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Velvet revolution: usefulness of velvet in groom suits

When you think at velvet the first word that comes to mind is softness, a fabric pleasant to touch that you does not ever would stop petting. Groom suits made of this fabric are masterpieces in sophistication, elegance and sweetness.


groom suits


The origins of velvet are uncertain: some say that his homeland is India, those who opt for Persia and who for China. Whatever his homeland is, the velvet is a fabric that since the thirteenth century is raging in the most important families of each nation, a symbol of luxury and preciousness.

Just think of Italy of the sixteenth century and the courts of Gonzaga and Medici where constantly arrived tons of velvet that were used to make clothes and for furniture; Another velvet-addicted in history was Napoleon, who on the day of the coronation wore a cloak of green velvet of the most rich and sumptuous that the world have ever seen.

If we think of modern times, however, the snapshot of Tom Kelleys portraying Marilyn Monroe naked on a red velvet cloth is really famous or Madonna on a tour of the 90’s who was fully dressed in velvet designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. So many the examples can be, and all confirm that velvet is always one of the most requested fabrics by those who want to be noticed and by those who understand its real value.

Velvet is the fabric that lines the armchairs of the most important and richest men in the world. A sentence may well enclose the collective imagination: “Where there is power there is Velvetand, in fact, it has been loved and flaunted by popes, emperors and queens throughout history until the present day.

Groom suits which we will discuss in this article are suitable for people who identify a bit in this royal” category, who know they have a much more refined taste of the popular one: we will call them “people of velvet.”



People of velvetis soft, light, iridescent, strong, sensitive, which is inspired from the glorious past and reinterprets at best it in his present; Velvet is a fabric that brings an aura of mystery with it, which already in itself seems precious, but this preciousness can be appreciated through-and-through only  once caressed.



Despite the group of people described appears to be very small, actually the fabric involved is highly polyhedral; velvet can represent different styles: from Napoleonic to the eastern one, from haute couture to the rock side.

In purely industrial and technical level, there are three types of velvet: that of wool, silk and cotton; the most common is the third type, from which are realized different embroidered velvets ranging from the micro velvet to the jacquard, from chenille to Devoré, and each different manufacturing will never lose its elegance and preciousness.

On the front side velvet has a thick fur (if the velvet is cut or joined) or a series of tiny wire rings (if the velvet is curly) and its name comes from the Latin vellus, which refers to the fleece of sheep; this name is representative of the thermal quality of this fabric, capable of heating even in the coldest winter days.

In industrial looms is produced with very thin yarns and using two warps and one plot: a big warp for the base and a warp of fur.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala and its “Velvet revolution”

The versatility of velvet and its many interpretive keys were perfectly represented by Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, in 2015 collections. Velvet suits of the brands are in Black Tie and Emotion collections, antithetical par excellence and yet so close thanks to the use of the same fabric.

In Black Tie collection we find suits, even three pieces, in velvet with black satin lapels in contrast; colors vary: black, purple, dark green all suitable for gala ceremonies, civil wedding or luxury events and for the red carpet. Accessories are eccentric but without losing the elegance that distinguishes the collection. Colors never exceed, but give that touch of style needed for those who choose to wear a so special fabric.


groom suits

In Emotion collection, however, we do not find the complete suit but only dinner jackets of two types: simple velvet or wrinkled velvet. The jackets in simple velvet are combined with black pants and shirts with wing collar and ruffles on placket that, at first glance, seem very classic but the touch of genius is given by metallic accessories.


groom suits



Belts with customized ON buckles, pins, chains and liners with skulls that make the style extremely strong and of distinct taste. The dinner jackets in wrinkled velvet, instead, are combined with composè of shirt, cummerbund and tie in lurex with embroidery to give an idea of luxury and opulence for a man who is not afraid to dare.


Last jewel of the creations of Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, are the shoes: the velvet slipper with embroidery are the icing on the cake to top it all. Already in itself the slipper model is seen as the most used by men of high society; if realized in velvet, then, it adds preciousness to the accessory.


The Velvet Revolution“, the radical and innovative revolution but without violence, it is not only the historical one of 1989, but it can also be that one which took place in recent years in the field of groom suits. The velvet is back in vogue gentlemen, now more than ever.

Men’s Suits for special occasions: festive dress!

We are in mid-November and in just over a month it will be Christmas time. Everyone should already be in search of their men’s suits for special occasions, allowing themselves some whim more because you know…around Christmas time everyone is good!

The period covering last two weeks of December and first week of January is always the most fascinating in the world: is full of traditions and customs that vary depending on the continent, religion, personal taste and so on.

No matter where you are, and at what party you’ll have to take part because Christmas season is always a symbol of elegance and fantasy, a period in which every man can express the his essence of gentleman and feel important.

Christmas atmosphere has always been a symbol of joy, happiness, sharing, satisfaction and any other noun synonym of peace and prosperity. Too often, however, we focus our attention only on some details of the ceremonial, and more and more often man does not care too much his image, with the risk of being the only one left a bit in the background.

Christmas holidays are not just a synonym for great banquets full of every kind of food or dance parties in large luxury halls, but they represent an opportunity so that we can wear men’s suits for special occasions worth mentioning.

The choice is wide so that everyone can better express his personality, but in most cases Christmas time is marked by the use of dinner jackets and tuxedos, elegance par excellence in the world.



The expression “Festive Dress” is spreading in America, although many people still is wondering on what is the correct meaning to be given to these two words. At the moment when you receive an invitation to a party that requires a “Festive Dress”, what should you wear?

This post wants to propose the aim of bringing the attention back to men’s dress code for Christmas, because too often we think about creating a perfect scenary and we take no notice of right the most important thing: ourselves.

“Festive Dress” is a way as any to ensure that the guests do at least a minimal effort to take care of their look and leave everyone a good impression of the party. Unlike the classic Black Tie”, which has very precise rules and leaves little room for imagination, the “Festive Dress” enables man to express his personality.

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, suggest you to live Christmas holidays as an opportunity to spend some time to themselves, to satisfy the whims of style and participate in major parties without ever feeling inadequate.

There are a thousand ways to be properly dressed, whimsical and elegant at the same time: just enjoy the time and rediscover the fun of dressing well. Many times being on vacation is exchanged with the option not to look after your image; you think you have the right to appear sloppy or with random matched clothes just using the excuse of being on vacation.

Christmas time is not Halloween, but it is the most magical time of the year when every man should feel comfortable in suits that evade from the classic two pieces or jeans paired with a sweater. You have to look for something that make you unique, even just an accessory or a particular jacket.


men's suits for special occasions








Of the classic Black Tie we have already extensively discuss in previous posts, examining the possibility of dress up a classical tuxedo, a more modern tuxedo with colorful accessories, a whimsical tuxedo in bright colors or the classic tailcoat for luxury events.


What is meant by Festive Dress?

This post is dedicated to the Festive Dress”, a fun and stylish way to participate in Christmas holidays. For “Festive Dress” we mean, for example, a dinner jacket of high quality fabrics in bright colors combined with classic trousers; it can also be a velvet jacket with black satin lapels; a particular outfit that makes you stand out on the rest of the guests.


men's suits for special occasions

men's suits for special occasions

For those unwilling to give up wearing jeans, even in these moments of celebration, Festive Dress” could also mean wearing a tuxedo without a tuxedo: that is a nice jeans with patent leather shoes, shirt with wing collar and bow tie but without wearing the classic suit.



For a couple of years is increasingly widespreading the use of tartan, which we have already discuss in another previous post: so here is, the tartan can be the right choice for those men who want to be properly dressed in a Christmas party, but who do not give up to a touch of style and originality.




Other popular fabric for this period of the year is the velvet: colors, quality, heaviness suited to winter and softness. velvet jackets can be combined with classic trousers or jeans, and in any case they will be appropriate to the Christmas atmosphere.




Obviously you should not exaggerate: you have to be an integral part of the guests, not excel on all or become a Christmas ornament.

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, recommend to look after your own look for not clash with the magic of the holidays, for feeling comfortable in any occasion.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala men’s suits for special occasions are the key to be perfect in every type of ceremony, event, party or cocktail party.Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, studied each look to be adapted to different types of style and personality.

Food, lights, decorations and music are not everything; the magic of Christmas can be felt even when you choose the right suit to wear to a party: the magic of the moment, you can feel it on your skin too!



ONGala Fashion suits: not only wedding suits for groom

The brand Ottavio Nuccio Gala is not only famous for the production and marketing of wedding suits for groom, but it is also for its fashion suits now popular all over the world as the perfect outfit for gala events, cocktail parties or luxury ceremonies.



We are talking about those suits by the more youthful style that enhance the taste of the younger generation and that can be worn without feeling the weight of an outrageously classic suit that never makes them feel at ease.

A clothing brand, regardless of what is intended to produce and sell, must always be attentive to the implicit demands of the customers in order to move forward and become an icon in that field.


Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, each year offers suits that anticipate the trends of the biggest “Made in Italy” clothing brands just keeping informed of what modern man needs.



In 2014 you can travel easily around the world just having a smartphone in your hand, and that’s how our designer is able to satisfy with every collection the pleasure of all those men who do not give up to good taste, elegance and personality.

A daily careful study of what the web proposes from all over the world, the past experience of 40 years of work in this field, the inspiration that comes from a land so rich in culture and charm as Southern Italy are the components that Mario Moreno Moyano put in his creations.

We discussed about wedding suits for groom in a detailed manner in previous posts, analyzing each model, collection, fabric and type of ceremony. Today we will talk about fashion suits: fashion jackets, velvet suits, tartan, patchwork and so on.

The difference between the category of wedding suits and the one of fashion suits is not in the quality and elegance, but only in being suited to a particular type of event or not. Often, unfortunately, the term “fashion suitsis associated to a suit from the very slim cut, by low quality fabrics and poorly finished but that satisfies the taste of the new so slim fit model that the public demands.

The Ottavio Nuccio Gala fashion suits are made with high quality fabrics exactly as wedding suits, they always respect the canons of elegance that etiquette requires but they have that extra trendy and cool touch that allows them to be worn by a young clientele of refined taste.

The dinner jacket, either in velvet or wool, have a slimmer fit at the waist that stylized the figure and fits to the size of every man; trousers have a more tight-fitting leg and a different crotch who comes to meet the new slim fitting that is worldwide depopulating.









These suits are unique in their style, and are sometimes unique items in all and for all, that meet the needs of men with strong personality and taste. In this period we approach to cold winter, to Christmas season, and what better choice if not a velvet suit by satin lapels or a black Tartan Royal Stewart or Black Watch suit?


wedding suits for groomwedding suits for groom








Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has created some velvet suits of various colors that can be worn in any luxury event that requires a formal dress code, and that will make you stand out over the rest of the guests. The details are cared for almost to perfection: just notice the silk printed lining of jackets or the option to choose between shawl satin lapels or peak satin lapels.


wedding suits for groomwedding suits for groom








If the velvet should not be to your liking, you can choose among precious tartans: Black Watch or Royal Stewart. In one of the previous posts we explored the history of these two fabrics, listing the advantages and quality: this is the time to praise their suitability for luxury holidays or gala events. A man who wears in tartan has a unique behavior, he is extremely elegant but with the new slim models does not give up to a fashion touch that makes him stand out above all.









Other fashion suits of Ottavio Nuccio Gala collections are those in patchwork: jackets in silk, unique items all over the world with the possibility to be customized with the name of the customer who buys them. They are precious jackets which can also be combined with a pair of jeans to complete this look seemingly basic but of very high quality.


wedding suits for groom976



Visiting the website you will see all proposals for luxurious social events that Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of the brand, proposes:

The Black Tie collection is the one that best fits to this kind of event: suits, tuxedos and dinner jackets in velvet, tartan, double-breasted jackets and trousers of different colors and so on.

In Fashion collection you can find fashion colorful suits suitable for social events but only if they are held during the day and patchwork jackets that we talked about earlier;

In Emotion collection there are pinstriped double-breasted suits, for example, for corporate events, velvet crumpled jackets for Christmas season, suits with metallic trimmings, embroidery and so on.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala should not be only seen as a brand that produces wedding suits for groom, but it is also a brand that clothe man in almost every important occasion, and who comes to meet the taste of everyone, from the most classic to most modern, from monochrome to patchwork.


Right proportions and lengths for the perfect groom suits

Elegance is an unwritten code that many gentlemen around the world and throughout the ages have always respected and sought to spread. Groom suits are the predominant examples in this area, where there is no room for error: that day has to be perfect. The perfect groom is the one who wears a suit appropriate for his body, respecting his personal tastes, the rules of etiquette, and who has paid attention to every detail, even in the care of the body.

groom suits

This post is dedicated to right proportions and lenghts that a formal suit for man must always have, wheter or not dedicated to his own wedding. To the most careful people surely it has already paid attention, while for the others it will be a new topic on which meditate on and agree towards the choice that predilige the aesthetic sense, and not what is only trendy. This is a topic on which we have already talk about even recently because of Man Fashion Weeks all over the world, places where are showed new trends.

From about a year fashion imposes to men suits of about two sizes less than the right one; having a close look around different fashion fairs, even those dedicated to ceremony, you can find jackets so short that they almost arrive to the waist. By now fashion jackets has the same lenght of its sleeve: a slaughter for the canons of elegance. Obviously, the more short is the jacket, the more short is will be the shirt, thus creating an imbalance not only for suit but also for the body, because the chest will appeare too short and legs too long.

If the jacket is too tight another defect will come up at the moment of the buttoning, because lapels will turn up to pectorals and it won’t be smooth as it has to be, giving a rather unpleasant effect to the eye.

Another item of clothing now completely revisited in a trendy way is the pant: edges or double cuffs that reach to bare the ankle, often accompanied by shoes not suitable for so short trousers. This type of pant is inspired by the classic Capri pants of the 50’s, without taking into account that that model was specifically built to have a length it gets to mid-calf, with the right proportions, and it is certain that it was not designed for groom suits.

groom suits

Regarding the hem of the trousers there is no a standard measure that must be respected: gentlemen of more advanced age agree on the fact that the hem of the trousers must touch the heel of the shoe, creating a pair of folds to allow fluency to movements. Modern gentlemen prefer that the hem of the pants touch the instep to the front, with a half-inch more in the rear in order to give harmony to the overall look.

The cuff in formal wear (morning suit, tuxedo, tailcoats, frock coat, etc.) is prohibited: the hem should necessarily be smooth. As regards casual clothing, one cuff is allowed, but not more than 4 or 5 cm, and above all it has to be just one cuff (not a normal pant that with 3 or 4 cuffs come to be a Capri pant) and that does not come to bare the ankle.

Proportions were distorted also as regards the width of the leg: in fact, more and more frequently the Skinny female fashion model of the trousers is spreading in menswear, proposing too tight garments that do not allow pants to drop well on the shoe, that do not allow mobility in movements and that do not have a beautiful visual effect.

Features of menswear hitherto listed, as well as being murders to etiquette rules and the canons of well dressing, have been designed only for extremely thin men. A normal-weight man has calves and pecs that shortly adapt to a tight jacket and skinny trousers, let alone a man in a slight overweight or overweight; a short man can not wear pants with cuffs because it would shorten even more the figure; a tall man with a short jacket seems to be a circus clown.


You should always remember that elegance is balance, and balance is given by a proportionate look and appropriate to every body type. The attention to detail is important, and you should never let yourself be guided by what trendy brands propose, because those garments are designed to be appealing to the eye and sold in industrial quantities, and not to dress up at best every single man with his particularities.

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, offers 5 different collections, one for every style and personality, but all the 5 respect the canons of balance, proportion and elegance that every man should at least know. By visiting our website you can find extremely classic and more modern suits, but in no event you will risk of soundingagè”.
Each suit has been studied up to minimun details to meet all requests of modernity of younger grooms, without transgress rules of etiquette. In addition, when you will come to visit us in one of our stores or through an authorized reseller, sales staff will be competent and will advise you at best.



Every Ottavio Nuccio Gala groom is guided in the choice of his groom suit and is recommended in accordance with the rules of elegance that might not know. We are a team of industry experts who will guide you not only in choosing the right color or fabric, but in the meantime will give you important tips to appear perfect in the most important day of your life, and that will useful in the future as a good general culture of formal menswear.

groom suits

Last detail, but not least: Ottavio Nuccio Gala is 100% Made in Italy. Italian fashion is famous throughout the world because it makes you look self-confident in the way of dressing, as he did no effort and appeared always elegant. A tradition of which we must be proud of.

groom suits

Wedding suits: elegance even in summer

Summer season is in full swing and many marriages are celebrated in the months of July and August. The men’s wedding suits items of clothing are often badly seen during very hot periods, but if a couple decides to get married in summer the man can not disregard from wearing a formal dress, with attached accessories.

A man must not only be elegant in winter or cool periods of the year, because elegance is an attitude that persists for a lifetime. Many men take advantage of the excuse of the heat to have some undesirable behaviors for a true gentleman, removing more and more uncomfortable or too hot clothes off.

Basic rules of proper dressing  exist for a reason and they must be complied, and in this post Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, give you tips to follow to avoid falling into behaviors little appreciated by those who are experts of elegance.


Wedding suits


  • Today it is too often used the excuse of individual freedom to do what one wants. Attitude steady is to walk through the center of the city in swimming trunks and flip flops: a very inelegant behavior, bordering on the ridiculous. What would you think of a man walking on the beach with a suit and leather shoes? There are clothes suitable for each situation and you should always respect some basis rules of “proper dressing”.
  • Wearing a short-sleeved shirt, as mentioned in other posts above, is not very appropriate. The trend of the moment proposes them to highlight muscles and tattoos, but a long shirt with cuffs at the sleeves is always more elegant and appropriate, to wear long until after the elbow. The short sleeves are a feature of polo shirts and t-shirts as well as tank tops have been created for basketball players and should be avoided during a walk in the city.
  • if you are wearing formal clothes, even more if they are men’s wedding suits, the tie is an accessory that can not be excluded. It would be equally wrong to wear shirt and a tie without wearing the jacket. If you really want to avoid a tie, the ideal would be wearing dinner jacket and trousers of different fabrics and colors to avoid giving a too formal image.
  • Unfortunately, men who do not want to give up dressing elegantly, often wear a tie with the knot undone or even loose in summer, so that does not wrap too much the neck. If you have to wear a tie in this way, you might as well avoid wearing it. There are light ties or more informal ones for summer season, and especially the grooms should never take it undone or done, but in a wrong way.
  • Celebrities of today are very extravagant, they know that image of impact sells best and therefore they often find themselves wearing absurd clothes just to be mentioned by the press. Is the case of Pharrell Williams that launched the trend of the tuxedo jacket matched with shorts, a murder throughout the label of proper dressing world. The exaggeration and fleeting fashions are not part of elegance: bear it in mind.

The concepts of “trend of the moment” and “elegance and proper dressing” are very far from each other, although often people tend to mix them, getting bad results.

Men’s wedding suits for summer

Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, thought also to grooms who have decided to celebrate their wedding in the summer, offering fresh and colorful suits that make each person feel at ease. Suits are made ​​of lightweight fabrics such as linen, cotton, cool wool and silk. These 4 natural fibers come from renewable sources and give a nice cool feeling in contact with skin.

Cotton suits from the Fashion Color collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala are colorful and give joy; most importantly, their weight is adecuate to the type and the period in which you will celebrate your wedding, letting the groom not to feel the oppression of a suit in a day full of emotions. These are suit suitable in external weddings and in summer or spring.


Wedding suits


The wool used by Ottavio Nuccio Gala is of high quality: wool silk, cool wool and other light variations but of excellent quality. The suits made ​​of these fabrics are the morning suits, all the morning suit code and the suit of the Gentleman collection, and they are perfect for weddings in the morning, in a church, civil weddings or in a garden.


Wedding suits


Silk is used in shantung version, a fabric with many plays of light. This fabric is considered among the finest in the world. Shantung suits are included in Fashion Color collection: trendy suits for young couples who do not give up to a stylish touch even on the day of their marriage, but always respecting the canons of elegance.

Another  extremely lightweight summer fiber and easy to wear during the summer weddings is linen. Linen suits are also in Fashion Color collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala and are cool men’s wedding suits, in light colors and very appropriate to weddings at the beach, external weddings or in gardens.


All these suits are suitable for summer ceremonies, celebrated on the beach, in the countryside or in the garden, very famous in this period: the so called “alternative weddings”. Do not be afraid to wear a formal dress in the hot months because Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has the right solution for each type of ceremony and personality, no matter in which period or where you will celebrate you wedding. The most important thing is to feel always at ease, never forgetting the canons of elegance.