nuccio Gala with their Collections, covers all the possibilities, depending on the style of ceremony and the personality of the couple.

Come and visit one of our exclusive ON Gala stores and enter our online shop, and discover all the possibilities that the collections of Ottavio Nuccio Gala offer you, with a customized bespoke service and a professional team that will assist you when choosing the wedding suit most appropriate to your personality, guaranteeing the experience of a great service and the quality of the real Made in Italy.

Wedding Suit: The Guide For The Choice Of The Groom Suit

One of the most important things to make the dream of a couple become true for the day of their wedding, is the choice of the groom suit. The celebration of the wedding lasts less than a day, but the photos will be an unforgettable remembrance for the entire life.

Often, you can find many catalogues for brides with different styles, formats and prices from where the bride can choose the ideal model; magazines that offer the adequate accessories, the perfect hair style or the special make up. However, only few times one pays due attention to the groom suit, the other side that plays a role, that is apparently invisible during the ceremony.

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The question arises why such scarce interest is paid to the choice of the groom suit and the accessories. It seems that any clothing is suitable. There is the habit to say that “for men (groom) it is much simpler”. On the other side there is an absolute lack of knowledge of what the invited guests should wear, according to the type and the moment of the ceremony. Definitely, little is known about the dress code for a wedding by both the groom and the invited guests.

The groom suit will have to be impeccable like the dress of the bride, this is why the choice of the groom suit, together with the attention for the entire image at the day of the wedding, are fundamental to feel special and to remember the emotion of that day every time that one is looking at the photo album.

This choice might seem to be easy, but it is not; on a market that is full of different brands that are well known or less known, the confusion can mislead the appearance. For this reason, I suggest not to strictly look at the price, even if it is a simple suit. The groom that is believed to have the duty to let the bride be the main character, doesn’t have to appear as a extra participant at the wedding scene, but he has to be the Knight of the princess who he is getting married with.

To find the perfect groom suit, first of all one has to know what style is the best suitable for his personality and also the time and the place when and where the ceremony will be celebrated have to be considered.

For a ceremony in the morning that is celebrated in a church, the family has a classical, conservative and traditional taste, the most appropriate model is the morning dress. What is very important to take into consideration that in case we choose the classical morning dress, is that the family members and the closest friends should accompany the groom also wearing a morning dress.

wedding suit

But on the contrary if you are looking for the style of the morning dress but without being bound to the strict protocol, the perfect model would be the “monochrome morning dress”, always within the canons of the “morning dress code”. In this case, the family members and friends could participate at the wedding wearing a classical suit.

wedding suit

Wedding Suit: Gentleman Collection

For a civil wedding in the morning with a classical and traditional taste, the most appropriate would be a classical suit. In this case we could opt a suit with 3 pieces with a great tie in pure silk jacquard or even for a touch of noblesse, play with a waistcoat in pure silk jacquard with micro-pattern and a tie in the same tone.

wedding suit for mengroom suit

For a wedding in the evening that will be celebrated in a cocktail ambiance, the suitable model would be the tuxedo. The most appropriate would be that the family members and closest friends, accompany the groom also wearing a tuxedo. We can choose amongst the models with shawl-collar or peak lapel, or the double breasted model. In this case, it is important to know that if you choose this model, the jacket has to be worm always buttoned up, even when you are seated. Black Tie Collection

wedding suit for menwedding suitgroom suit

For a wedding in a traditional style, where the groom would like to give a contemporary touch, being in the morning or in the evening, in a church or in civil, a model of the Fashion Collection would be the most appropriate. We could choose amongst a suit with one or two buttons or a frockcoat model that is inspired by the classical redingote, an exclusive wedding suit model by Ottavio Nuccio Gala. Matching with 3 pieces with double breasted waistcoat and an ascot or a tie in pure silk jacquard, or to give a British touch, a waistcoat in pure silk jacquard coordinated with the accessory in satin in the same tone.

wedding suit 3 pieceswedding suit for men*We suggest to avoid the banality of a suit of 4 pieces all the same made out of the same fabric.

For an amusing wedding in a “hippy” style, also known as “Hipster Weddings” and very fashionable at the moment, celebrated in a garden, on the countryside or even on the beach, with the closest family members and the everlasting friends, the perfect wedding suit would be from the Fashion Color Collection.

wedding suitwedding suit for mengroom suit

Suits in pastel tones and in very light qualities like cotton or linen, coordinated with bow ties, suspenders and colored socks that will give a very funny touch to a wedding in a romantic style that in inspired by the 60’s and 70’s.

For a wedding that will be celebrated in the evening, in an ambiance with music and a lot of fashion, where the groom is a man that likes to dress according to the latest trends and that for this day is looking for a suit that gives him emotions, the most appropriate would be Emotion Collection. Super fashion suits with details like embroideries, studs and accessories that make an amazing personal look without being extravagant.

wedding suitwedding suit for men

If the bride and the groom want to feel like princess and prince for one day and enjoy a wedding full of fantasy and romance, the Barocco Collection would be the most appropriate. The wedding can be in the morning or in the evening, in a church or in civil in a castle or in a palace in baroque style. Unique and exclusive models worldwide, inspired by the ages of enchantment. Redingotes made out of exclusive fabrics, brocades and pure silk jacquard, embroideries, precious handmade details and perfectly matching accessories with the taste and the fantasy that such a romantic and legendary collection requires.

wedding suit for men

For a wedding in gothic style that is celebrated in the evening in a palace or in a church in gothic style, the Gothic Collection is the most appropriate for a groom that is looking for a suit that corresponds to his personality. Redingotes and jackets in dark tones with precious details and handmade embroideries, always inspired by the ages of legendary warriors and designed in harmony to make the dream of a couple become true and make them catch the eyes of everyone.

groom suit

Ottavio Nuccio Gala, offers you all the wedding suit models of the Collections: Gentleman, Black Tie, Fashion, Emotion, Barocco or Gothic custom made, and guarantees the experience of the service and the quality of the real Made in Italy.

The real meaning of elegance

What does elegance really mean and why are there only a few men that bear it in mind day by day?

The truth is that when looking for the real significance of the word elegance, especially nowadays, is not that simple. The adjective elegant is the equivalent of charisma and class, noblesse and modesty, good taste and distinction, but it seems that men of nowadays do not have any knowledge how to dress for a formal event and only have the knowledge of the informal. This makes us think that in past times what was representative for our fathers and our grand-fathers to wear a good custom made suit, a shirt with a starched collar and a great tie, nowadays is getting lost and the great majority of men of nowadays do it only to cover themselves up and not to dress themselves.

In other occasions we have said how important it is to thoroughly pay attention to the proper image, this is why today we insist to pick up and recuperate the values of the good taste and the impeccable clothing. To have the knowledge how to dress in every moment and for every event has much more importance from what is thought. We often see on red carpets of the worldwide most important festivals from the show business like movies or the music, men that dress in an inappropriate style and completely out of place. Nobody pays attention to elegance, for such a glamorous night, it is indispensable to wear a great tuxedo with a bow tie and a cummerbund or if you want to give a touch of extravagance it should come out of your personality and not out of lack of knowledge. It is clear that to achieve to wear a tuxedo or a classical suit in an impeccable way, it is necessary to exercise the elegance, by following some indispensable rules and that not everything is valid.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala, with the collections Gentleman and Black Tie, aims at an elegant style with luxurious suits and tuxedos that are manufactured of high quality fabrics, offering to the customers a service of excellence and individuality with professionals that will give advice on the values and the rules of impeccable dressing that are appropriate for the moment and the place.

Classical suit from Ottavio Nuccio Gala Gentleman Collection

Suit in pure satin wool
Suit, dark grey, in pure extra satin wool

How to tie a bow tie?

Practical example how to tie a bow tie in a simple way.

Steps to be followed:

1.- Put the bow tie around your neck, one side is longer than the other.

2.- Cross the longer side over the shorter side.

3.- Pass the longer side upwards underneath the knot.

4.- Form a loop by folding horizontally the shorter side.

5 y 6. – Fold the longer side over the front side of the obtained knot.

7.- Pull the longer side and pass it above from the back of the fold through the loop.

8.- Finally adjust the knot by pulling the two sides and tie them up till the bow tie has a symmetric form and is fixed.

How to tie a bow tie
How to tie a bow tie

The Tailcoat

The tailcoat is a suit for men for formal events that should be preferably worn in the evening, like the tuxedo. One of the most famous events where a tailcoat is worn, is at the ceremony for Nobel prices, other possible events are at Embassies, States dinners, coronations and theatre premières.


At the beginning, the tailcoat was not a formal suit for ceremonies, in fact it was created at the end of the 18th Century in England as a comfortable suit for the countryside, and was much different from how you see it today. The tailcoat was perfected at the beginning of the 1.800’s by Lord Brumell, who declared it the most elegant suit of all centuries. It kept being a common suit until the end of the Century.

Lord Brummel

In 1.900, the tailcoat was ever since transformed into an evening suit, together with the tuxedo. After the World War II it became more and more a typical symbol of the members of the Court and of the participants at receptions or evening shows of great class and today it plays the role of an evening suit for men at the highest level.

Vien Vals

Characteristics and accessories of the model:

  1. The jacket is black with revers in satin or silk and has the typical “swallow-tails”. It is short at the waist and it has the particularity that it doesn’t need to be buttoned up. On each side it has one row of three buttons.
  2.  The trousers are black with double-wide satin stripes at each side (satin stripes that run along the external side of the trousers leg).
  3.  The waistcoat, that is absolutely mandatory, can be with one row of three buttons or double breasted with six buttons, normally it is in white piqué.
  4.  The shirt is always in “double twisted” cotton with piqué or pleated bosom, in pure cotton gala with Dress-Studs, to iron the shirt well; double cuffs for cufflinks and the collar can be spread or wing collar.
  5. The bow tie, in white piqué like the waistcoat, is one of the main characteristics of the tailcoat. The bow tie needs to be rigorously tied by hand and never pre-tied.
  6.  The handkerchief has to be preferably in white linen.
  7.  The suspenders in black and the socks, up to the knees, in black, in silk or Scottish yarn.
  8.  The shoes are always in black patent leather, model Oxford.

Tailcoat from the Ottavio Nuccio Gala Black Tie Collection

Classical Tailcoat
Classic Tailcoat, black, in pure wool (WV)