Analysis of the market of wedding suits

Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, says that the wedding suits‘ market has changed a lot over the last 20 years. The main change is due to the fact that textile sector is getting more and more industrialized, leaving little room for originality and creativity.

What was once a niche market in which the worldwide excellences could assert, especially those of Made in Italy, today is becoming an industry of mass production just like the others; like other sectors has also the huge amount of imported suits that are on the market today.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know the wedding protocol and then believe in what the marketing more frequently suggests them, thinking it as the right look, or even the only possible one, that could be fine for a groom.

Almost 80% of the brands specialized in men’s formal wear have a highly standardized product, with a few variations of color and almost no variation of fabric. Analyzed trade marks have some gaps in these fields: first and foremost the quality of the fabric, as well as the lack of originality and the too deep conformity.

Fabrics mainly marketed are almost completely synthetic, heavy and rich of static electricity. Suits are made of 100% polyester fibers and acetate, which, during the day of the ceremony, will be uncomfortable and too hot, resulting in a higher level of stress for the groom who will be looking forward to take it off from him.

These fabrics are often very shiny, give that kind of wet effect that has little to do with the elegance and style that should have a groom. In addition, the overall presentation is not the most creative because it’s all about Suits of 4 Pieces (jacket, trousers, waistcoat and cravat) made out of the same color and fabric.

The suits of 3 pieces have always existed and are very stylish, if made with appropriate fabrics, but the real Made in Italy has never contemplated the idea of an accessory of the same fabric of the suit, most importantly offering almost always the same type of accessory: the cravat.



The most beautiful accessories are those made in contrast: silk jacquard maybe, or in any case in very light fabrics to not make them look like they were made of cardboard. Excellence in this kind of combinations and in the use of fine fabrics is the company Ottavio Nuccio Gala, who has been able to realize 5 different collections, and it never been any that looked like to the other, even slightly.


Wedding suits


Matching 4 Pieces tone on tone is extremely easy, but the image of the groom who now we has for many years is always the same, and it’s unthinkable that after a few generations the suits could easily be re-used, because they are very similar.

People who don’t have the opportunity to inquire or to be able to see a lot of proposals, they thinks it’s the only way that a groom should get dressed, and then they don’t even pose the problem of finding other possibilities. So here is why the scene is so homogeneous in the field of men’s wedding suits.


Wedding suits for men in the global market

The prices on the market are excessively unbalanced: a low cost total look, costs to the public up to 500 Euros (assuming a notable markup for the dealer, given that the prices of production comes even just to 50 euro), while for a Made in Italy total look you have to spend about twice as much.

The competition is legitimate, but how many people know that those so cheap suits are mass produced in countries that don’t respect the basic rules of hygiene or human rights? The crisis also stems from this: countries with billions of exploited inhabitants even more than 12 hours a day to produce all equal Suits of poor quality.

The problem in Italy is found in the choice of the producers to accept this compromise and sell in their stores only imported Suits, not purchasing Made in Italy brands anymore; All of course is made to increase earnings, but decreasing the quality of service and accentuating the crisis of companies in the country.

You can’t walk into a Ottavio Nuccio Gala store and expect a confrontation with an imported low cost suit, because you have to be able to recognize the true excellence of Made in Italy, you have to know the difference (and touch it with your hand) between a polyester and a cool-wool, between viscose and a jacquard silk.

Fabrics present in the showroom of Ottavio Nuccio Gala are of excellence quality, and fabrics are not the only thing who vary, but there are also the models: morning suits, tuxedo, tails, redingotes … a wide selection to meet every kind of taste and personality.


Wedding suits


After choosing a suit made of a cool and breathable fabric, suitable for summer ceremonies, there is a wide range of accessories to choose from.



The groom doesn’t necessarily must wear a cravat made out of the same fabric of the suit with a clip closure and a big clasp in the center. Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, suggests different options, depending on the type of wedding suits or the personality of the groom: tie, ascot, bowtie, foulard, plastron, etc., all made in contrast, never identical to the suit.


Wedding suits


A product of excellence is already born knowing it can’t have the visibility of a product of large-scale distribution, but this doesn’t mean that it should be considered improper, when it should be the opposite. Made in Italy has always been a symbol of excellence, and must continue to be recognized as such.

Ottavio Nuccio Gala is a company with upright values and principles for almost 20 years, which continues in the promotional campaign of Made in Italy in search of that niche of customers who are able to still appreciate the taste of a bespoke suit, or a made-to-measure one.

For Mario Moreno Moyano, creative soul of Ottavio Nuccio Gala, the main goal is not to sell large quantities of low-quality suits, but knowing that every customer was fully satisfied with his choice.

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