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Baroque Gothic vintage suits

Baroque Gothic collection is romantic, celestial, mystical, mysterious, full of glamour and fantasy. It is inspired by unforgettable ages with historical heroes and soldier princes.

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Barocco or gothic wedding: prince for one day

Imagine your Barocco or Gothic wedding: a fairy castle on top of a mountain, breathtaking views, huge halls with red velvet curtains, ancient dark wood furniture, a wonderful orchestra accompanying the entrance of the bride, and finally, the princely clothes worn by the married couple.


Women since little girls have fancied a wedding in this style animated by the beautiful stories created by Walt Disney; find a woman who when was a child did not wish to be Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty … is virtually impossible.
All these tales have one thing in common: the love between a princess and a prince. only a few are lucky enough to be born into royal families that celebrate weddings in this style, but why can’t we give the opportunity to every husband and every wife to live the day of the Yes as if they were in a Disney fairy tale?
Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has created for the more whimsical grooms the Barocco and Gothic collection: Prince for a day. Brides who choose a sumptuous gown for their wedding can only adore this collection, because it will complete the idea of eternal love and fairy tale that have always dreamed of; men who have an extravagant soul and passion for refinement and precious details will be excited in the same way.




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Obviously the Baroque or Gothic style is not the only designed to feel like a prince; each Ottavio Nuccio Gala suit is so unique that seems to be made for a dream come true, but the collection which we will discuss in this post is definitely the closest to the common idea of Prince and luxury.

Getting married with a suit of Barocco or Gothic collection means creating an atmosphere that goes beyond the idea of classic wedding. You can not marry in a suit like this if the bride loves simple lines: Barocco or Gothic weddings have a specific target regarding the attires of both bride and groom, the decorations, the church and the hall.



As mentioned at the beginning of this article, a castle or an ancient estate are certainly the more appropriate places to celebrate a wedding in this style; churches by the linear architecture and without many decorations seem too bare: a gothic church as Milan Cathedral or baroque as the Church of Jesus in Rome are the best choice.

As regards colors, you can give space to your imagination and meet your preferences; Baroque and Gothic Ottavio Nuccio Gala suits are made in different colors just to satisfy every taste.

For the groom from the gothic and mysterious soul, black and dark gray suits with embroidery are the best: the bride can choose any color (including black for the most fanciful) and a successful atmosphere is assured.


For a couple from a real Disney fairy tale, the groom can wear white or blue Barocco suits, colors for excellence of the royal families. If the groom decides to wear a white suit, he must make sure it is the same shade of the bride; the bride may also decide to wear a gown of another color and thus reverse the classical canons of marriage; a groom who wears blue, instead, is perfectly matched to the classic princess dressed in white.


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If the man has a very strong personality and decides to dare even more, red, purple, gold and brown Barocco and Gothic suits will be perfect. The bride will also have a very extravagant gown matched with that of the future husband and the atmosphere will definitely be unique and original.


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Do not be afraid to overdo when you opt for a Barocco or Gothic wedding: luxury, opulence, magnificence and preciousness of the details are already inherent in the conception of this word. If nothing is left to chance, then the day of your wedding will be memorable not only for you, but also for every single guest invited at the ceremony.
We are aware that this collection can be considered unique in the world and for this is now active the e-commerce on our official website, so that the bride and groom of the world may be able to appreciate and be able to wear a Barocco or Gothic suit for their wedding.
The purchasing procedure is simple and you will quickly have the suit Barocco or Gothic bespoke that you love most. It would be appropriate, for information, take your own suit about 3 months before the ceremony, to be sure it arrives on time especially if it has to pass by a custom.
Suits of this collection are made purposely on customer demand, customized to his liking and marked with the name of each customer printed on the label inside the jacket. Although the procedure is completely online, our sales department will certainly treat you like any customer who came to visit us in store, giving you the right attention and dispelling any doubt.
We know that lovers of this style are located throughout the world, and therefore this service of network selling will be appreciated by those who can not get to our store or authorized reseller.
We also know that this collection is so particular that it was often victim of plagiarism and bad copies by many competitors, but fortunately customers who come to us have always appreciated the quality of the true “Made in Italy” expressing it with praise and compliments of which we are very proud.


Barocco or Gothic wedding is a dream that anyone should be able to afford and suits of Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, have helped many of you to realize this dream.


Barocco collection: unique wedding suits in the world

The wedding suits of our Barocco collection are our most precious jewel, they are the pearl of our production and, above all, matchless and unique garments.

The jackets of this collection are the now well-known Redingote. For those who still don’t know the origin, the Redingote was a very popular jacket in the mid-nineteenth century, from which also originate the model of the morning suit.

The difference between a Redingote jacket and a Morning suit jacket lies in the fact that the former is considerably shorter and less demanding; its so particular model (without tail) makes it suitable for any type of build and stature, because brings elegance and slims the figure of anyone is wearing it (as opposed to what many people think).

We propose these jackets in different styles, but today we will focus only on the Barocco collection, the most elaborate, fanciful and precious of all.

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Our Barocco collection is inspired by the movies and games seen by our creative soul Mario Moreno when he was just an innocent child. Children are often fascinated by the figure of the heroes, princes or knights who fight with extreme dexterity and skill to save their princess and take her hand in marriage. Every child dreams of becoming a hero, and so it was for him too.

The heroes of Romantic age were vigorous and eccentric, always particular and impeccable in their dressing style. A mind so imaginative as that of Mario hasn’t done anything but carry the figure of those heroes in the present days, made ​​their style contemporary while maintaining the preciousness of their role and created some real modern heroes who still have the desire to crown their dream of love.

The fantasy of that child is then grown over the years and has become a real passion, not just a job, by gifting it to anyone who wants to make use of his talent in the most important day of her life.

Those who choose a suit of the Barocco collection doesn’t choose to wear a fashionable garment, but he chooses a feeling. You can’t create suits of this value unless you have a deep feeling in the soul, unless you are extremely creative and original.

Men who get married in this style not only want to say Yes to the woman of their life, but they want to do it in a way so that every detail of the princely wedding exudes passion. Marriages in Barocco style with these wedding suits are a reinterpretation of a fairy tale, they are a dream come true, lavish ceremonies full of magic.

Couples who choose this style are grooms who are never satisfied, they want the best for themselves and for their ladies, they have a strong taste. They don’t despise the pure elegance of a morning suit or a tuxedo, but still feel they want to dare more, they want to break out of the established patterns of a classic ceremony and turn into true principles in the most important day of their lives.

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Not to forget, of course, that the choice of one of these suits is spot on only when the bride also wears a princely gown. If your bride has a more classic taste with smooth lines and a few precious details we of Ottavio Nuccio Gala will guide you towards Gentleman or Black Tien collections, for example.

You must always remember that a successful marriage is also due to the perfect combination between your suit and the bride’s one, to give an unique and balanced image. By experience we can say that the grooms who buy Barocco are the ones who have specifically requested it as soon as walked into the shop, because it’s such an original style that everyone who comes into the shop looking for a suit of this kind doesn’t look even by mistake other styles.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala want to satisfy these people from the soul so strong and sensitive and has created the Barocco collection for them. The clothes we’re talking about are embellished with details such as embroidery, trimmings, braid with crystals and much more; these details are in turn applied on special, exclusive fabrics of brocades effects that come from the oldest and most famous Italian and French textures.

ONGala Barocco wedding suits in the world

We are sure that these suits are worldwide appreciated because we had specific requests for this collection from all over the world; there have been customers who have asked via email a reseller of this collection in their country, and if sometimes, unfortunately, we couldn’t meet their needs, they decided to take a plane and come here, at our headquarters in Lucugnano di Tricase, in order to purchase one of our suits.

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We have had clients who have come from far away countries from Italy, and we can assure you they went back home fully satisfied of their choices. These customers, as well as all the others who purchase the Barocco collection in our flagship store or through authorized resellers, are our strong point to be able to reach all countries of the world aware of the uniqueness of these suits.

We hope we can reach the most remote corners of the world with our collections, to give greater visibility to our creations, because we think they worth it, and because we know that nobody will remain unsatisfied after having a look at all the proposals.

We don’t mind the fact that many brands of our competitors attempt in vain to imitate us because we know that you will be able to distinguish an original creation by a draft at first glance. We take copies of the competition as a further source of honor and pride for this collection, such as when a younger brother tries to imitate the gestures of an older one because he admires him.

Soon we will publish all of our Barocco wedding suits 2015 collection… we will make you dream once again!