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Benefits of buying your dress for groom online

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, explains 3 reasons for which you should buy your dress for groom from our website

1. Buy a customized and tailored suit from your home by choosing among the various collections of the brand, unique in the world, but with a Preta-Porter” price and Bespoke of Excellence service, also offering free shipping to your address.



Black Tie

Fashion Formal

Fashion Color




2. Without loss of time nor travel expenses, directly from your home with trusted people to advise you, you can ask the favorite suit and after taking technical but simple measurements, after 45 days we will be able to tailor your dress for groom and customize it to your measurements, with the guarantee of a brand as OTTAVIO NUCCIO GALA, a worldwide leader in the sale of Ceremony” and luxury events for men.


dress for groom


3. Today almost all the stores are supplied by manufacturers of “emerging” countries with “Low Cost” fabrics and accessories, the sizes all have a unique morphology” and adjustments are often incorrect given the difficulties and costs that require, as eg shorten the sleeves in a proportionate way, or tighten the jacket waist point without warping the elegant style. A recent study on male morphology has shown that over 70% of men have problems when they have to find the right size, and this problem is solved correctly only thanks to a bespoke suit.


Mario Moreno Moyano, creative spirit of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, has these solid basis thanks to his knowledges in tailoring since he was a child and for this reason today we’re ready to provide a Bespoke service (customized and made-to-measure) with free shipping all over the world.



These three reasons justify why in the Anglo-Saxon” world today over 60% of purchases are made through ONLINE platforms. This information should help you to have the right confidence in buying your dress for groom and customized accessories directly from your computer or smartphone from the OTTAVIO NUCCIO GALA e-commerce  Absolute Bespoke Made in Italy”

ONGala: wedding suits for all occasions

To be innovators that are always original in the field of fashion you must thoroughly study current trends of the present, and this is also true for men’s wedding suits.

In 2013 shabby-chic  weddings raged, vintage-inspired ceremonies based on the reuse of old pieces and retro romance. Now is the time of Hipster weddings, already mentioned in one of our popular previous post; Hipster weddings have expanded the coverage of shabby-chic weddings, by including ceremonies with rock, jazz, blues, funk characteristics… because, in fact, the term Hipster was used to indicate young people who belonged to rock and bebop currents.

The analysis that must be carried out won’t stop at a purely aesthetic level, but we must ask why we moved from weddings with 200 guests of luxury and pomp, to Hipster weddings celebrated at the beach or in a garden with less binding clothes and a few invited guests.

The first answer that surely comes to mind to most of you is that we are now experiencing a period of deep economic crisis, and those who want to profess their undying love must adapt to the circumstances and their economic opportunities, and thus the success of these alternative weddings.

This is definitely one of the reasons, but we must also consider the fact that we’re experiencing a generational shift, the so-called “extended youth” is born in which men who are 30 years old today can be compared to the men who were 20 years old in the 70s. Hence the tendency to get married at a later age than in the past, also because they prefer to have financial security before taking the plunge.

Surely, the thirty year old man of today doesn’t make all the projects that made the thirty year old man of a few decades ago; he prefers not to delude himself and not to create expectations which will then be disregarded; men today prefer to live their lives day by day, so the project of a too planned and setted wedding automatically fades.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala is always attentive to the trends of the moment, and men’s wedding suits are not only a trend of fashion, but real social evolutions; everything that characterizes urban environment, from clothes to buildings, from work to lifestyle, it becomes fashion.

The task of our creative soul Mario Moreno is to understand that every moment and situation has its own perfect suit and for this reason the company Ottavio Nuccio Gala offers 5 different collections. Each of these collections can be adapted to a specific social and economic context, the newlyweds will certainly find the suit related to their kind of taste.

The 5 collections of wedding suits

 The proposed collections are now famous all over the world:
  •  Barocco, so princely and vintage, for a groom who wants to look like a romantic man of the XIX century; the details are looked after until almost its last legs, exclusive fabrics, a total look that escapes from the usual rules of classic suits
  • Gentleman, pure classical style for traditionalist and conservative groom. They are suits that will last a lifetime, extremely elegant and that fully embody the idea of ​​the classical and romantic wedding most widespread from time immemorial.
  • Black Tie, evening version of the collection described above. Pure classicism that can be reviewed with a touch of color or fancy accessories. Also suitable for evening events, cockail party, red carpet everything concerns events of suits
  •  Emotion, a collection that this year acquired its full force as inspired by the blues and rock music of the ’60s and ’70s, from whom the Hipster weddings. They are original suits, With theme accessories that can transform the groom in a real rock star.
  • Fashion, that in its interior is divided into two:
    -Fashion Color, the leading collection of 2015, the most suitable for Hipster weddings and that more reflects the trend of this year at Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence. It‘s a collection full of color (as can be easily understood from the name), but differs from many brands who wanted to follow this trend. Some proposals in the field of fashion, not only in ceremony but also in streetwear, turn out to be too excessive, too colorful, until reaching an almost carnivalesque style and with little taste. The collection presented by Ottavio Nuccio Gala is at the limit of fantasy and allows you to be trendy, but without becoming flashy.
    wedding suits Contemporary Fashion, the one that more coincides with the proposals of low-cost brands. Exactly due this reason, our designer Mario Moreno decided to put this collection a little aside as it can be easily copied and doesn’t offer anything new and original. We’re talking about the usual 4 pieces of one color suits of which the world is full, and so they stopped to be a source of inspiration or a collection to bet on.

That be shabby-chic, Hipster, Princely, classic, vintage, rock Whatever your needs and requirements, whatever the footprint you want to give to your wedding, Ottavio Nuccio Gala offers you men’s wedding suits that will certainly satisfy your requests.