Biography of Mario M.M.

Mario Moreno Moyano

Fifty years ago I began my working life in the world of tailoring and textile trade in the field of fashion. At a very young age I already realized that what I liked most was to communicate with people, trade and its close link with fashion. This world full of tailors and big retailers has ensured that I could combine my sensibility and my knowledge of well dressing, which now allows me to develop in my business the intuition and a vision of the future to predict the behavior of the market.

Navalmoral de la Mata

Everything had started in Extremadura, in a village in the province of Cáceres (Spain), called Navalmoral de la Mata.

Mario Moreno Moyano

At age 14 I had my humble license of middle school, I had obtained medium to high notes in all subjects except in artistic design, where I took great; I began my journey as a “bellboy” (apprentice trader) at the best “Boutique” of the village . I still remember how I delivered the clothes sewn by hand, still warm because freshly ironed, and walking around the village I delivered them to the homes of customers hanging them on a hanger and covered with a soft cotton cloth to prevent them from ruin. I always gave a peseta as tip, that I needed to save money and buy my favorite pants, the “Wrangler”. This work has helped me to always be a faithful servant to all customers and to understand the excellence of service. I cleaned the shop windows with water and I wiped them with sheets of newspaper, reaching always an excellent result without the necessity of expensive products such as those we use today. In winter, the fingers were frozen because of the cold, because the water was freezing, but I did it with such a lot of motivation because I wanted to be the best in my work, and even I not realized. I helped to sort and clean all the shelves, I liked seeing the clothes sorted by size, not too close in order not to ruin the sleeves, the shirts had to be aligned, arranged by size, model and color, from top to bottom and from right to left. I earned five pesetas daily without being insured and when the stock of the store has to be done, I also remained inside up to 24 hours, even on Sunday. In the evening, they gave me a sandwich and I continued to work until the next morning, when I was given another sandwich … and so on until the end of work. This didn’t seem as an exploitation for me, because I did it with illusion and looking to the future, trying to get to be the best in what I was doing.

Mario Moreno Moyano

I started selling shortly after and I realized I was a good seller. I had taste in dressing and I was especially good at creating combinations for customers, so they themselves asked to be served by “Mario” if it were possible. Some of them they even waits me to finish with a customer for being served by me. This bothered the employees older than me, because I obscured their leadership and took their commission on sales, and not to be present in the shop, they often sent me outside of the store to make stuffs.

Mario Moreno Moyano

These experiences have motivated me, they have raised my self-esteem and taught me to be competitive in life. soon after I had to mark my territory, and to do that it was necessary to form my character with a fighting personality, showing my teammates that I was no longer a “bellboy”, that I was growing up and that I was now in charge of the men department and decorator of the shop windows; they were envious because those who were involved in these tasks, they was definitely the winner of the competitions. The final step that did raise my self-esteem at the maximum level, it was when I was also commissioned for the purchases. I realized that I was always different from my mates and this motivated me and made ​​me think of a future out of my village. I knew that my days there they were almost finished and that other worlds were waiting for me, the most exciting and complex ones.

Mario Moreno Moyano

The experience of military service, which I will tell you at a later time, made me spend 18 months away from home in Ceuta (Africa), and this definitely outlined my personality and made me realize how I was different from the young people of my age , because I had a clear vision of how to form a family.

Mª Jesús Martín Moreno

At 16 years old I was in love with my beautiful “Chus” (Maria Jesus), I knew that with this princess I would have formed a wonderful family, who I actually created with so much effort, sacrifice, discipline and affection.

Moreno Family

When I was 28, I became independent from the “Boutique” of the village and I emigrated to the north of Spain, Bilbao (Pais Vasco). My aspirations and anxieties in developing a professional career led me to areas from a more modern and dynamic potential.

Moreno Family

I was sales representative for the North of Spain for a multitude of little-known brands, and thanks to my collaboration and to my advice, they were able to enter in the market of ‘”Excellence” and to be recognized with their own identity.

With my work and my style I managed to fill the stocks of the best shops with the clothes of these brands, with one of them, “Aracil,” I got an exclusive contract to dress up the glorious Athletic Club de Bilbao, in the year of its centenary.

Athletic Club Bilbao

While my career was advancing as a commercial director in the north area for important Spanish brands , in 1986 I founded the company COMERCIAL MOYANO, S.L., which for 26 years is giving positive results in the textile trade.

Comercial Moyano

Until now, COMERCIAL MOYANO, S.L., it counts with 12 professionals, three stores in Madrid, 1 in Valencia and 1 in the near future, in February 2013, it will open in Seville. All stores are Boutique specialized in men’s formal wear of the Italian brand OTTAVIO NUCCIO GALA.

In northern Spain, I worked for 36 years, I created a family and an important heritage that allowed me to live with the status of life that I always dreamed when I was a young man. I was able to afford the academic career of my children, who are now the central pillar of my life and my company COMERCIAL MOYANO, S.L.

Mario Moreno Moyano

For me it is a pride that today, the same people who once told me not to leave the village and my situation only for crickets in my head, now they come to tell me, “You were right, Mario, I congratulate you.”

In the 80’s and 90’s, Spain became a new nation from the great market potential. my children, from an early age, loved “help Daddy.”

Mario e Rodolfo Moreno Martín

Rudy (Economist) with a degree in business administration, speaks three languages: Spanish, English and Italian, is responsible for the financial management and market analysis.

Mariolino (Graphics and Marketing) is responsible for the computerized management of our retail chain and he also speaks three languages: Spanish, English and Italian.

Carolina Moreno Martín

Carolina (International Secretariat) has a flair for design and imagination, now is my personal secretary, in charge of foreign trade, organization of trade fairs and she speaks four languages: Spanish, English , Italian and German. She will be the heir of the creations and designs of future collections Ottavio Nuccio Gala.

Mario Moreno Moyano

Last, but most important, my wonderful wife, María Jesús, because without her quiet and caring support towards all of us, it would not have been possible to form this wonderful and exemplary family.

At the time when my professional life has reach a status of international recognition we were living in one of the luxury neighborhood of Arenas, Avda. de Zugazarte and we had a showroom in Campo de Volantín in front of the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao). In the same period Euskadi began to suffer a strong influence from the independents world.

Show-Room Comercial Moyano

I figure that since I was a “maketo” (immigrant from another region of Spain), and even though my children Rudy, Mario and Carol, born in the Basque Country in Las Arenas (Getxo), were for a lifetime of Athletic Bilbao and speak Euskera, my future business from international view could not being developed in a society with political and social tensions.

For this reason, the best option was to sell all my heritage created in Euskadi and start a new life in the big capital “Madrid”, because as they say: “From Madrid to Heaven.”


This change of life has coincided with the commercial collaboration with the Italian company Tailor, s.r.l. by means of Leonardo Nuccio, grandson of President Ottavio Nuccio. he offered me the representation of a beautiful collection of ties in Spain.

Pitti Uomo Florence


At that moment, I was the representative of the company with the highest production of suits in Spain and the proposal of Leonardo to sell these beautiful ties was well received by my customers, in addition, I proposed the creation of combinations for the groom dresses I represented: waistcoats, belts, ascots, bow ties and ties.

Ties in pure silk

The outcome was positive in the market, and thanks to the good understanding that had arisen with Leonardo and Ottavio, we decided to create a “Made in Italy” total look under my supervision and my drawings, thanks to the accumulated knowledge and the possibilities offered by Salento, part of the Apulia region in southern Italy (artisans zone).

Pitti Uomo Florence

Creating a brand has always been one of my biggest dreams and in Spain it was not possible due to the lack of international expansionist mentality. Italians appreciate and recognize new talent, and so began this beautiful story.

I developed the first collection in 1999 and it was very well accepted, but the collection of 2000, “Platinum Collection” has beaten all sales records.

Milan Fair

Ottavio Nuccio Gala started to be a point of reference for the Spanish competition, and with their unique and exclusive collections, little by little began to expand worldwide: Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, England, Greece, Germany, Austria…

Ottavio Nuccio Gala Collections

In 2003 began the works on our headquarters in southern Salento, from a beautiful olive oil refinery at the prestigious fashion house.

Old photos

Old photos

Headquarter Ottavio Nuccio Gala

Headquarter Ottavio Nuccio Gala

Headquarter Ottavio Nuccio Gala

Today we can say that we are ready to face this new commercial era with the most modern and profitable system for our customers. Tailor Diffusion, Srl., with its brand Ottavio Nuccio Gala, presents 5 collections:  Gentleman, Black Tie, Fashion, Emotion and Barocco.

All of them with immediate availability in 45 days and an excellent service for a personal tailored suit.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala is an Italian brand leader in men’s formal wear, with its own infrastructure of commerce, software and hardware that is revolutionary in the textile industry. It has a completely computerized production line , from the design of the model to the cutting, manufacture, packaging and dispatch. there is a computer control which allows the management of all steps of production of each suit. This system of organization is perfectly compatible with the production and the attention to the suit totally handmade and that only a “Made in Italy” can offer.

Until now I have tried to give you some information on my resume of my professional life. If you liked it, I will tell you other beautiful things full of sweetness, to ensure that they won’t seem as tales of war told by a grandfather and I will try to be brief and fun.

Mario Moreno Moyano

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