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Skulls: from the pirates of 700 to the modern groom suits

Modern groom suit can take inspiration from different fields and different eras; Today we will discuss the origin of the skull, widely present in the Emotion collection of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, designed by our creative soul Mario Moreno Moyano.


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When you think of the skull the first image that comes to mind is that of the classic pirate flag with black background, two crossed bones and a skull in the middle: the jolly roger. The origin of this expression is uncertain, but the most popular theory tells that it derives from the French “jolie rouge“, red French flags, most feared than those black American because red meant certain death. Later, after the War of Spanish Succession, many Hispanics pirates began to use red flag instead of the black one. Other theories state that “Jolly Rogermay derive from the Asian pirate chief Ali Raja, “King of the Sea”, or from the English word which means “wanderer.”

There are also different versions of the flag: Calico Jack Rackham used two swords instead of the bones; Black Bart used a man and a skeleton holding up a sword and a cup while toasting to death or an armed man who crushes two skulls (warning of death for people living in Barbados and Martinique); Blackbeard used a skeleton holding an hourglass and a sword.

In practice, a waving Jolly Roger meant intimidate the enemy and force him to surrender without even fighting, in order to capture the ship intact with all its load. If the opponent decided to resist the boarding, the Jolly Roger was lowered and it was hoisted the red flag, a symbol with which pirates declared that they have had no mercy.

Later, in the early nineteenth century, red flag was hoisted in case of mutiny of the crew or to declare we will never surrender,” while the Jolly Roger with no symbol was used as a signal of defiance against the Navy ships that that time had focused their intervention to combat piracy.

In nineteenth century the use of the Jolly Roger was particularly widespread with submarines that used it in order to demonstrate the number of victories; famous is the case of Admiral Max Kennedy Horton who rose up a Jolly Roger for any enemy ship sunk: they were so many that the whole pile was filled of black flags and at the end he made to weave a single, very large, flag on which was stitched on the number of victories. Other symbols accompanied the skull on the flags, one for each ship type sank or for every mission completed.

Nowadays, the Jolly Roger is the official symbol of the submarine service of the British navy, although during World War II submarines of other nations were honored this symbol, such as those from Poland.

In America the Jolly Roger has been used by the Air Force during the Second World War, and the squadrons that had this name continue in using it until 1995, when the last squadron, the VF-84 was disbanded.

Nowadays, the presence of the Jolly Roger is massive in television and film: just think of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, the manga One Piece, to Captain Harlock, Captain Hook in the famous cartoon Peter Pan and many others, who have mythologized the figure of the pirate, making it more and more fascinating and interesting.

As for the look, classic pirate is depicted and imagined as a tanned man, dark contours around the eyes and a bit tousled left natural hair; clothes are outworn, full of patches and certainly they will never be clean and fragrant. Pirate in the collective imagination always wears a three-cornered hat or a bandana, a white large shirt tucked back into pants, very large puffball sleeves, unbuttoned and with ruffled. The pants are almost always in leather, narrow and full of patches or tears; knee-high boots, pointy and above all outworn.

Skulls and pirate charm in groom suits



The work and commitment of Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, had as its objective to create a groom suit transforming the fascinating and controversial figure of the pirate and adapting it to the present, in the field of ceremony.


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Taking a look at the collections, you may notice the presence of the shirts in satin a bit wider than the ones we usually see in the stores of large distribution, with ruffled cuffs and placket and embroidery on the collar that reminds to those used by pirates in 700. But, above all, the suits of the Emotion collection fully reflect the rebel soul of a pirate.



The accessories which accompany these suits are metal chains, studs, necklaces with swords and skulls. Instead of the classic flagship we can find pins sword shaped, lightning or pendants with skulls; classic crystal chains found in other collections here are transformed into chains of various sizes; jackets have lapels with metallic garnishes and modern fabrics; leather belts with buckles special and unique; embroidery on cummerbunds and shirts that suggest an age of heroes.


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The groom suit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, Emotion collection, is suitable for a groom who wants to transgress from the classic rules of etiquette, just as did the pirates of yore;


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Emotion groom wants to overdo without losing the impeccable elegance that distinguishes the brand, wants to be noticed and not to give and take.


Who wears a suit of Emotion collection never gives up to his own rebel personality, he will never changes even in the most important day of his life; Emotion groom is an original groom, elegant and unique who knows what he wants and, just like real pirates, he takes it.


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