Are the tuxedos considered as wedding suits?

Can the tuxedo be placed in wedding suits‘ category? This is an issue on which there have been many debates, opinions are in contrast, and often with stiffness. Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, believes that the tuxedo is one of the models of formal suit for men of the most elegant ever, and that is definitely appropriate for a groom, but only if the ceremony is celebrated in the afternoon.

As well as the morning suit is the outfit per excellence for morning ceremonies, the tailcoat is the suit par excellence for evening ceremonies. The groom who doesn’t want to wear a morning suit, but seeks at all costs a model that can remind it, chooses to wear a redingote. The groom who doesn’t want to wear a tailcoat because he believes it’s overly formal for his way of being, what should he wears on the day of his marriage, if not a tuxedo?

Ottavio Nuccio Gala is a company specialized in men’s formal wear and Mario Moreno Moyano wouldn’t have created a collection purely composed by Tuxedo, Black Tie collection, if this type of suit wasn’t suitable for grooms.


Wedding suits


The tuxedo, as well as the morning suit, comes from British culture and it was used by the gentlemen of the nineteenth century as an evening jacket for dinner (also called the “dinner jacket”), or to smoke. Another version of this jacket was the traditional gown worn by aristocrats, often in velvet with lapels in contrast and trimmings instead of the covered button, which made people seemed even more important and wealthy.

The tuxedo can be of 3 types: with shawl lapels, with peak lapel and double-breasted. There isn’t a hierarchy in terms of elegance, all 3 are at an equal level: the only thing that matters is the client’s taste and personality.



Tuxedo lapels are always in contrast, in silk satin, and even the strap of the trousers (with no belt loops) and the sidebands are in contrast, even if they aren’t always present.

The shirt of a tuxedo can be of twisted” cotton with pique or pleated bib, double cuff for cufflinks and the collar can be the diplomatic or the spread one.

The bowtie is the most appropriate accessory for a tuxedo, and it’s preferable that it be Self knotted because it’s more vaporous and not flat like a bow tie already knotted; In addition, those who have a bit of experience in this field, recognizes a bow tie manually knotted at first sight, and it’s certainly a symbol of elegance and savoir faire.

Another accessory that can be worn with a tuxedo jacket is the waistcoat, but only if Shawldouble-breasted or with a wide neckline. An example of extreme elegance and extravagance may be a non-black jacket, waistcoat and trousers in pied poule, diplomatic shirt and black bow tie.


Wedding suits

There are tuxedos of various fabrics and colors, and they can all be categorized as wedding suits. Who wants to wear the classic tuxedo will opt for an absolute blackwith black cummerbund and bowtie, side stripe on trousers in satin, diplomatic shirt with pleated bib and lace up shoes in black paint.

For all other grooms who want to escape the traditional rules, there are different degrees of personalization of the look. For example, you can keep the black suit with diplomatic shirt, but wear colorful bow tie and cummerbund; other variant is the one that includes black trousers and blue, white or red jacket with black lapels in contrast; and again: jacket and trousers in velvet of different colors and so on.


Wedding suits


These are just some examples of variations of the tuxedo that give a touch to personality and vivacity to the suit, but always respecting the rules established by the formal dress code.

The tuxedos are the favorite wedding suits for VIP

The most important thing to emphasize is that the tuxedo has become an integral part of the world of men’s formal wear, not only for the guests but also for the groom. Until a few years ago was seen as suit only suitable on the red carpet, for gala ceremonies, award ceremonies or for cocktail parties.

Today, the trend of getting married in tuxedo is becoming bigger and bigger, and also many celebrities choose a tuxedo for their wedding. The actor Adam Shulman get married with a tuxedo, husband of the famous Anne Hathaway; also singer Michael Buble has chosen this type of suit, as well as Prince William in his change of suit for the evening reception when he married the beautiful Kate Middleton; also the Italian nobles choose the tuxedo: an example was the marriage between Ludovica del Secco and Gianalberto Scarpa Bastieri.

There are many other examples of grooms who have chosen the tuxedo, but these 4 examples make us realize that letting the groom wear this type of suit is an opinion now shared by many groups of people: singers, actors, aristocrats and even royal families .

Many people think that wearing a tuxedo for their reception isn’t the right choice because you run the risk of look like to the waiters in the room. With all due respect to those who do that job, but the quality of a tuxedo for a groom and his accessories can never be exchanged with those of a waiter’s outfit, it’s a thing you will notice at first glance.

Who wears a tuxedo exudes a good knowledge of the rules of etiquette for formal attire, as it’s one of the suits with more “restrictions” at all. Who admits tuxedo among the wedding suits is a very smart man who knows how to give himself importance and that will be perfect in the most important day of his life.

Mario Moreno Moyano, the creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, in its new 2015 collection, present as soon as possible on the web and in stores, proposes a tuxedo as important garment for the ceremony, in the classic version but also in alternative versions with different colors, patterns and models to meet every possible imaginary .



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