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Ottavio Nuccio Gala: Oscar men’s suits

Here comes the night of the Oscars, the most beloved and aspired ceremony by those who are part the world of cinema. What better time, if not this, to wear men’s suits or Tuxedos of the Black Tie collection?




For those who didn’t know it, Oscars are the most ancient awards among awards of this range, and in fact they were bestowed on first time in 1929; they are named by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, obviously composed by members of cinema world such as actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters ecc.

The real name of the so famous small statue is Academy Award of Merit, but the most famous Oscar nickname has a real unique origin. In it believed, in fact, that it derives from an exclamation of Margaret Herrick, a member of the mentioned Academy, who said at first sight: “He looks just like my uncle Oscar!”.




As every year the ceremony will be held between february and march, and exactly the Night of the Oscar 2015, edition number 87, will be held the 22nd of February at the Dolby Theatre of Los Angeles. This ceremony, in addition to be the most important in film setting, is also the most important as regard fashion, because it’s the most aspired from famous designers who compete to dress up Hollywood celebrities.


We talk about Oscar night not only on the day of the celebration, but also in the following days, because whole gossip television programs (and not only) analyze every single outfit of the most famous actresses and give their opinions, sometimes even ruthless. But which role has the man in all that?

Actors, directors, producers who participate in this ceremony almost always wear men’s suits, more precisely a tuxedo, and in almost 90% of cases is a black tuxedo. Why women have a very wide range of choice and men always tend to homologate?

Men involved in a so important gala ceremony should not overdo and risk to seem out of place, but it is definitely possible to be impeccably elegant even allowing himself a touch of color or a particular fabric, always of high quality.



There are few men who tried to escape from the classic black tuxedo scheme (single or double breasted), black bow tie or black tie and polished black Oxford shoes. Sometimes those who have tried to leave the shell have done it in the wrong way: one example was Pharrell Williams at the Oscars in 2014 who wore a tuxedo with Bermuda shorts, a mess for the canons of worldwide elegance.

Examples of well conceived diversity” may be Jared Leto and Kevin Spacey at the Oscars of 2014: the first wore a white jacket over black pants with red bow tie and the second wore a blue tuxedo with black lapels in contrast. There are many men, famous and not, who during gala events do not want to homologate and like to give space to creativity.


Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, created the Black Tie collection for this kind of people: elegant, original and tasteful. Suits of this collection can not be described as outrageous outfits, but as suits which respect all the canons of the well-dressing” and of elegance but giving a touch of individuality and originality.




It will be enough visiting the collection at this link to see with your eyes what we are talking about: from the classic black tuxedo with shawl or peak lapels in contrast combined not only to the classic accessories in black satin, but also accessories with micro patterns that will make the difference.









Going forward you will see dinner jackets of different colors (gray, burgundy, dark blue until you get to a beautiful royal blue) combined with satin shirts with small ruffles on placket and cuffs and jacquard silk accessories for men who have good taste and know how to get noticed.


men's suits








Then is the turn of the classic and timeless double breasted tuxedos: these suits will surprise you. Shawl or peak lapels, matching accessories and suits made in unique colors: green, brown, burgundy, purple, gold, metallic gray a delight for those who love being in the spotlight.



men's suits









The last, but not least, part of the collection is dedicated to little touches of originality, unique in their kind: suits with tartan jackets or trousers, velvet suits of various colors, tuxedo with red jacket and white trousers, pieddepoule suits. Those who choose to buy these suits have a very strong taste and they are not afraid to dare.









The intention pursued by Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, is to create a uniform situation on the red carpet: the man must be worthy star of the event as much as the woman. Women like to be noticed, and are even more gratified if the man they have beside chose a dress that matches the one they‘re wearing.


The press loves coordinated couples, that exude passion and elegance. As you can see, there are no reasons why not choose something different from the usual, something that makes you stand out on the rest of the guests, drawing attention of the public and the press.


Men’s suits of our Black Tie collection are pearls of sartorial elegance, unique and perfectly wearable in big red carpet ceremonies: choose to be protagonists, choose Ottavio Nuccio Gala – Black Tie collection.

Christmas Dress code: Black tie wedding suits

Proposals by Mario Moreno Moyano for Christmas time

There are two months at the beginning of Christmas season and wedding suits are a big hit even in this period of the year, moving away from the strict framework of marriage. A man doesn’t have to forcely wait his marriage to be flawlessly elegant, but can be distinguished by style and personality even on occasions like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, a gala event and so on.

During winter time, in addition to winter celebrations we mentioned a short time ago, there are a large number of more or less formal events which accompany holidays. These events can be organized in a business setting, with friends and family or they may be charity events and cocktail parties. Increasingly popular is the demand for a formal dress code … but, what is equivalent to dress code in this kind of events?

Literally “Dress code” means “code of the dress“, that is something we communicate choosing a particular item of clothing than another. The concept of the Dress Code dates back to ancient times, and since then dress up in a certain way meant to belong to a specific group, flaunt richness, or demand respect. We must now accept the fact that when we get into certain environments, there are rules about clothing that are imposed on us and which are universally recognized.

Types of Black Tie wedding suits

Returning to the events covered by this post, I would say that it would be appropriate to divide them into four categories, all of which are part of the big Black Tie group, or Formal Attire required to man in this kind of nights:

– Ultra-formal Black Tie

– Invited Black Tie

– Optional Black Tie

– Creative Black Tie

The Ultra-formal Black Tie tuxedo corresponds to one of the most classic: black jacket, black satin shawl lapels, black pants with satin side-gallon, diplomatic shirt with pleated bib, shoe in black patent leather with laces and rigorously black satin bow tie . For women, this category includes a cocktail dress never shorter than the knee or a long evening gown. The morning version of this kind of men’s formal wear is called “Stroller” and includes a black tie instead of a bow tie.
The Invited Black Tie does not differ that much from the first Ultra Formal. The main difference lies in the fact that this dress code is not enforced, but it is only recommended to strictly comply with these rules of etiquette, and usually no one dares to break them.
Italian Wedding suits

The Black Tie Optional is a notch less formal than the other two, because man is allowed to escape a little bit from the typical classic tuxedo and the woman is allowed to wear a mismatched cocktail dress. To differentiate himself from the rest of the guests, in this case the man can wear a more modern tuxedo that does not include satin side bands on pants, a peak lapel rather than the shawl one and a diplomatic shirt, but without pleats.



For these three types of nights Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, proposes his Black Tie collection, which obviously fits very well to the situations contemplated hitherto. They are classic, pure, perfect in their kind, made with luxurious fabrics tuxedos; you can find accessories that deviate somewhat from the strict etiquette, but who donate a flawless and extremely elegant look to the wearer at any rate .

Refined and unique are also the dinner jackets, double-breasted jackets in silk shantung, that only an elegant man even in the soul would know how to wear with perfection.


Wedding suits for groom


Other more modern versions but still traditional are the tuxedo and dinner jackets in velvet or tartan, for a man who wants to stand out and be noticed by all for poise, class and style.


Wedding suits for groomItalian Wedding Suits








Last category, Creative Black Tie, it is still less formal than the previous 3 groups and allows man to act with more freedom and fun. The tuxedo can be reinterpreted in a trendy way and accessories may be different from the classic cummerbund and bow tie presented so far. Women has more freddom of choice, and in fact she has granted a shorter dress or even the use of lace.



Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has a solution even for this genre of events and he proposes some alternative tuxedos in his Emotion collection. These are tuxedos in modern and shiny fabrics, metallic accessories of rock inspiration which give a touch of unique originality and these colors make the look different from all the other guests


Wedding suits for groom

They are suits with colored crystals, pendants shaped skull, studs and embroidery, but also beautiful double-breasted pinstriped suits that have been reinterpreted in a more youthful key, but that do not lose their charming vintage touch.



These suits can also be weared in another type of event, ie dinner or business cocktail party, in which all staff shall meet prior to giving the way to Christmas holidays. In this kind of events what matters is the representation”, then is almost a must a dark or pinstripe suit, preferably tailored, single-breasted or double-breasted, classic shirt with double cuff for cufflinks, also colored handkerchief in the breast pocket. Woman, however, can wear the classic business suit with white shirt, flesh-colored stockings and shoes with heel not too high.

Christmas time is the most suitable for showing off tuxedos and dinner jackets of finely crafted or to give maximum expression and freedom to your creativity always respecting the basis canons that the Black Tie imposes. Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has created the perfect men’s wedding suits for any occasion, even those of Christmas.


Wedding suits for winter: glamour and luxury

With the arrival of autumn it also changes the landscape of the wedding suits for man: the lightweight fabrics that are used in summer, such as linen or cotton, they lose their primacy to make room for more suitable fabrics for autumn / winter . Winter weddings are certainly less common than spring or summer ones, but as for elegance, luxury and glamor will always remain unbeatable.



Getting married in fall or winter requires a lot of attention to details. For example, the reception room will certainly be indoors and so you can not rely on a beautiful landscape but the hall must be adapted to the demands of the couple; The ceremony will rigorously be celebrated inside a church, losing the striking effect that, for example, can have a ceremony on the beach; regarding clothing, the couple will probably have to look for accessories that fit to the season, such as a coat, gloves or a stylish umbrella in case of rain.


chiesa e palazzo


There is no ideal season for weddings, each has its own peculiarities and, as regard winter weddings, they are characterized by the glamor and luxury that every guest can be add. This is because the most widespread suit in these season is the tuxedo, and if the marriage is celebrated in the evening, and the guests are all wearing a tuxedo, the atmosphere will be that of a wonderful glamorous party as those of high society.


Wedding suits


As already abundantly discussed, the tuxedo is now considered integral part of the ceremonies, wearable by both the groom or the guests. There are many varieties of tuxedos and Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, developed them all in the Black Tie collection in order to offer its customers a wide range of possibilities to choose from.



First of all, a tuxedo as a wedding suits for man can have the classic shawl lapels in contrast in black satin or of the same fabric of the suit. In addition, the jacket will vary between the classical model with one button or double-breasted jacket lined, supremely elegant and which refers to periods of true gentlemen. The vest can be or not, depends if the groom decides to wear it or choose the cummerbund: if he decides to wear the vest, it may be the classical with 5 buttons or the one with wide neckline and the possibility of shawl lapels.

If the groom decides to wear the cummerbund with bow tie, will be of the same fabric of the suit or fancy, it just depends on the personality of the groom. The pant of his dinner jacket is almost always black, notwithstanding that the jacket is colored: the classic model provides the sidebands in black satin, but now it is also widespread a model of suit less demanding and smooth. As for the shoes, the choice is vaster: laced in black patent leather, two-tone lace-up, velvet slipper, slipper in patent leather.

The classic accessory that features a groom in a tuxedo is the shirt: double twisted cotton, pleated or pique bib, covered placket or discovered one, double wrist for cufflinks and diplomatic or French collar. The shirts suitable for tuxedos are extremely elegant and can not be used for other types of suits.

These are general features that frame a tuxedo, but in this post we will focus more on a suitable fabric for the tuxedo, and more specificly for the tuxedos used in winter.

Tartan pattern wedding suits: Royal Stewart and Black Watch

With the arrival of Christmas the atmosphere is always magical, and the tartan is a fabric that perfectly matches with the colors of Christmas. Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, uses two different types of tartan for his tuxedos, both very elegant: the Royal Stewart” and the “Black Watch” tartan. The history of these two types of fabric is interesting, and it is good to know.


Wedding suits


The Royal Stewart tartan, that one with the red background, it is the personal tartan of the royal family of Stewart and of Queen Elizabeth II. All the subjects of the queen must wear tartan, but it is also a symbol of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, the famous Scots Guards, the bands of the queen etc.. At the end of the 70s this type of tartan became popular in punk fashion, but a decade earlier, it was popularized by the Formula 1 racing driver Jackie Stewart because he always wore a strip of tartan on his helmet during the races.

The second type of tartan, the Black Watch, is the one with blue background and is not used by the royal family, but is the most widely tartan used in military field. This type of tartan is also known by other names: Government sett, Hunting Munro and Hunting Grant. Many military clans wear this type of tartan because descend all from the first Black Watch regiment who gave his name to this fabric. The dispute is about which among the Black Watch and the Campbells have used this fabric for the first time, but the victory was credited to the Black Watch clan.

However, these two types of tartan are used in very stylish Christmas ceremonies, especially weddings, gala dinners, red carpet, cocktail parties. They are very beautiful suits These fit well within snow, Christmas and festive scenes.


Wedding suits


Wedding suits for winter ceremonies are not suitable for other periods of the year or other types of ceremonies: the dress code of a gala event is very specific and rigorous. The rules that must be respected for those who want to wear a tuxedo in the day of the wedding are a lot but, if respected as it should be, the result will surely be impeccable and the general presentation will be elegant and luxurious.

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, presents the 2015 Black Tie collection: a riot of extreme elegance, only for good connoisseurs of formal menswear.


Are the tuxedos considered as wedding suits?

Can the tuxedo be placed in wedding suits‘ category? This is an issue on which there have been many debates, opinions are in contrast, and often with stiffness. Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, believes that the tuxedo is one of the models of formal suit for men of the most elegant ever, and that is definitely appropriate for a groom, but only if the ceremony is celebrated in the afternoon.

As well as the morning suit is the outfit per excellence for morning ceremonies, the tailcoat is the suit par excellence for evening ceremonies. The groom who doesn’t want to wear a morning suit, but seeks at all costs a model that can remind it, chooses to wear a redingote. The groom who doesn’t want to wear a tailcoat because he believes it’s overly formal for his way of being, what should he wears on the day of his marriage, if not a tuxedo?

Ottavio Nuccio Gala is a company specialized in men’s formal wear and Mario Moreno Moyano wouldn’t have created a collection purely composed by Tuxedo, Black Tie collection, if this type of suit wasn’t suitable for grooms.


Wedding suits


The tuxedo, as well as the morning suit, comes from British culture and it was used by the gentlemen of the nineteenth century as an evening jacket for dinner (also called the “dinner jacket”), or to smoke. Another version of this jacket was the traditional gown worn by aristocrats, often in velvet with lapels in contrast and trimmings instead of the covered button, which made people seemed even more important and wealthy.

The tuxedo can be of 3 types: with shawl lapels, with peak lapel and double-breasted. There isn’t a hierarchy in terms of elegance, all 3 are at an equal level: the only thing that matters is the client’s taste and personality.



Tuxedo lapels are always in contrast, in silk satin, and even the strap of the trousers (with no belt loops) and the sidebands are in contrast, even if they aren’t always present.

The shirt of a tuxedo can be of twisted” cotton with pique or pleated bib, double cuff for cufflinks and the collar can be the diplomatic or the spread one.

The bowtie is the most appropriate accessory for a tuxedo, and it’s preferable that it be Self knotted because it’s more vaporous and not flat like a bow tie already knotted; In addition, those who have a bit of experience in this field, recognizes a bow tie manually knotted at first sight, and it’s certainly a symbol of elegance and savoir faire.

Another accessory that can be worn with a tuxedo jacket is the waistcoat, but only if Shawldouble-breasted or with a wide neckline. An example of extreme elegance and extravagance may be a non-black jacket, waistcoat and trousers in pied poule, diplomatic shirt and black bow tie.


Wedding suits

There are tuxedos of various fabrics and colors, and they can all be categorized as wedding suits. Who wants to wear the classic tuxedo will opt for an absolute blackwith black cummerbund and bowtie, side stripe on trousers in satin, diplomatic shirt with pleated bib and lace up shoes in black paint.

For all other grooms who want to escape the traditional rules, there are different degrees of personalization of the look. For example, you can keep the black suit with diplomatic shirt, but wear colorful bow tie and cummerbund; other variant is the one that includes black trousers and blue, white or red jacket with black lapels in contrast; and again: jacket and trousers in velvet of different colors and so on.


Wedding suits


These are just some examples of variations of the tuxedo that give a touch to personality and vivacity to the suit, but always respecting the rules established by the formal dress code.

The tuxedos are the favorite wedding suits for VIP

The most important thing to emphasize is that the tuxedo has become an integral part of the world of men’s formal wear, not only for the guests but also for the groom. Until a few years ago was seen as suit only suitable on the red carpet, for gala ceremonies, award ceremonies or for cocktail parties.

Today, the trend of getting married in tuxedo is becoming bigger and bigger, and also many celebrities choose a tuxedo for their wedding. The actor Adam Shulman get married with a tuxedo, husband of the famous Anne Hathaway; also singer Michael Buble has chosen this type of suit, as well as Prince William in his change of suit for the evening reception when he married the beautiful Kate Middleton; also the Italian nobles choose the tuxedo: an example was the marriage between Ludovica del Secco and Gianalberto Scarpa Bastieri.

There are many other examples of grooms who have chosen the tuxedo, but these 4 examples make us realize that letting the groom wear this type of suit is an opinion now shared by many groups of people: singers, actors, aristocrats and even royal families .

Many people think that wearing a tuxedo for their reception isn’t the right choice because you run the risk of look like to the waiters in the room. With all due respect to those who do that job, but the quality of a tuxedo for a groom and his accessories can never be exchanged with those of a waiter’s outfit, it’s a thing you will notice at first glance.

Who wears a tuxedo exudes a good knowledge of the rules of etiquette for formal attire, as it’s one of the suits with more “restrictions” at all. Who admits tuxedo among the wedding suits is a very smart man who knows how to give himself importance and that will be perfect in the most important day of his life.

Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, in its new 2015 collection, present as soon as possible on the web and in stores, proposes a tuxedo as important garment for the ceremony, in the classic version but also in alternative versions with different colors, patterns and models to meet every possible imaginary .



Wedding suits: The tuxedo

The origin of the tuxedo goes back to the nineteenth century, when the British Knights wore this jacket “smoking jacket” for smoking, it wasn’t one the wedding suits. From here derives its name, though in English the same garment is also called “tuxedo”, “dinner jacket” or “black tie” (given by the color of the bow tie). The first tuxedo was tailored by Henry Poole & Co., in 1860 for the Prince of Wales of that period (the future King Henry VII) as clothing for informal ceremonies. A few years later, the American James Potter popularized this way of dressing in the United States among the members of the “Tuxedo Park Club” (since then his name is “tuxedo”).



The tuxedo is one of the wedding suits but it’s also a garment only suitable for evening ceremonies. Models can be of 3 different styles: with shawl lapels, peak lapels and double-breasted.

wedding suits
We can also see the classic night-gowns, widely used in the aristocracy in velvet fabrics with satin or grosgrain lapels, but today we’ll focus only on classical.

Double breasted tuxedo with velvet shawl lapel in grosgrain

In all 3 models, the jacket will be with lapels and covered buttons in satin or silk satin without holes. The pants will always have the wristband and the braid in silk satin, combined with the jacket and, most importantly, the wristband should be without belt loop, because you don’t ever wear it with a belt.

The fabrics par excellence for the pure Gentleman style, Collection Black Tie: wool-silk, satin wool “super 140 Filo”, light wool “super 120 Filo”, “New Performance” with “double twisted” wool-viscose, velvet and tartan in pure wool.

Colors: the black  is preferred and, if you want something special, white, dark blue or tartan in shades of green, blue and Scottish red (of course in case of tartan or white jacket, the trousers will always be black, with wristband and braid in black satin or silk satin).

wedding suitsYou have to know that elegance in clothing is also recognized by the choice of accessories, so it is very important to pay attention to all the details, because this makes you distinguish in elegance, education and lifestyle. Always keep in mind that “you are not a gentleman only if you wear a tuxedo, but a gentleman is used to wear a tuxedo.”

wedding suits

The shirt must always be in “double twisted” cotton with pique or pleated bib and pull-out cufflinks, “Shirt-Studs”, in order to better iron the shirt; Double cuff for cufflinks and the neck may be the classic French or diplomat one.


The cummerbund must have three or four lines, always pointing upwards: we can choose the classic black satin or a micro jacquard pattern in pure silk.

Cummerbunds in pure silk jacquard

The bowtie, if possible, should be tied, because you can see who wears it knotted artificially and this is a small detail that makes the difference for a true Gentleman.

The handkerchief, should preferably be in white linen.

The shoes will be in black patent leather and the most suitable models are: brogues, pumps and slippers.

Black suspenders, and long, black socks in silk or lisle thread.

And finally, as I said before, if you choose this type of wedding suits for your wedding day, you have to keep in mind that the ceremony should be celebrated in a cocktail style setting, in the evening, starting from 7 pm.

Proposal of tuxedo of our Black Tie collection.

wedding suits